Whatsapple – unOfficial Whatsapp Client for PC | Use Whatsapp On PC without Android emulators!

Whatsapp is the most leading app being downloaded on the Apple iStore,Google Play Store and Nokia store , thus its one of the most leading medium of communication and instant messaging. but many people still cannot afford those smartphones or may want to use whatsapp on PC /Windows/Linux/Mac , though there are workarounds such as installing an android emulator (e.x bluestacks,andy) and using whatsapp on it, its quite RAM and resource heavy plus it doesn’t satisfy the ease of PC . hence to overcome all these limitations, We came up with an unOfficial Whatsapp client – Whatsapple!

Without wasting time, let me pen down the features of Whatsapple

  • Whatsapple is an easy to install and configure unofficial client of whatsapp for PC built on the base of Pidgin Messenger.
  • It provides all the features of Whatsapp,such as file upload/download, Individual Chat as well as GroupChat etc on PC.
  • Now, you can view the shared videos and photos/images directly on your PC.as well as Upload Videos/Photos(Images) to the chats directly from the PC!
  • All the Default Smileys of Official Whatsapp App are Supported, thus you can view the Smileys send as well as send emoticons to the Chat 🙂 .
  • As Whatsapple doesn’t require any Android emulator its blazing fast! and light on your PC 🙂 . Thus, any PC right from Windows XP to the latest Windows 8.1 all can run it :).
  • You can add unlimited contacts, no need of any complex emulator things like bluestacks,andy etc.
  • No limit of bandwidth or memory as is the case with phones, the big memory pool of PC practically ensures you will never run out of Memory for storing messages,logs ,photos,videos anything.
  • The Whatsapple client will never hang in most cases irrespective of how many messages arrive simultaneously.
  • And ya, the Installation size is just 10Mb which is even lesser than the apk file size of Whatsapp 😛

Prerequisites –

  • Windows OS ,  and .Net Framework 4.0 Installed ( Required for Generation of Password Only )

Procedure to Install and Use Whatsapple

First of all Download and Install the Whatsapple Client – Whatsapp for PC from here . , Also get your Whatsapp Password from this link – https://davidgf.net/whatsapp/pwd.html

We will need an Whatsapp Username and Password , as we all know whatsapp username is the mobile number with the Country Code ,

  • e.x for an mobile number in India , the Username will be  “91XXXXXXXXXX” where XXXXXXXXXX is the 10 digit mobile number .
  • For the password, we will need to Generate it one time as Whatsapp requires one time Registration , So first for Generating the Whatsapp Password Open the “Whatsapp Password Generator” from the Desktop.
  • Now, Enter the Mobile Number and click on “Request Code” button as shown in figure below.
  • Now ,you will receive a confirmation code on the mobile number , Now enter the verification Code received in the text box next to Code and click on “Confirm Code” Button.
  • Now a dialog box appears showing you the Whatsapp Password and asking you to write it down,but don’t write it down, click on ‘OK’ and Now copy the Generated Password from the “Step 3″ Area of the Whatsapp Password Generator /WARP .
  • Now, once you have obtained the Username and Password Launch the main “Whatsapple for PC”  Main exe from the desktop .
  • Here, click on Add and add the Username and Password we generated in the Window, you can tick the “remember password” option while adding so as to there’s no need of generating password everytime . Check the figure shown above for details.
  • Now click on add,after the account is added click on close! and voila! you will be logged in and can use Whatsapp on PC for Chatting.

Method to Chat with a New Number or add Contact Name –

  • Click on Buddies then select New Instant Message , Now Give your friend’s phone number with country code and  Click on the OK button. And you can Chat with him/her.

Use WhatsApp on PC laptop free

To add a Contact Name to a Number

  • Click on Buddies ,Navigate to Add Buddy , Here please enter your friend’s phone number with country code and provide other details > Click on Add button.

Use WhatsApp on PC laptop free

To Upload or send a File/Photo/Image/Video : Use the send File / Upload Media option present in the “File” Menu of the Live Chat Window , of the Contact or Group to which you want to send the File .

Thus, this is i guess by far the most easy,and efficient and Simple way to use Whatsapp on PC .

Click here to download the Whatsapple Client for PC for Windows (XP/7/8/8.1) all supported.

If you have any doubts/queries/suggestions feel free to comment 🙂

Solution to the Server closed the connection Problem – Solved by our reader  Steve

Login to Whatsapple – Whatsapp for PC than go to > Accounts>Manage Accounts > Click on your accoun.Than Modify Account>than go to Advance tab change on the server instead of “Android-2.11.151-443″ enter “Android-2.31.151-443″   that’s it.

Update :  People who still cannot get Whatsapp working can try running it on Firefox by referring this article .


    • says

      bro, try adding 91 before the 10-digit mobile number , else we can get the verification code from official whatsapp app, and input that in the Password Generator to generate the password

    • says

      Thank you partha, actually i am using the same its working for me, can you re-try generating the password and using it in the app,after 12 hours from the previous try?

  1. Ranajay Banerjee says

    An excellent software and i am saying this after burning my hands with those resource maniac software. But after logging in and entering a whatsapp group, I can’t see the old messages. Also I cant seen any list for the groups I am already a member of.

  2. AT says

    Hi Chaitanya, i might sound stupid but really want to be sure before giving it a try…after installing whatsapple and following the above procedure would i still continue to receive whatsapp messages on my phone as before?

    • says

      Please wait for 3-4 hours and try again, its because of IP address conflicts, Do re-generate the password before you try to log-in again after 3-4 hours.. 🙂

  3. Sam says

    Hello Chaintanya, I have the same problem, which says server closed the connection…i tried new password after 4-5 hours..still no luck

  4. Ram says

    It says that the code has been sent, However on my mobile,I dont recieve any code by message or voice mail. How to solve this problem???

  5. Ranajay Banerjee says

    I am using your excellent app for the last few months. But now showing “Server closed the connection” whenever I am clicking on it. Why?

  6. Steve says

    Please it says could not request code with voice or sms
    and it says it is old version and the link you put above is not working. Please dear help me

  7. edition says

    Hello Chaitanya I want to know in which language you have implemented this client.
    coz i want to develop one so i m asking you.?

  8. Cromwell says

    This is not working still gives me an error to say it is unable to send code using either sms or voice. SMS; Unable to connect or server; VOICE; Unable to connect to server. HEELLLPPPP!

  9. Domino says

    Hi Chaitaya, thanks for the great work you did 😀 I’m sad to report though that the ”Server closed the connection” alert is hitting Greece as well 🙁

  10. Steffen says

    Hi, thanks for the work so far but I’m having problems generating my password.

    I come from germany so my country code is 0049, or +49. Your example with India says the number would be “91xxxxxxxxx” so I assumed I only need the “49” from my country code without any 0 or +.

    For the phone number itself I learned that the +49 replaces the leading 0 in the phone number, so my account phone number would not be 0162xxxxxxx but 49162xxxxxxx.

    I entered this number (49162xxxxxxx) in the password generator, it says it sent an sms to my number but still nothing happened yet.

    Any advise? 🙁

  11. Steffen says

    Okay, I retried it with “+49162xxxxxxxxx” and got called instantly with an automatic voice giving me the code.

    Unfortunately now I cant connect to the account, getting the “Server closed the connection” error.

    • says

      Guys, who are getting the “Server closed connection” actually the bluetick update of whatsapp has ruined my code 🙁 , am re-building it.. in the meantime you can use whatsapp on firefox browser by installing the firefox emulator + connecta2

  12. Reuben S, says

    Chaitanya: I see. I thought it was my connection. What do you think the time frame will be on the update? Thank you so much for your hard work.


    • says

      Hello Reuben, i am working on the code, in fact its almost ready , the linux code is fine,getting some bugs in the windows one 🙁 expect new version of Whatsapple anytime around first week of December 🙂

  13. Abe says

    I’m trying to use the password generator but I am behind a proxy server and I’m getting a 407 Proxy Authentication Required. Any way around this?

  14. Steve says

    My All Friend’s

    Who are getting error server closed

    Login to Whatsapple – Whatsapp for PC than go to > Accounts>Manage Accounts > Click on your accoun.Than Modify Account>than go to Advance tab change on the server instead of “Android-2.11.151-443” enter “Android-2.31.151-443”

    Its work i m sure…..

    and Chaitanya brother you doing such a gr8 job……..

    but whatsapp password generater is showing “old version”

    even i try the new Wart.Also but not receive the code……………..

    Pls help me bro

    • says

      That’s a brilliant solution to the problem Steve 🙂 , regarding the whatsapp password generator as its not maintained/built by me :(, i have no idea about it.. I am looking for alternatives to get the password , in the meantime adding your solution to the article, which will be integrated inbuilt in the next version of Whatsapple 🙂

  15. Bryan Chan says

    I think this is absolutely awesome.. been waiting for this.. it’s great as is but just a question: does this currently support multiple device verification? i.e. can I have this working with my number and still have my phone app working at the same time?

  16. kees says

    Hello everyone,
    The advice of Steve is really brilliant, programm works fine for me.
    Nevertheless i got a question. First i Had Bluestacks only for whatsapp, but my pc got very slow because of it.
    Only when i am now using whatsapple, all my recently buddies are gone. Am i supposed to add evyone again or is there a easier way

    Great thanks from the Netherlands.

      • kees says

        still better than bluestacks, i also see by the help button “translator information”.
        In that list my country the Netherlands is there, but i cant find any option to change whatsapple in dutch.

        Nevertheless i think it i a great solution for people who want to use whatsapp but dont have a smartphone. I am really glad my pc works fine and not so extremely slow with other andriodemulators.

        Keep up the great work!!

  17. Ranajay Banerjee says


    Thanks a lottttttt. Chaitanya’s app is the best IMHO and it was a painful experience for the last few days. Now your solution worked like a charm. 😀

  18. Ranajay Banerjee says

    Whoa! Chaitanya, I can’t get connected to any new group. Whenever someone is sending me an invitation, I am getting just a message repeatedly, ” Requires an invitation to connect.”

  19. avi says

    First of all great application , very helpfull
    but i have 2 issues .
    1) i get disconnected every time after few minutes and i need to reconnect agian
    2) none of my group are working i get this message : “The account has disconnected and you are no longer in this chat. You will automatically rejoin the chat when the account reconnects.”


  20. Tam says

    Hey, just wondering if there is a timescale of fixing the group issues? Thanks again for all the hard efforts you put into this!

  21. Muhammad says

    I love this application. The only problem i am facing is that i have around 1000 contacts and i cannot add them one by one. Is it possible to add all buddies in a single click? i have them in vcf format in my computer. Please tell me the procedure in detail as i am not a developer. I will really appreciate this.
    Thanks again

  22. ziya says

    Hey Steve, You’re great man,
    i was worried for last 2 hours to solve this , there were thousand people were talking about
    but there were no method worked than you, wonderful man
    a big bucket of thanks from my bottom of my heart steve,

    thanks thanks thans alot man great job you did

  23. yogesh says

    @chaitanya i had whatsapp installed on tab i was using it. But tab is not working now.So i tried whatsappled to get code on windows7. It says code is sent to your phone no. But i havenot received any code after that.What to do now?

  24. Nadia says

    Hello chaitanya, when I use the password generator, it says that the pass is sent via SMS but I don’t get it. after another try, it says that the code is sent via voice and I fail to receive it.
    please advise if there is another solution. I am very interested to use the whatsapple

  25. Ashish Agrawal says

    I appreciate your efforts especially replies for users problem. i hope you will reply me too.
    my problem is when i generate verification password i get the message in dialog box on screen that
    Could not request code using either sms or voice.
    SMS: {“status”: “fail”, “reason”:old_version”}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”old_version”}

    i had installed dotnet framwork 4.5 externally from http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/a/4/ba4a7e71-2906-4b2d-a0e1-80cf16844f5f/dotnetfx45_full_x86_x64.exe

    because your link to download https://github.com/shirioko/WART/blob/master/WART- were not working. so what should i do?

    Please Help waiting for reply email is [email protected] or reply here.

  26. shivam says

    I m trying to generate password but error showing that
    sms {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    what i do please help in this…..

  27. hamza says

    m trying to generate password but error showing that
    sms {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    what i do please help in this…..

  28. hamza says

    I m trying to generate password but error showing that
    sms {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    what i do please help in this…..

  29. says

    I am also using the latest exe as well as tried the latest git code using Visual Studio. All I see is

    Could not request code using either sms or voice.
    SMS: {“status”:”fail”, “reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”, “reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}

    Then I tried this after 2-3 days again and noticed same issue. Then I used the number on physical phone and WhatsApp sucess to send me sms.
    Sounds like there is some security policy changes which is not updated on WART here https://github.com/shirioko/WART

  30. Prabhu says

    Hi Chaitanya, Really a great job by u. i have an issue I have request password from redmi 1s I have received the verification code but in WART i have selected (i have a code) and entered the code, when i confirm. it says that VERIFICATION CODE NOT ACCEPTED. is there is any solution for that. waiting for you reply

  31. Jabir Hussain says

    Hey..after initial connection, I received messages. But now it only says “typing…” The recipient gets my message and when he replies it says on his mobile that it has been delivered (double tick, not blue tick though). Any help?

  32. RAM says

    I m trying to generate password but error showing that
    sms {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”no_routes”,”retry_after”:3600}
    there is any solution………

  33. Jessica MC says

    I’ve been using whatsapp for PC and it worked fine but I got a closed connection error and I can’t get in. I’ve also changed Android-2.31.151-443 but it still doesn’t work

    • says

      Oh okay Jessica, just a fortnight and we’ll be releasing a newer version with a newer kernel source code. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience, Thank you for using our Software and bearing with us

  34. Jessica MC says

    I just got this message:
    Could not request code using either sms or voice.
    SMS: {“status”:”fail”.”reason”:”blocked:}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”.”reason”:”blocked:}
    is there any solution? what can I do to get back into my whatsapp on PC

  35. Matt says

    Just wondered when version was out as I saw Jan 7th mentioned. I don’t get text verifications when forcing it to reverify for this in android so eagerly waiting for the release.


  36. Sonia Martin says

    Hi Chaitanya,
    Thanks for whatsApp portable, I really need an urgent help from you
    recently I started used use this program on pidgin but suddenly my pidgin was disabled…Could you please let me know what to do?
    I have many friends connected there and they are all waiting for my response and I cant reach them!!!

      • Sonia Martin says

        Hi Chaitanya
        I did what you told me to
        but unfortunately cant connect
        the same message comes up
        I dont know what you mean
        but I wanted to fix my WhatsApp desktop
        however this is the message I receive:
        my phone no. disconnected
        Server closed the connection

        Please let me know if you can fix it
        I have to connect to these people
        and there are no other ways I can tell them so
        thanks a lot
        waiting for your response
        Sonia Martin

    • says

      Hello Austim and omendra, I am sorry for testing your patience, but the new version is taking some time to come, as now Whatsapp has again introduced some new code for supporting Calls….

  37. Austim says

    bhai any help……..if i can do it i will definitely do it…it will be my pleasure to help you in this project 🙂

      • Tomcat says

        Hi Chaitanya, is there any chance to get a supportet professional version for a company, if we pay for it? We need a lot of new features…can we get in contact?

        • says

          Hello Tomcat,

          Yes sure we are welcome for talks, and we can provide a professional fully functional version for a company with additional features if required . We can get in contact through E-mail . E-Mail us at – TechApple.Net [at] gmail [dot] com for further conversation .

  38. Austim says

    Tell me more about it…….what will be your requirements…….i will try my best for this project…..I m on FB also……Anmol Gupta.

  39. thanveer ali sayed says

    BRO i got the confirmation code and i confirmed it,i got the that password.and i selected and copy- paste the entire password to my whatsapple client and entered the same mobile number and tried to login but ,it is not connecting ,an error came “server closed the connection” modify account or reconnect but when trying to reconect same thing is happening 🙂 iam using the latest WART i think which is updated yesterday WART-, i think the problem is with my client, and i have already change server instead of “Android-2.11.151-443″ to “Android-2.31.151-443

  40. thanveer ali sayed says

    i have fixed above problem.and i want to set profile picture ,what shuld i do 🙂 i set buddy icon but it is not working as pro pic

  41. says

    now its working.. but does anyone know is somehow possible use it with phone and pc same number? because i can use whatsapp+ with tablet and phone.. same number..

    • vaibhav patil says

      Whatsapp launched web client >>>
      Now you can access existing whatsapp account on google chrome web browser >>>

  42. Daril says

    Works fine, too bad whatsapp detects the new device used and requires you to reconfirm your account on the phone saying that you can only use one device at a time.
    And if reconfirm your phone, it blocks the account on the desktop client.

  43. Matt says

    There is definitely a problem with this release. I can only receive messages from certain people. A few people I can send and receive messages but some people I see as “typing” however the message never appears. I went back to an android emulator just now and both people told me they did reply to my messages which I never received.

  44. says

    I tried whatsapple and it is fantastic. Only issue is when I generate password using WART, my whatsapp on mobile ask for reregistration due to change in validation password and ID. If I re-register using mobile whatsapp, whatsapple doesnt work. Only solution for this is to retrieve current password from mobile whatsapp stored in “/data/data/com.whatsapp/files/pw” file. I tried some tools like wapw2 and “smorra passwordextractor” and they failed even if the phone is rooted. I would like to use a .NET tool which can retrieve the whatsapp password from the pw file without losing my account. I already copied the pw file to my PC using adb. Pls help.

  45. Varun says

    Hi the Status of all the buddies is shown as unavailable, even though I have added them and I can message them but it seems they cannot receive my messages “Status…unavailable, Last seen on whatsapp…xxx minutes, Status message….Available”. Is there some problem with some plugin ?

  46. Varun says

    Will it take care of the problem I mentioned above ? Also, should we install the new version over the previous version or do a fresh install ?

  47. Varun says

    Awesome dude, it’s working flawlessly now, receiving the messages perfectly and in real time. Thx a ton, you rock..:)

  48. Varun says

    OK, there’s just one thing, the buddies seem to be “available” for 2 minutes then “unavailable” for 2 minutes and so on and so forth. I am receiving the messages but with a lag, because of the buddies becoming unavailable after 2-3 messages. They are not shown available continuously.

  49. Varun says

    Hi, everything is working fine now, except just one thing. I am not able to change my own buddy icon and status profile message. It shows some other pic and profile message to my friends ? What do I do ?

  50. says

    Can you please update the latest version in “sourceforge.net/projects/whatsappforpcwhatsapple” too? Because I cant use the file share links which are blocked in my office.

  51. says

    I installed the latest version. The issue of setting profile image and custom status message still exist. Also all buddies are still shown Unavailable/Away status like in old version. But I can send message.

    • says

      Hi, It is working for me since I updated with latest client. I changed the server to this “”. U can try any c/c1/c2/c3 servers or its IP if the default server not working. My resource name is “WP7-2.11.596-443”.

  52. Abhishek says

    I am unable to change whatsapp status and profie photo of my whatsapp account….Can you give me trick how to do that……

  53. Varun says

    Hi Chaitanya, it’s not connecting from yesterday coming as “Server closed the connection” even when I changed from 2.11 to 2.31. Hopefully that will be taken care of in the next version ?

  54. Mayur says

    hello chaitanya,
    in my computer whatsapp password generator is not opening.it opens but tells that ……. ……….
    is missing in net framework

  55. A_Sh says

    it show error: Unable to connect: Error resolving Android-2.31.151-443: 11001
    and how to use it further, all given options are fade.(unable to select).

  56. Domino says

    Hi Chaitanya, I get a “server closed the connection” message for about two days now. Is it a general issue or just me?

    • says

      Retrieve new password using latest WART- by clicking “check existing” if already registered, or try new one. This will fix the “server closed the connection” issue.

        • says

          Seems like whatsapp updates the passwords for all users occasionally. Since it is done behind the scenes in whatsapp, nobody knows it. Anyway we have no control over whatsapp password since it is used internally only.

  57. says

    Can any pone tell me in which programming language Whatsapple (pidgin plugin) is developed ? (i.e. C#, VC++ or VB.net) I would like to contribute in development, can any one help me to setup pidgin development environment ?

  58. Varun says

    I think Chaitanya, the creator of whatsapple would help you out with it. Btw Chaitanya when are you planning to launch the latest update ? Waiting with bated breath..:)

  59. Priyansh says

    hey chaitanya, i would like to tell you that i have uploded the buddie icon but its not showing as my profile picture and ihave also updated the status but it is also not showing my status in others phone please solve my problem fast…

    • shank says

      hey ,
      found out soln for my problem . thought this would help .
      actually i was typing my name under the username . this was what created the problem.
      later changed it to my mob no .everything worked fine.

  60. Vinod says

    I was getting server closed connection for last few weeks and I tried new password which worked fine. Now new password cant be created and it says “blocked”. I think whatsapp is blocking all users using thirdparty apps. Is there any solution?

  61. Ram says

    I can help you to test the new ticks plugin, i can also help you to compile the new whatsapp-purple libraries for windows if you need them, how can i get in touch with you?

  62. Vinod says

    Beware for those who are using unauthorized thirdparty whatsapp clients. Your number will be permanently banned by whatsapp. I was using whatsapple for a few weeks and I got banned message. Now you can use google ARC welder tool to run original whatsapp as a desktop app without getting banned. Hope I found this earlier.

    • says

      Enter your mobile number and click “check existing” if u r already registered. Then u will get new password. Or if your number is blacklisted by whatsapp, it will show “blocked” message. You can confirm using your mobile whatsapp also. It may show “Your number is no longer allowed to use our service” if blacklisted. Then you have no other option other than using a new number.

  63. shivam says

    chaitanya WART not generating password, showing error old version, while i using WART, is this any update in WART

  64. Sanjeev says

    Not able to get the code. Following error display:

    Could not request code using either sms or voice.
    SMS: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”old_version”}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”old_version”}

    Eagerly waiting for your response

  65. sum says

    hello need help!
    where do i find the groups my friends added me into ?
    i had just seen those groups . but when i opened it again all the group list vanished. pls help me retrieve it .
    when i tried to send a msg through another mobile through the group , it shows ‘ Joining (null) requires an invitation.’
    pls reply asap.

  66. says

    To bad, doesn’t work on miltiple devices. Not able to use on the Smartphne, and on the PC, and that was what i wanted…
    I know you can’t solve this issue, but it is maybe a good ideo to also mention it in this post.

  67. Mohammed Alfaz says

    Not able to get the code. Following error display:

    Could not request code using either sms or voice.
    SMS: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”old_version”}
    Voice: {“status”:”fail”,”reason”:”old_version”}

    Please Respond

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