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Remote URL Upload to Upload files on Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/Box.com|Easiest way to cache files and transfer between hosts


Many a times we need to download from sites which either do not come with resume download support, or the files simply don’t get downloaded on our devices. we may also encounter cases where the server speeds are quite slow and we need to download from a faster server.In all the above cases the problem can be solved by Remote URL Upload by virtue of which we can upload files stored on remote(other) urls to Our cloud storage (Dropbox,Google Drive,Box.Com). Not only this but we can also use it to sync our cloud storage such as Box,Dropbox,Copy etc by getting their direct links as mentioned in the tutorial here.

The Remote URL feature is also useful in bypassing filtering where downloading restrictions are placed , we thus, can remote upload our files by their download links to either of the Cloud hosts and download from the cloud servers ! . thus, bypassing the network restrictions 🙂 .

Procedure to perform Remote URL Uploading to upload files on Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive/Box.com

  • First of all sign-up on any of the cloud storage providers to get your own storage space , Keep your account details ready 🙂 we will be needing those 🙂
  • Now, Copy/get the Download Link / URL of the file which you want to upload on the host .
  • Navigate to this site : ctrlq.org/save .  This is an awesome site created by the Digital Inspiration Network, and is based on filepicker.io API , filepicker has no free plans and has Bandwidth limits even for Paid accounts 🙁 but this awesome API bypasses all of them 😛


  • In the box titled “FILE URL” Please paste the copied/upload file URL, and now click on the respective Cloud storage button option from the Save to menu, where you want the remote file to be uploaded.
  • After clicking on the button, an option such as connect to “<Cloud storage name>” appears, click on connect and authorise the inkfilepicker or filepicker.io app and allow it the required permissions to upload the file .
  • Now in the text box type the name by which you want to save your file in storage and click on “Save as” button as shown in the figure below –
  • Within , split seconds the file will be Uploaded to your cloud storage which you can now share,download,embed etc. 🙂
  • Thus, you have successfully bypassed network restrictions and uploaded remote URL file to your server and now can download it with full speeds.

This is a great feature especially for online synchronization between storage and securing the files . It also helps in bypassing the network restrictions/server load . Thanks to Digital Inspiration and Filepicker.io API for providing such a great service for free !

UpdateAnother service called as storagemadeeasy does the same task of Remote URL Upload, not only that but Storagemadeeasy also provides personal free storage for storing and sharing files online ! It can also perform the task of moving files from one cloud storage to another without even the requirement of download links 🙂 . Just sign up on storagemadeeasy, and add the cloud storage accounts, and now use the normal copy-paste method to copy and move files between the Cloud storage Providers , easy 🙂 . Click here to visit Storagemadeeasy .

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