Hello Guys ,Recently with the discontinuation of BOLT Browser , Mobile device users are struggling a bit to get Full PC / Desktop Views Of Some Sites Especially To Open Desktop Version of Facebook On Mobile (Facebook PC site/view on mobile)..

Desktop Version Of Facebook has Many Extra Features such as App Notifications, Event Notifications, Easy Group Administration etc ..

So Here’s a Small trick to Open Desktop/PC View Of Facebook On your Mobile through Opera Mini . Opera Mini is one of the Most widely used Mobile Browser and it can be downloaded from mini.opera.com.

This Trick Works On All Opera Mini Versions 4.2,4.3,4.4,5.0,5.2,6.1,6.2 and 6.5,7 and Opera Mini Next too 🙂

So Follow the Procedure given below

1. Log in To Your Facebook Account , be it Mobile Version On Your Opera Mini.. then ..,

2. Navigate / Open Your Profile/Timeline Page Located Besides the Home tab . it will look somewhat like this

FB Mobile view


3. Now Navigate to The Bottom Of The Page and Click Log Out Option –


4. Now a Normal Facebook Log In Page Appears as shown below..

After first logout

5. Note This Step This is Very Important !!!

Now Just simply Go Back by clicking on back button / Or By Pressing Right Hand Soft Key Of Your Mobile To Open The Cached Copy Of Your Profile Page .. And again click on the log out link [important] !!!

6. Now A Facebook Login Page With error message You Must Login First Appears .. [shown below]

FB login Second time after going back and log out again

7. Now Enter Your Log In Details On this “you must login first” page and click on log in

8. Wow !!! Facbook Full PC Site / Desktop Site gets Open on Your Opera Mini / Mobile .. Just Check Out Below –


Facebook PC viewon your Mobile!!


9. To View Your Profile Just Use Your Profile Link At Right Hand Side Top Corner Of The Facebook Home Page . 🙂

Update — Simple Method–


I Hope You Enjoyed , Mine Tutorial Do Like And Share if You Found it Useful !! 🙂


  1. its a wrkng trick.but thr is 1 m0re easy trick…chk bel0w:>

    1)open ur facebook home in opera mini.then check the web address in opera mini.its some thing like this


    2)Edit the web address and replace the above link with ths:

    meams,remove the ‘m’ and put ‘www’!

    U r done.u cn c fb in ful view.;)

  2. try this , works a lot ..
    ive been using this and really enjoy it !
    problem is , you cant post a comment ^^

    am using opera mini next 🙂

  3. Recently it has been automaticaly redirected on desktop version on my Opera Mini7 smartpage Browser and I have been viewing it for many days as I had saved the page. But by mistakely it got deleted. Today I thankQ so much for this awesome trick. Through you I got back to view in desktop version. Love it. 🙂

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