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7 Best Photo & Image Viewers for Mac OS X as of 2020 [Free to Use]

Phiewer Image Viewer for Mac OS X

Though Mac OS X is one of the best Operating systems in terms of inbuilt apps, and user interface. I found the default “Photos” app a bit disappointing. There are reasons for that , for example the absence of arrow key navigation for browsing photos, absence of easy tilt/rotation shortcuts etc. Also, each person has different preferences when it comes to apps . Hence, we bring you the best Photo & Image viewer softwares for Mac OS X –

7 Best Free Image & Photo Viewer Apps for Mac OS X –

  1. Default (Preview) –

    Default Photo Preview App for Mac OS X

    Default Photo Preview App for Mac OS X

    The Preview app which comes by default on Mac OS X is a decent enough photo viewer which will get the basic jobs done. The App is lightweight, quick to load as well as offers easy rotation of photos.

    The Only part we would like to improve upon here is the fullscreen view user interface, and easy ability to navigate through photos of the same folder by arrow keys, even if they weren’t opened at the first instance.

    After all, who will like to select 50 plus photos from a trip folder to view them ?

  2. PhotoScape X

    PhotoScape X Photo Viewer & Editor for Mac OS X

    PhotoScape X Photo Viewer & Editor for Mac OS X

    The above limitations are not at all present inside PhotoScape X. Which is one of our favourite third party image viewer and editor for Mac OS X.

    Photoscape can be used to edit Photos as well as to view them, solving the need to use a different photo editor. Also, the best part is that Photoscape X is free to use!

    It has some neat and useful features such as removing Red eyes, Mole removal, Adding Fake HDR to non-HDR images, playing with shadows and many more

    Click here to Download PhotoScape X Photo Viewer for Mac OS X from Apple iTunes Store (Free)

  3. Phiewer Free Image Viewer

    Phiewer Image Viewer for Mac OS X

    Phiewer Image Viewer for Mac OS X

    If you are looking for a plain vanilla photo viewer and do not want the Photo editing options, then Phiewer is the app we recommend!

    The Best part about Phiewer is that its solely built for Image viewing and thus has some features like Pan & Zoom for Photo Slideshows (To utilise bigger screen resolutions) , background music while slideshow.

    Also, Phiewer has a great dark UI which makes it an ideal Image viewer for Mac especially to see the complete color range and avoid color distortion.

    Click here to Download Phiewer Image Viewer for Mac OS X

    Incase if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to install external apps (dmg) files, we have a tutorial right here

  4. Xee

    Xee Image Viewer for Mac OS

    Xee Image Viewer for Mac OS

    Xee is another fuss-free light weight image viewer for Mac OS devices. The best part of using Xee is that it supports almost any photo format thrown at it, be it RAW or jpeg, gif, psd etc.

    Also, since it has a light-user interface operations such as zoom-in , zoom-out, cropping , highlighting take very less time and efforts.

    Click here to Download Xee Image Viewer for Mac OS X

  5. Gimp

    GIMP for Mac OS X

    GIMP for Mac OS X

    GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation program is perhaps the best free alternative to Photoshop out there!. There are endless possibilities of image viewing and manipulation through GIMP.

    Also, since it is based on open-source software and is used across Windows, Linux and even Mac OS X. The app is frequently updated with the latest features and security patches.

    GIMP also has HiDPI output support, making it the best photo viewer for 4K Resolution and higher images on Mac OS X devices and external displays

    Click here to Download GIMP for Mac OS X

    Supported OS : Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) and higher

  6. VLC (Trick)

    VLC Player as Photo Viewer on Mac OS X

    VLC Player as Photo Viewer on Mac OS X

    Incase, if you do not want to install any 3rd party image viewer, or use them rarely – then VLC can do that job for you!. Yes, VLC has an inbuilt codec to view photos, and you can select multiple photos inside VLC to open them as a slideshow video format.

    Click here to Download VLC for Mac OS X

  7. ACD See for Mac

    ACD See for Mac OS X

    ACD See for Mac OS X

    ACD is one of the oldest names in the photo viewing industry and has a great Mac OS app for the photo viewing and editing experience.

    Though, ACD See is not fully free . It offers a free 30-day trial which can get a good job done for viewing, editing and organising your Photo collection.

    Click here to Download ACD See for Mac OS X

Thus, these are some of the best photo and image viewer apps for Mac OS X devices such as MacBook Air / Pro , iMac Mini , etc. All major new mac os x releases later than Mavericks, El Capitan, High Sierra, Mojave etc are supported. Incase, of any queries / doubts feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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