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Top 3 Free Mobi Readers for Mac OS X to read Mobi eBooks on Macintosh Macbook Pro / Air / iMac mini

Amazon Kindle Mobi Reader for Mac OS X

Mobi format is widely used for distributing eBooks on the internet, its also used by Kindle for the eBook reading experience. The format originally developed by Mobipocket reader, was later purchased by Amazon. Now, there are lots of apps which you can use to read your mobi ebooks on Mac. We bring you the Top 3 Best Mobi Readers for Mac OS X for making your reading experience smooth and enriching.

Top 3 Free Mobi eBook Readers for Mac OS X –

Reader # 1 – Kindle by Amazon

Amazon Kindle Mobi Reader for Mac OS X

Amazon Kindle Mobi Reader for Mac OS X

Amazon Kindle is currently the best Mobi reader available for Mac. The reasons to choose Kindle are more than one. For example, Kindle has –

  • Ownership of the mobi format (Amazon owns mobi format patents)
  • Night Mode and customizable screen brightnes
  • Ability to change the page color
  • Instant definitions without leaving the page
  • Voice to text support
  • Ability to make in-page highlights.

Thus, Amazon Kindle is perhaps the best mobi reader for Mac OS X and is also free to use and available on Mac iTunes store at –

Click here to Download and install Kindle for Mac OS X from the Apple iTunes Mac App Store

Reader # 2 – FbReader

FbReader mobi reader for Mac OS X

FbReader mobi reader for Mac OS X

FbReader is one of the few apps which supports reading mobi format ebooks. Fbreader stands for Fantastic Book reader, which is quite true as it supports, mobi, cbr , as well as epub ebook format too.

  • Fbreader supports bookmark, and cross-device synchronisation too.
  • Thus, you can resume the book reading from the last page you read, irrespective of the device.

Thus, incase you are looking for a single app to be able to browse and maintain through your ebook library look no further than FbReader.

Click here to Download FbReader mobi reader for Mac OS X 

Reader # 3 – Calibre

Calibre mobi ebook Reader for Mac OS X

Calibre mobi ebook Reader for Mac OS X

Calibre is not just an ebook reader which can read mobi ebooks on Mac. But it is essentially an eBook management software.

Using Calibre, you can –

  • edit eBooks and mobi files
  • Convert them into other formats
  • Organise them, and publish them
  • Maintain them as per their genre, as you would do in a library.

It also has its own portal where in you can download drm free mobi ebooks for free.

Click here to Download Calibre Mobi Reader for Mac OS X.

Thus, these are the latest mobi readers for mac os x, and work on even the latest versions such as High Sierra, El Capitan, Mountain Lion, Snow leopard, Mavericks etc. Incase, if you face any queries or have any doubts feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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