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Track and Manage your Monthly Expenses with My Business Expenses Manager iPhone App


Managing the business expenses everyday might seem to be a daunting task. No matter how hard you try to log all the expense records, you miss out on many things. My Business Expenses Manager is one of the ultimate applications available for Android and iOS devices that can help you track your business expenditure in managed way. Let’s go through a brief review of its iOS app and learn more about this intuitive app.


The Introduction to ‘My Business Expenses Manager’ App For iPhone And iPad

My Business Expenses Manager is a perceptive application that claims to be the best expense manager for your business and daily expenditure. It helps you log all your expenditure and calculate them at the end of the day/week/month. Though it is not available for free, every penny spent on the purchase is totally a worth.

You just need to fill in the details like name, country, tax rate, mileage charge, opening mileage, and other info, and then save the settings you have made. Now, you can start adding your spending to the app whenever you spend some money.


Unlike most of the apps of its type, My Business Expenses Manager does what it promises to do. The users can take full control of their business expenditure and manager it wisely. Not only the business expenses, one can also track the routinely expenses using this application.

What Tasks can the App Handle?

My Business Expenses Manager is a robust application that requires minimal resources to help the users efficiently manage their expenditure and configure any setting within the app. It is the perfect business partner for the people on a go. It has got a robust set of tools and calculators to handle the following tasks:

  • Calculate the totals of private and business mileage.
  • Determines the running costs per vehicle.
  • Stores photos and date stamps of all receipts.
  • It lists down various payment methods.
  • Reconcile the credit card transactions.
  • Exports the reports files to the accounting software.
  • Search by supplier name or date.
  • Add notes to certain expenses providing more information.
  • Create the lists of describing services from different suppliers and more.

Highlighting Features of My Business Expenses Manager App

It provides you with powerful collection of tools to make your life simpler and faster. It not only turns out handy for the business class people, it is a classic app for the people who wish to manage their house expenses. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

No Clutter in your Pocket

You need not search down your pockets to gather the receipts that often get misplaced. This app stores all the receipts for you. Just open the app and look through the receipts you have stored within the app. You can capture the photos of your bills and add them with your expense entry in the app.


Export Expenses

It has got a precise built-in support. The real-time reporting in one of the most overrated features of this app. It records every expense which is then stored in single folder. A user can check every folder before exporting. You can even configure the application to export each new expense or export bulk expenses at regular intervals.


Integrates Well with Accounting Software

The CSV file of your expense can be integrated seamlessly with the standard spreadsheet and accounting software. Moreover, when you export data as PDF file from the app, the date stamped receipts are attached and printed automatically in the resulting report.

Bulk Erase

Once the delivery of the exported data is confirmed, you can instruct the application to perform the bulk erase of the redundant saved data for freeing up the space to store future expenses.


  • Keep track of daily expenditure.
  • Multiple currencies supported.
  • Export expenses as CSV or PDF file.


  • We think there should be a direct option to upload the info to cloud in encrypted form so even when the phone is lost we can restore the date to new one.
Over to You

If you are looking to manage your business and personal expenditure well, My Business Expenses Manager can turn out to be the best solution. Keep a good track of all your expenses and manage the receipts well with this stunning application.

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