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Hoverwatch Review: What Makes it the Best Device Monitoring & Tracking Software


Hoverwatch is the ultimate surveillance application that works in the stealth mode and provides an exclusive range of monitoring features. This renowned application has been installed in 12 million devices, and is widely used by parents and company owners around the globe. Using Hoverwatch, one can gain complete access of the device and can monitor the phone calls, SMS, social media activities, GPS location, web browser history, and much more. Let’s learn more and know why it is the most comprehensive monitoring application.

Hoverwatch – Topnotch Features


Hoverwatch is a multitasking phone tracking application that is available for Android smartphones and Windows/Mac OS. It is packed with a wide range of monitoring features. The parents can track the activities of their kids on phone/computer while the company owner can see what his/her employees are doing on their system using this stunning application.

Hoverwatch for Android

  • GPS Tracking: The app uses the GPS and internet technology for collecting the data on current GPS location of the targeted device. Even if the device owner turns off the Wi-Fi, the app will keep tracking its location using the GSM technology.
  • Call Tracking: It tracks the information about the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. It can even record the audio files that can be downloaded on your device. You can even monitor the time & date of call, call length and caller name & phone number.
  • Spy on Messages: Hoverwatch even lets you monitor the SMS and MMS conversations done on the targeted device. You can see the entire conversation on your online panel and can even get the details about the message sender/receiver.
  • Spy on IM Apps & Social Media Activities: The app can even monitor the conversations on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, SnapChat, and other social media applications. You can even get the details of media exchanged along with the conversations.
  • Manage the Camera Online: Hoverwatch can capture the photos of the person who unlocks the targeted phone/tablet within few seconds using the front camera and saves it for you.
  • Track the Internet History: You can get the list of titles of the web pages along with the URLs visited by the owner of the targeted device.
  • Detect SIM Card Change: Even if the targeted device user changes the SIM card, Hoverwatch will keep tracking the activities on the device and will also save the phone number of the new SIM card.

Hoverwatch for Mac

  • Keylogging: This software I capable of detecting all the keys that were pressed on the keyboard while the targeted device user was typing.
  • Track Activities on Social Media: You can track what the device user have done on social media websites like Facebook including the messages, videos, and photos exchanged during the session.
  • Monitor the Websites Visited: Hoverwatch keeps an eye on the URLs of the website visited by the monitored device user.
  • Save Screenshots: It automatically captures of the PC/Laptop’s screen and saves the screenshots. In this way you can track what your employees/child is doing on the targeted device.
  • Record Adium, Skype & iMessage Chats: One can easily track the conversations going on Adium, Skype, or iMessage and gets the details of media exchanges as well.

Hoverwatch for Windows

You can access all the features of Hoverwatch available for Mac in Windows version too. Apart from this, it provides some additional features as well for the Windows user.

  • Capture Photos from Webcam: A user can capture the photos through webcam attached to the PC or laptop and save them. This helps them to stay aware about the surroundings.
  • Save Clipboard: The exact history of any clipboard activity on the targeted device is recorded by the app.



  • Personal Package: Under this plan you can monitor just one device and it is billed at $8.33/month if you pay for a year.
  • Family Package: Under this plan you can monitor 5 devices and it is billed at $3.33/month per device if you pay for a year.
  • Business Package: Under this plan you can monitor 25 devices and it is billed at $1.67/month per device if you pay for a year.

Hoverwatch is a stunning spy application that is unfortunately not available for iOS. The Android, Windows, and Mac users can take full advantage of this app and can keep an eye over their kids or employees in the office from just anywhere at any point of time.

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