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How to Record Screen in Android 4.x KitKat without Root


Now, you can easily Record Android Screen irrespective whether it is rooted or not, by using a simple app called as Mobizen. Previously, Recording Screen on non-root Android 4.x versions (4.1, 4.2, 4.4) with audio was nearly impossible even using ADB. So, here’s a small yet detailed tutorial which will explain how to record screen in Android without Root (Works on 4.4 kitkat and earlier versions too), last but not the least – the recorded android videos have microphone audio too!

Tutorial to Easily Record Android Screen Without Root –

Pre-Requisites –

  1. An Android phone whose Screen you intend to record , with Mobizen app installed. You can download Mobizen app from the link below –
    Click here to Download Mobizen App from Google Play Store.
  2. Enable USB Debugging / Developer on your Android Phone – Click here for tutorial to enable USB Debugging on Android.

Step.1 Installing And Registering for A Mobizen Account –

  • Open the Mobizen app, and sign-up for a Mobizen account using your e-mail (free to sign-up).
  • Now, connect your mobile to your PC and enable USB Debugging.

Step.2 Activating Booster Mode + Starting Video Record –

  • Record Screen using Mobizen App

    Record Screen using Mobizen App

    Once you have enabled USB Debugging, launch the Mobizen App.

  • You will see a notification of “Booster Mode has Started”, which indicates that Mobizen app is now ready to start recording.
  • Now, Simply tap on “Record Screen” button to start your recording as shown in the alongside image.
  • Once you have tapped on the button it will redirect you to your Home Screen, with a floating “m” button as shown in the figure below –

    Mobizen Floating Button

    Tap on the “m” floating Button.

  • Tap the Video cam icon to Start Video recording

    Tap the Video cam icon to Start Video recording

    Now, as you tap on the m button, you will see 3 sub-buttons. simply tap on the “Video camera” button to start your screen Recording!.

  • Once your Recording has started the “m” button will show a timer which indicates the recorded time (and thus confirms that the recording has started) as shown below –

    Video Recording Time

Stop Recording

Step.3 Video Record Controls + Stopping Recording –

  • Now to stop / pause your currently recorded video, again simply tap on the “m” button while the recording is On and tap on the “Stop” icon as shown in the image alongside.

To View your Recorded Screen Videos Simply tap on the burger icon in the Mobizen app home screen as shown below –

Tap to View Recorded Videos

That’s it ! This is perhaps the only working method to Record your Android Screen with audio from microphone without root on older versions than lollipop, and the method to record Android videos using Mobizen. If you face any problems or have any queries feel free to comment .

Next Update/ Trick – While testing on one of our devices, removing phone once the booster mode started, still recorded the screen.. we even tried closing the app and opening it again to record.. it was still able to record videos.. you may try this on your phone too to enable booster mode once, and then use the phone to directly record until next reboot.

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