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How to Block Ads on Safari iOS: iPhone or iPad using Presto


Our browsing activities are constantly tracked and so is our privacy breached , this is done by malicious scripts which run in your web browser while browsing low-quality websites. Now, in order to save users from such tracking Apple included Content Blocker support in Safari browser from its iOS 9 series update. Here’s a tutorial explaining How you can use Presto –  A Free Content Blocker app to block ads on Safari browser for iPhone & iPad .

Before we move onto tutorial to use Presto, let us point out some salient features of Presto App –

  • Presto is able to block ads on Safari Browser and works on iPhone & iPad (iOS 9 or later required).
  • Lock all banners, pop-ups and video ads . (Blocks YouTube ads on iPhone)
  • Reduces Data usage consumed while serving ads, thus helps in Saving money.
  • Get the best privacy protection built with anti-tracking
  • Block Lists specific language.

Presto App

So, Presto is a really a good free-feature rich Ad Blocker for iOS, here’s a tutorial on How to configure Presto Content Blocker – 

  • First of all download & install Presto app from the iTunes App Store by clicking below –
    Click here to download Presto Content Blocker from AppStore.
  • Now, Open the Presto app and tap on “Make Magic Happen” button, as shown in the alongside image.
  • After tappin on the button you will be shown a tutorial on how to Activate Presto, Here simply tap on the “Go to Settings” button as highlighted below –

    Presto Settings

    When you tap on “Go to Settings” you will be redirected to the Safari Settings on your iOS Device.

  • Now Scroll down until you find “Content Blockers” in general tab.Now Tap on Content Blocker as shown below –

    Content Blocker iOS9

    Now, when you tap on Content Blockers, You will find the “Presto” togggle, simply toggle it to right side to activate the Presto app –

    Presto Toggle Active.


  • That’s it, Now simply launch Safari directly or through the Presto app to enjoy ad-free , tracking free and a pleasing smooth browsing experience in Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad!.


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