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How to allow Internet access to Specific App on Android without Root using Android Firewall


Cellular operators nowadays, have started providing app-specific data packs, or as as add-on to existing Internet packs. Many times, we exhaust our normal Internet data and are left with only add-on app data, for example WhatsApp , Facebook or YouTube data. Thus, whenever we try to use the app data benefits other background apps automatically connect in background and their ping & notifications result in deduction of our main balance. Here’s a simple tutorial to allow internet access only to specific selected apps on Android while restricting internet data to other apps using Android firewall .

Method to Allow internet access to specific apps & restrict internet to other apps on Android –

NoRoot Firewall App for Android

NoRoot Firewall App for Android

  • First Step would be to install a Firewall app to intercept our network traffic, though most apps require root the NoRoot Firewall app below works even on non-rooted Phones –

Click here to Download NoRoot Firewall app for Android from Google Play Store.

  • Now, once you have installed the firewall app tap on “Start”.
  • The firewall app will now ask you for one time permission to start a VPN connection, don’t worry this is just a dummy VPN connection with your own IP address , created just to intercept and block unwanted traffic. The VPN service dialog box would look as shown below –

    VPN dialog box – NoRoot Firewall

    Here “tick or checkmark – I trust this application” option and tap on “OK”.

  • Now, Simply connect to your internet connection, the data access will be blocked to all apps by default. To allow Internet access to a particular app, Open the app for example WhatsApp and then return to the NoRoot Firewall App.
  • Navigate to the “Pending Access” tab as shown below , This section will list out all the apps trying to access the internet –
    Pending Access Tab

    Pending Access Tab

    Tap on  “Allow” to enable internet to that particular app, and keep other blocking access to internet for other apps.

  • You can also Stop your Firewall anytime to restore access to internet like before.

This method thus, is highly efficient and useful to prevent access to internet to other apps, thus saving money as well as data.

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