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JoyToKey Tutorial to configure Gamepad on PC Windows 7/8.1/10 [Windows Installed Laptop/Computer]


Recently we wrote about configuring gamepad on your pc using an old version of Xpadder, but you may want to use the latest software for controlling your gamepad /joystick on pc , or you may want to tweak some extra settings or have extra configuration options to use your gamepad / joystick on pc for some games. In all above cases, and many more JoyToKey comes to the rescue, JoyToKey is another great tool to configure and use your Xbox 360 , PS2 , PS3 , PS4 and nintendo remote wii controllers on PC . Here’s a brief JoyToKey tutorial which will introduce and help you to configure JoyToKey for using gaming controllers gamepads on your Windows 7/8.1/10 PC/laptop.

JoyToKey Tutorial for configuring gamepad on PC –

JoyToKey on Windows tutorial

  • First of all, connect your gamepad/joystick to your PC / Laptop and install the Gamepad drivers.
  • Now, download JoyToKey by clicking here, and extract it to a folder where you want to keep JoyToKey (JoyToKey doesn’t require installation, its extract and run app).
  • After you have extracted JoyToKey, connect your gamepad controller/joystick to computer and now run the JoyToKey.exe executable.
  • You’ll be shown a window as shown in the alongside image, now press any key/push any anaolog on your gamepad. It will be highlighted in yellow as highlighted in the alongside image.

Mapping Keyboard input / mouse controls using JoyToKey

  • Now, once you’ve seen the highlighted labels, you can start mapping your keyboard inputs /mouse controls to the gamepad buttons and analog , To do this follow the below steps –
  • Simply start double-left clicking by mouse on the Joystick 1 elements – Stick 1 <- , Button 1, Button 2 . or you can even manually select each element and click on “Edit button assignment” .
  • Once you select the button/stick on the gamepad profile , it will ask you for its corresponding keyboard input /mouse control – , Now if you want to assign keyboad input , select the keyboard label on the top and enter the corresponding keyboard stroke to be mapped to the joystick button as shown below –
  • Keyboard mapping in JoyToKey


  • Similary, you can also assign mouse control options, by selecting the sunction category as “Mouse” , and then selecting the mouse pointer / cursor controll by assigning the pointer option values as shown in the below figure – (The cursor movement if pushed to left minus or negative indicates left mouse movement and to right indicates right hand side movement, similarly for top (positive) and bottom (negative) , You can also checkmark the corresponding mouse click options highlighted by green color to simulate mouse clicks on your gamepad).
  • JoyToKey mouse mapping

    Click on “OK” to confirm your keyboard / mouse input mapping to gamepad / joystick.

  • That’s it after mapping all the inputs, you can click on ok to save your gamepad profile, similarly you can configure the second joystick too on JoyToKey, i.e use and coonfigure two gamepads/ joysticks on same computer to simulate keyboard/mouse which wasn’t supported by Xpadder.
  • Voila!  its done, configuring JoyToKey is rather easy and you can now start beating the game boss by playing the game easily by your gamepad!

Click here to download JoyToKey for Windows 7/8.1/10

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