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How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone(iOS) easily without PC using Phoneswappr


Switching phones isn’t something we do daily, but whenever we do switch them we face a lot of issues and problems especially while transferring contacts and data from our old phone to new phone. Considering the lack of Bluetooth transfer on iPhone it becomes even more tedious task. But not anymore, we present you a very easy method to transfer all your contacts from Windows Phone / Lumia to iPhone 4/5/6  or even iPad without PC by using PhoneSwappr app! . Its quite easy to use and requires no PC access at all .

Features of PhoneSwappr

  • Supports transfer of Contacts from Windows Phone to Android/iPhone as well as vice versa .
  • Stores the Contacts from your device on the Cloud for 7 days, providing you ample time to store the contacts.
  • All the contacts stored on the cloud are encrypted with a security key, which is only shared with you. Thus, providing total security of your contacts.
  • The App can be installed on multiple devices thus, allowing download of contacts to multiple devices where a large number of contacts need to be shared between two or more phones.
  • No need of any registration/account Sign-Up! . Simple contacts transfer by using Internet on both the devices.


  • First of All download and install the appropriate PhoneSwappr version on your Phones, depending upon their OS.
    Click here to Download PhoneSwappr for Windows Phone.
    Click here to Download PhoneSwappr for iOS/iPhone.
  • Now, First of all Install the application on both the phones .
  •  After you install it Open the App on your Old Phone/ Windows Phone from which contacts have to be retrieved (imported) , It’ll present you a screen which looks like below –
  • Here select the Option “Send Contacts to Cloud”  . Now, all your contacts will start getting uploaded to the Cloud, and once all the contacts are uploaded you will be shown an image with the key/pin as shown below. (Please Note down this Pin as we will use it later to retrieve our contacts ).
  • Now  open the PhoneSwappr app on your (iPhone / iPad) new phone and select the option “Get contacts from the Cloud”. 
  • Now, enter the Pin which we have noted down earlier to start the contacts download! . It will start downloading contacts as shown below – and once it gets downloaded you will be presented with a completion screen as shown below –
  • Importing contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone / iOS

    That’s it!  You have now succesfully transferred contacts from Windows Phone / Lumia to iPhone in no-time with total ease for free. Good enough, isn’t it ?

  • Feel free to comment if you face or encounter any issues/problems while using the PhoneSwappr app.


  1. Sneha May 28, 2015

    I want to export contacts from Lumia 900. I have forgotten the password for my initial windows live account. I wanted to restore it via sms or email but Microsoft never send me any sms/email. I created a second live account and added it to the Lumia 900. I selected “Synchronise”. Then I followed your steps “First sync the Windows Phone contacts to a Microsoft account” until the 8th when none of my contacts were in the address book of my Microsoft account 2. Can you please help me export?


    1. Chaitanya May 28, 2015

      Hello Sneha, we don’t use Microsoft account synchronization in our tutorial, you just need to download the phoneswappr app on your Lumia, we’re you able to do that?

  2. Aish Kapoor June 16, 2015

    Thanks Tech-apple to Introduce Details about PhoneSwappr is uproots the migraine and dissatisfaction connected with exchanging your contact information between distinctive gadgets on diverse stages. underpins IOS, Android, and windows Phone Features are as follow Bolsters famous versatile stages for above mansion OS, Bother free interface, No requirement for sync cables, Specialized transfer software or computer secure…..Looking for more updates about “PhoneSwappr” from your side …….Thanks

  3. baggher November 24, 2015

    Thank u. It works great

  4. Rachit December 7, 2015

    That worked in a Jiffy. Thanks once again. Trust, the contacts are secured at your server and not shared with anybody.

  5. Ivnia December 19, 2015

    It’s not free. It asks for InApp purchase of 7days access code or something

  6. Selina January 11, 2016

    this hasn’t worked for me, it says download failed, followed by ‘object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ no idea what that means. Any advice please?

  7. Jonathan April 6, 2016

    The APP is free on WP 8 but on IPhone 6, Itune demands a purchase!!

  8. Sapna June 3, 2016

    When I try to sync it on iphone it demands purchase

  9. luca June 8, 2016

    easy and eficient: install contacts +message backup onto your windows phone (mine is lumia 550), then backup your contacts to sd card; copy the vcard file from contact folder to your computer and send your self an email with the file; take the iphone, open your email, copy and install contacts. Say Thanks! It took me 24 hours The orange shop could not help me

  10. Amir October 8, 2016

    its not free !!!


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