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Top 7 Free Video Converters for Mac OS X to convert videos offline on your Mac / Macbook


Hello everyone, many times it may happen that a particular video simply won’t play up or a particular playback format might not be supported on your device. In such cases we need handy apps which can convert videos for us or video converters. Finding Free Video converters for Mac isn’t an easy task, and even if you find one it may have some limitations such as Video Watermarks etc, So we bring you the Top 7 Best Free Video converter apps for Mac Os ,which you can also use to as avi,mp4,mkv video converters on mac – let’s have a look onto them in brief –

App # 1 – HandBrake

HandBrake Mac UI

HandBrake lies right at the top in our list for Free Video converters for Mac, and its features are such that it really deserves to be at the top!. The User Interface of Handbrake is quite simple with everything right from source to destination and output video codecs & settings everything be controlled by the User. It also allows you to use predefined recommended video output formats/settings for devices such as iPad,iPod Apple TV, Android. So, if you intend to play on any of those devices, you don’t need much tweaking around.
Also, HandBrake comes in with a Preview Windows, which is really a useful feature considering you might want to preview your video,as to how it will look before going for full conversion.

HandBrake provides all these features for free and is Opensource , you’ll definitely love it! . Click here to download HandBrake for Mac OS.


App # 2 – VLC! Media Player

Using VLC to convert media on your Mac OS

Yes, you heard it right – Our beloved Media Player – VLC can also be used to convert videos on the go on Mac without any extra codec requirements. The procedure to convert videos using VLC too is pretty easy and is as follows –

  • Go to Media — > Convert/Save — > Now, in the file tab add your source video/audio file which you intend to convert.
  • After Adding your file, click on the small “down arrow” mark on the Convert/Save button and Select “Convert”.
  • Now,specify the conversion format in the “Profile” drop down as shown in the alongside image, Specify the destination file to save the convert file.
  • Click on “Start”, Your video/audio conversion will be started! and after conversion the converted file will be available in the destination source.

Click here to download VLC  for Mac OS.


App # 3 – Prism Video Converter [Free]

Prism Video Converter [Free]

 Prism Video converter is yet another alternative to handbrake,a video converter which can easily convert video files , as well as audio. Prism supports all popular video formats including AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOD, ASF, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP4, 3GP, and many more. All you need to do is simply drag and drop your video files into Prism and you’re ready to convert. Besides, Prism can also be used to compress your video files or as a video compressor for Mac. Prism also allows you to preview files , so that you can have a look before you convert them. The Prism Free supports some basic video formats for home use. But for professional use, you need to purchase the Prism Plus Converter.
Click here to download Prism Video converter Free for Mac os.


App # 4 – Miro Video Converter for Mac


Miro video converter is yet another free converter for mac os around, it can convert a wide range of audio and video files. And has a good number and varieties of codecs supported . Like Handbrake, Miro video converter also comes with integrated presets and video settings for devices such as PS4, iPhone, iPod etc . Miro though has some issues with ogg output as reviewed by some newer mac os users. Miro is based on ffmpeg and conversion time too is similar to that of its paid counterpart – iFFmpeg.

Click here to download Miro Video Converter for Mac OS.


App # 5 – Permute

Permute 2.0

Permute 2 is a very neat and simple app which will get your conversion job done very neatly and systematically. Permute supports image and audio conversion as well in addition to video conversion between multiple formats. Permute’s user interface is the best amongst all the video converters we have seen its only downside is that its not completely free. However, you can download its free trial version –
Click here to download Permute 2.0 free trial

App # 5 – iSquint


iSquint was the best video converter for mac, until it broke down in keeping up with Mac os new versions. But for older Mac os versions it still remains the best. The UI, Speed and efficiency combination of iSquint is yet unmatched till date! . So, if you’re using an older version of Mac OS (upto 10.7) you can download it.
Click here to download iSquint for Mac Os (Upto 10.7)

App # 7 – DamnVid

DamnVid for Mac

DamnVid ceases to impress us, although its our favorite when it comes to windows but its incompatibility with some mac versions pushes it upto No.7 in the list of video converters for mac. There’s no looking for other solutions/app for video conversion even for professional users, if you get DamnVid running. The .dmg for DamnVid may not work on all mac os versions, but you can always use Wine! to run the windows version of DamnVid on your Mac.
Click here to download DamnVid for Mac Os.


So these were some of the best free video converter apps for Mac OS. If you know of any other app or face any problems in any of these feel free to comment .

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