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Top 7 Free Android Emulators for PC (2020) – Windows 10 [64-bit & 32-bit] | Run Android apps on Computer PC/Laptop

Android emulators/simulators are largely required to run Android apps & games on PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/10) . However, choosing the correct Android emulator might become a daunting task, as if not selected properly they can really slow down your Computer (e.g Duos M) . So, here we bring you the best 7 Android emulators for your PC – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 which you can use to run android on computer

Emulator # 1 – Nox App Player – Android Emulator

Gaming on Nox App Player with Keyboard mapping for touch input!

Gaming on Nox App Player with Keyboard mapping for touch input!

Nox App Player is our preferred Android emulator to play Android games on PC / Computer (Windows 10 & 7),  or to try out new android apps due to its speed.

Nox App Player is fast, plus provides lots of features such as –

  • One-click root hide / unhide (disable or enable root)
  • Ability to specify the CPU Processor & Ram size! which is great for gamers & app-testers to check resource usage.
  • Besides, these Nox even provides Keyboard mapping for touch input. Thus, you can specify the areas where touch is to be simulated, on pressing a keyboard key! (Awesome thing for gamers)
  • Plus, it even has an inbuilt GPS controller setting, by which you can even play GPS required games such as Pokemon Go directly inside Nox App Player. –>

    Check out our Nox Player HD tutorial for all Nox features details

Click here to Download Nox App Player HD for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (Home, Pro, Professional 32-bit & 64-bit).


Emulator # 2 – BlueStacks

Bluestacks 2 is very smooth & easy to use

Bluestacks 2 is very smooth & easy to use

BlueStacks is the most widely used Android emulator or Android App Player for Windows . It used to be free but now is only in Specific regions

  • Easy One-click installation on the Windows System (Split-online installer as well as offline installer is available).
  • Easily install 3rd party apk’s or android apps by simply double clicking on the apk files.
  • No other-3rd party virtualization required (VirtualBox  isn’t required).

Click here to download BlueStacks Offline Installer for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.


Emulator # 3 – KO Player

KO Player Android Emulator

KO Player Android Emulator

KO Player is the latest entrant in this list & is a great android emulator especially when it comes to playing Android games on your Computer / PC. KO Player provides a host of great features in its android emulator such as –

  • Keyboard to Touch Mapping
  • Crisp Display on Bigger screens due to HD Resolution
  • Ability directly record your Android emulation screen & save it as a video. Thus, enabling you to share your Gameplay easily.
  • Besides, you can run multiple accounts of various simultaneously
  • Since, it is made for gaming KO Player does require a good amount of RAM & graphics memory

Click here to Download KO Player for Windows 10 / 7 /8.1 (32-bit & 64-bit)


Emulator # 4 – Andyroid – Andy OS

Andy OS lets you chat through whatsapp directly on Desktop

AndyRoid is one of its own kind Android Emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 . It supports some unique features which aren’t supported by any other android emulators out there such as –

  • Using your phone as remote control while playing games!.
  • ARM support, You can directly install apps in your andy emulator through your host’s desktop browser!.
  • As Andy is based upon VirtualBox , It doesn’t require any dedicated Graphics card to function smoothly and works well even on Intel HD Graphics.

Andyroid is very similar and may be classified as an advanced alternative to Genymotion as both of them require VirtualBox to be installed on the system. The newest version seems to have a keylogger or some shady thing. Hence, we have given the link of the older version.

Click here to download Andyroid -Andy OS emulator for windows 7/8/8.1/10


Emulator # 5 – Droid4X

Droid4X Android Simulator

Droid4X is perhaps its the most interesting emulators mentioned in this article. Droid4X is designed for real Power! in the hands of user, and its features too point to the same . Droid4X has some salient features such as –

Click here to download Droid4X Android simulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Emulator # 6 – Windroy – The Android emulator with a Windows Kernel!

Windroy on Windows 7

Windroy is perhaps the most unique Emulators present in this article because of the fact – It completely runs using the Windows Kernel!

Windroy doesnt require any external Virtualbox support. Like bluestacks, also its quite light-weight and handy to use!. You just have to take care that the directory path wherein you install Windroy must not contain Spaces.

Click here to download Windroy with Gapps.(PlayStore Supported)


Emulator # 7 – GenyMotion

GenyMotion in action on Windows 8

GenyMotion is another advanced Android Emulator for PC , and may be classified as a worthy alternative to/of Bluestacks. GenyMotion has advanced features like OpenGL, and hardware aceleration support. Its built on the x86 Architecture and hence is faster as compared to BlueStacks.

Click here to download GenyMotion for Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

You need to install GenyMotion on your PC/Laptop and configure Android device on it –
Click here for complete tutorial on GenyMotion configuration (Check out the Steps after running Genymotion – They’re common for Linux as well as Windows)


So, these were the top 7 free android emulators for PC/windows , If you know of some other one do comment :) , also feel free to ask any questions regarding them



  1. ashish December 30, 2014

    if any no. already registered in whatsapp through android phone. so is this application work in the same condition???

    1. Isha January 10, 2015

      Ashish u have to type ur number and u will get a msg in ur phone the code msg u have to type the code and u will get ur ac opened with all ur old msges in pc

    2. Orionway December 27, 2016

      LEAPDROID!!!!!!!!! This is in reply to all comments… very light weight in terms of system requirements (4gb ram) and basically any video card with 1024 x 768 resolution… is VERY, very fast and a 4 year old could do the install…. throw away all the others.. use LEAPDROID you’ll LOVE it!!! PROMISE….

      1. GD AW January 15, 2017

        4gb of ram is more than bluestacks…

      2. Khawaja Jugnu April 10, 2017

        tell me anriod player
        my pc ram 2gb
        video card 256 mb

        1. Santu Das April 18, 2017

          xeplayer is the fastest kitkat version support every games and app

      3. Maaz Malik April 29, 2017

        Driod4X server is not responding

      4. jenniferlynn329 October 20, 2017

        Leapdroid is defunct, per ….
        (I can’t even bring up a new subdomain on my company website that was created summer2017, using the default browser of the Leapdroid app, on my computer.)

        Q: What is LeapDroid?

        A: LeapDroid is an Android emulator. It runs the whole Android system inside Windows using state-of-the-art virtual machine technologies. LeapDroid Inc was founded in April 2015 by Huan Ren and Huihong Luo. LeapDroid emulator was released to public in June 2016. LeapDroid is based in Silicon Valley.

        Q: What is the future plan for LeapDroid?

        A: We have decided to discontinue the development of LeapDroid emulator as we focus on our next adventure at Google.

        Q: Is LeapDroid now a part of Google?

        A: No. LeapDroid is not affiliated with Google.

        Q: Will you continue to support existing LeapDroid users?

        A: No. If you have LeapDroid already installed, you can continue to use it. There will be no further support offered to LeapDroid users.

        Q: How can I find previous LeapDroid builds?

        A: Since previous LeapDroid builds don’t pass Android Compatibility Test, we have taken them offline.

  2. Isha January 10, 2015

    Ashish u have to type ur number and u will get a msg in ur phone the code msg u have to type the code and u will get ur ac opened with all ur old msges in pc

  3. Jasta January 12, 2015

    The Preview version of the Android Player is only available to current subscribers (or trial). Cost: $25 / month

    1. Jasta January 12, 2015

      talking of Xamarin Player

      1. Chaitanya January 13, 2015

        Hello jata, it seems that they’ve revised the ratta and subscription thing. Thank you very much for informing shall check on their site and update the update accordingly. Till then you can try the other emulators mentioned in the article 🙂

    2. Milo August 1, 2016

      I’ve been using Leapdroid emulator. There’s no subscription service and its been the fastest emulator I’ve used so far in comparison to Bluestacks, Nox, Droid4x and Andy. Android Authority also wrote a review on Leapdroid recently as well.

      1. Orionway December 27, 2016

        Me also… LeapDroid is light weight as far as space and use of rexsources used.. works GREAT!!!!

  4. Guy February 12, 2015

    How comes you state that bluestacks is free? Its free to download but not to use, unless you pay £24 a year.

    1. Chaitanya February 12, 2015

      Hello Guy, In India, they are providing it for free! . Thanks for informing will check and update the article accordingly 🙂

      1. Omega1965 March 20, 2015

        Bluestacks also asking for $2.00 a month here n Australia. Best you get it out of this list until they rectify this!!

        1. ihatesheeps (@snagdragon) March 24, 2015

          Err, you can download featured apps and continue using bluestacks without paying a yearly sub of 24 bucks (lol). Or just install an older version to avoid that silly prompt. Of course not everything will work but I’m fine with what I can run.

        2. 123game March 25, 2015

          i cklicked no and it ckracked
          i cant Play any more

          1. Soire April 19, 2015

            I’ve been using bluestacks for more than a year and downloading new apps instead of paying the $2. It does work although has a variety of issues I’ve had to debug.

        3. Karyal September 19, 2015

          It is an horrible app don’t pay for it

          1. Ester October 3, 2016

            I need android PC to play pokemon GO, it is worked through nox but not now. Pokemon always ask to update and doest not work for pokemon Go 37. Is it because nox run on android 4.2?
            Can you update those programs running on which OS?
            Id like to have emulator that running on android 5 or above.

      2. NITIN April 25, 2015

        Chaitanya,nothing is free in INDIA.They install one app every time when you open your bluestacks.

        1. Fiji September 13, 2015

          Haha Haha

        2. Santu Das May 21, 2017

          i am also from india bluestacks totally free and no apps to download for using just use BSTweaker2 for disable app purchase banners and subscription in Bluestacks

      3. rohan June 12, 2015

        hey its really free xramain andriodnplayer

    2. kodali srikar September 21, 2015

      If you are so worried about the payment, there are cracked versions available in torrentz

    3. SANTU DAS March 10, 2017

      Download BSTweaker2 for bluestacks then root it unlock every things besides it can stop add and disable subscription purchase add etc…

  5. Steve February 24, 2015

    No thanks! All these subscription based emu/simulators happen because someone discovered how to use a compiler and slap a pretty interface around it. Crashes constantly on machines that meet 8x the requirements and depend mostly on other free things, like VirtualBox. You know, for the trouble and cost, I’ll just plug my android device into a monitor and sync up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Problem solved!

    1. Chaitanya February 24, 2015

      Hello Steve, can you please tell which emulator crashed so that we can remember be it from the list also you can try using droid4x it really is fabulous!

      1. Steve February 25, 2015

        Well, let’s see. First was BlueStacks, then Genymotion. Bluestacks was tried on a Windows8 PC, Genymotion was tried on a Mac running OS 10.10. Both machines have 4 Intel cores, 16 gigs of RAM and high-end graphics with nothing else to do.

        BlueStacks was the most lenient. At worst, it would just go black-screen, while Genymotion all but crashed the whole system. I kept getting the impression that it was losing track of the VM session and stuff of that nature. By the way, I hate all of these external dependencies.

        What they could run, they ran very well, but the apps which demanded special graphics modes, like Minecraft PE would always cause trouble. Problem is that those were the ones I was most interested in running.

        I will definitely give droid4x a try. Thanks for the recommendation!

        1. Orionway December 27, 2016

          LEAPDROID works great, no dependencies, low system requirements.. dual core, 4gb ram.. works with Intel graphics even..!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. aaron December 4, 2017

            can I use it well for downloading showbox on my pc

  6. quietflowsthelethe February 28, 2015

    Hey. I have been trying to play Dragon City via Bluestacks, but after a long time of loading, it still doesn’t start and my machine gets lagged and slowed. Can you help me out?

    1. Chaitanya February 28, 2015

      Hello, can you try using Droid4x as its the best gaming emulator available for pc for playing android games

      1. Caleb April 18, 2015

        You are definitely right!!! If only it had tilt controls for it, then the emulator would be perfect!!! I guess I’m going to either install 2 emulators or just live without it.

    2. Abbas Striker July 24, 2016

      I swear Bluestacks is the shittiest one for me,my Monster Legends doesnot even load too and when I exit it,my PC is not able to run anything else 🙁

      1. Itto Camit July 24, 2016

        You can try bluestacks 2, bluestacks no longer running. This is from my experience.

  7. Sudeep March 1, 2015

    Droid4x resets automatically in every 24 hrs… i m tired of installing apps again and again.. plz help me out….

  8. qwe March 9, 2015

    Bluestacks: “VirtualBox isn’t required”
    “Windroy doesnt require any external Virtualbox support like bluestacks”

  9. Rushdiy March 20, 2015

    which is the best one please, which required minimum demand?

    1. Amit Hooda December 5, 2016

      Bluestacks 2 is still the best, just love it.

      1. nsalo March 5, 2017

        it slows down the pc
        dont use it

        1. jayc engracia April 16, 2017

          bluestacks 2 sucks man it slows ur pc

  10. Crystalenia March 28, 2015

    I tried windroy but all I get is a white screen with nothing to do with it… any idea?

    1. laurel April 1, 2015

      same here

  11. Raquel March 30, 2015

    Las he probado todas y nunigana funciona dew.

  12. Dragos Robert April 3, 2015

    very nice this article helped me a lot with my games and books !

  13. Marco April 7, 2015

    holly maholly, AndyRoid looked like small when i downloaded but in fact i noticed it was only a small application (downloader) which purpose is to download a +-500MB file from their server…. now i know why they put 20GB free HD space in the system requirement section !

    1. spike February 21, 2017

      AndyRoid is a harmful program, which installs a set of unwanted programs. Now, I am working on deleting all these programs. Thanks…

  14. pradeep April 8, 2015

    wow this is really nice collection of android apps ..
    thanks for sharing these worderful application with us.

  15. mourtadhoi April 9, 2015

    wow this is nice collection of android apps thanks for sharing these

  16. Manjit April 14, 2015

    i’m trying to download bluestacks for mp laptop with Windows 8.1 64bit,but as soon as i click download option a notification occurs as “this type of file can harm your computer “…please help,wat to do…

    1. Chaitanya April 14, 2015

      Hello Manjit, if you’re using Chrome simply select the option “keep” after clicking on the arrow mark.

  17. latheef April 15, 2015

    YouWave Android Emulator note mentined……….

  18. after installing bluestacks, i am getting message like in the bluestacks window ” game data downloading”. can any one resolve??

  19. dragonassbabe May 3, 2015

    not all free

  20. vino s May 6, 2015

    it’s very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. SS May 7, 2015


    1. Pratyush Ghatak December 19, 2016

      Bluestacks and Nox does run. Bluestacks has a 1 GB verson..which is pretty basic…so Nox is better I guess.

  22. Satpal May 17, 2015

    Can u please tell me which is the one that don’t give game download popup like Bluestacks (game popup home) and don’t require Premium purchase…??

    one more question which file manager is best so that i can easily move/copy my folders from file manager to “windows”. and vice versa.

    well i updated bluestacks and it stopped working..!!
    and i don’t want to loss my data

    1. Chaitanya May 17, 2015

      Hello Satpal, considering your problems faced while using bluestacks and requirements of no pop-ups we’ll recommend you to use droid4x. It’s fast and stable too!! Regarding file manager you can use any good one like x plore or es.

  23. Josefina May 22, 2015

    Bluestack y Andyroid has as a first archive to be scanned a Trojan horse. All of you know that? I downloaded both and that was the result when I scan it. They could be the best, but not for me.

    1. Chaitanya May 22, 2015

      Hello Josefina, may be they being an online installer package might be detected as Trojan, but we have used them. Personally I too don’t like bluestacks it’s quite resource heavy but loved droid4x. Thank you for alerting 🙂

  24. Ravi May 23, 2015

    What about installing Android as a dedicated OS in PC like windows. i came across this post which shows How to install Android 5.0.2 Lolipop on Pc along with windows but it hangs on logo in my laptop. What to do?

  25. parth hirpara June 8, 2015

    BLuestacks always show technical eror.
    but din’t mind
    duOS-m work corectly.

    1. kenneth August 13, 2015

      go fuck up.. bluestacks always shows error 25000. i have 4gb ram & 1 gb vga card

  26. rahul June 9, 2015

    from above 7 apps none is working on my pc

  27. Vinay Kumar June 13, 2015

    how to create contact for another country friends details in bluestacks

  28. dipta June 14, 2015

    can i use droid4x in my windows 7 ultimate pc??? will it work as good as bluestack???

    1. Chaitanya June 14, 2015

      Yes dipta, you can use droid4x on your pc, it will work even better than bluestacks

      1. gspal August 26, 2015

        Droid4x does not work on my Windows 7 SP1 with AMD A4-3400 APU processor

        1. Bruce Tucker July 21, 2017

          It’s NOT Droid 4x Its Definately The AMD Rubbish Processor

  29. dipta June 14, 2015

    but, i am not being able to download anythng from play store.. it continuously showing “installing”.. but downloading isnt strtd

  30. dipta June 14, 2015

    please tell me how can i dwnload apps frm droid4x play store!

    1. Chaitanya June 14, 2015

      Hello dipta, it seems some problem with your Internet connection, or can you try using a different Google account after restarting the pc. As we tried from our end and we’re able to download apps through playstore 🙂

  31. BB June 28, 2015

    Think I’ll be skipping Droid4X, and you should too, unless you like installing software from the same country – Communist China – that routinely hacks and just completely stole the personal data of every current and former U.S. government employee, including personal medical records of military vets and their families so the regime can blackmail, threaten, and otherwise coerce Americans. Shame on Techapple for even including Droid4X on its list and for recklessly suggesting users run out and download it without telling them of the obvious dangers and liabilities.

    1. thinker October 13, 2015

      Well, the US of A are also not the flagship democrats as they arrange themselfes.

  32. satya June 29, 2015

    bluestack … downloading game data what i can do

  33. Rakesh June 29, 2015

    bluestacks initializing screen,
    how to get rid of it..?????

  34. shivam June 30, 2015

    Windroy didn’t start up and fx stopped at80% on my core 2duos e7500 any answers

  35. mediumsizeddogs July 6, 2015

    yes bluestack is still charging $2 USD a month (in aus at least) so you can run free apps like instagram. I also got a whole bunch of maleware bundled with bluestack when I downloaded it (from a third party site that pretended to review bluestack and provide a handy link.

    1. waqar February 3, 2018

      fastest emulator is nox it doesnt affect your pc

  36. mediumsizeddogs July 6, 2015

    note – my anti virus program has been working overtime trying to remove bluestack and all its malware. Note you will also probably get something called ‘bluetacks notification centre’ downloaded that when you try and delete it, all you get is a message asking if you want to update the bluestack application (which I have already deleted). If this has nothing to do with their application, I imagine that with the millions they are racking in from charging $24 US a year to run free android apps – that they may wont to look into the damage that is being done under their name.

  37. genki July 11, 2015

    genymotion dont works on newest windows 10 build !

    please udpate info here !

  38. sardar ali July 13, 2015

    hi frnds how can i download the latest graphics card driver for droid4x

  39. akshaybabu July 21, 2015

    is there any emulator that does not require 2 GB ram

  40. Jimmy Paul July 23, 2015

    Good to know there are other emulators than BlueStacks. It is my favorite Android emulator so far.

  41. shamaraj adhikari July 24, 2015

    can we use wifi from it

    1. Chaitanya July 24, 2015

      Yes shamaraj, you can use wifi from it too 🙂

      1. shashi May 7, 2017

        But I cant

  42. digvijay July 24, 2015

    Any emulator for 1 gb ram pc

  43. Steve August 2, 2015

    Stopped working after I upgraded to Win 10

  44. Xiper August 4, 2015

    Holy shit. You guys desperately need an editor.

  45. rahul August 7, 2015

    suggest me for windows 10 to using android

  46. PHOENIX August 9, 2015

    bluestacks is best for me as it does not lag and works smoothly and faster

  47. deepak August 15, 2015

    how i get a best andorid app player for pc????????

  48. MGB August 19, 2015

    It seems most are here because they want to play games made for android. Can someone please tell me which really and truly free-gratis-no dollars emulator would be best so I can use the communication programs what’sapp, Viber and Line? I’ve been holding out against owning a mobile phone for so long, but I’m near breaking point. Thanks for your help

    1. Chaitanya August 19, 2015

      Hello MGB you can have all the above mentioned without an emulator 🙂 use whatsapple client for whatsapp and viber and line have their official desktop clients 🙂

  49. MGB August 19, 2015


    Thanks for your reply but I think you did not read my question closely: I do not have a mobile phone and do not want to get one, but would like to be able to use (on my windos7 pc) the communication apps that are based on mobile phone OS such as Android witout having to install all those complicated and seemingly trouble-ridden emulator programs. But I have a feeling it isn’t going to be possible because the info I read about the WebClient you recommended requires you to have a mobile phone!

  50. MGB August 19, 2015

    correction above: “requires you” ===> “requires ME to have a mobile…”

  51. gspal August 21, 2015

    “Sorry, Droid4X can’t support the AMD A4-3400 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics CPU temporarily”. This is the message I got when attempting installation on my Windows 7 desktop. Bluestacks works, but it demands $2 per month else I download useless apps which may have demands of their own.

  52. many thanks

  53. ivfgnj August 27, 2015

    i try bluestacks and andy os . but no one installed

  54. Hibar Jomantara September 16, 2015

    hey, thanks for share this info 🙂 i really appreciate it

  55. swayam September 18, 2015

    hey droid 4x is useless minecraft does notttt workkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Karyal September 19, 2015

    BlueStacks should not be considered #1. BluesSacks gave me lots of trouble, always freezing up and always taking 10-15 minutes to load and more. I defiantly know that it was not my computer because it was a brand new macbook BlueStacks stinks I advise no one to download it.

  57. Kaustav September 20, 2015

    Is there by any means I can emulate a SIM card in an android emulator?

    1. Chaitanya September 20, 2015

      Hi Kaustav yes you can it depends upon what’s the purpose behind emulating sim card, for making receiving calls and sms or for passing parameters

      1. Kaustav September 20, 2015

        Thanks for the fast reply! Passing parameters it is.

      2. Kaustav September 20, 2015

        For example, ICICI Pockets app is checking for the mobile number present in the SIM card. I can’t get past it. I tried “SIM Editor” app with Xposed Installer in Bluestacks & Andy. But, there seems to be problem loading the modules as it requires rebooting the device to load & it’s not possible with both Bluestacks & Andy.

        1. Chaitanya September 20, 2015

          Hi Kaustav, if xposed isn’t working properly there seems one option using Genymotion to try the verification else using donkey guard for the same 🙂

          1. Kaustav September 20, 2015

            Thanks! I’m working on them.

          2. Chaitanya September 20, 2015

            Ok Kaustav dp comment the result whether it worked or not..

          3. Kaustav September 21, 2015

            Yes, there seems to be an option in Genymotion Business edition. I think that should work. But, I can’t afford that at this moment. And Donkey Guard is not working since Xposed Installer is not working.

            However, I found a way to authenticate my number for ICICI Pockets using a simple hack. When ICICI Pockets fails to read the number from Android system, it tries to authenticate by sending an encrypted SMS. So, it actually generates a message & triggers the messaging app with write message option with the encrypted message written (stupid authentication system by ICICI really). Then I actually typed that message in my feature phone & send it to the shown number & bingo! It works! Well done ICICI bank!

            And lastly, thank you very much for bringing my notice to Genymotion. Really appreciate it! Thanks!

          4. Chaitanya September 21, 2015

            Hi Kaustav, you’re welcome. very happy that you solved the problem out bingo! That was very lame from icici, but nonetheless it helped the app to get working on the emulator. Well done and congratulations! 🙂

          5. Kaustav September 21, 2015

            Thanks! I was actually fooling eBay. eBay has suspended my account. So, to sell again I needed a new bank account for paying seller fees along with new IPs as my previous cards & A/Cs are blacklisted by eBay. So, this is a good way to start selling again without opening an account. Hope this will help somebody facing the same issues.

          6. Chaitanya September 21, 2015

            Yes that’s some real logical thinking from you Kaustav, a great workaround!! Thank you it will help me too for selling on eBay 🙂 thanks again!

          7. Kaustav September 23, 2015

            It seems like Genymotion does not yet support cell no. changing. This is what I got in reply from them:


            Thanks for your interest in Genymotion!

            For now, it is not possible to change the default phone No. stored in system. But we plan to provide this feature in the future!
            You’ll be notified as soon as Genymotion has this ability.

            Best regards,

            Genymotion Support Team

          8. Chaitanya September 23, 2015

            Oh It doesn’t has it by default..:( i was wondering using xposed installer on the it emulated a complete phone hence I thought manually rebooting the phone by using the inbuilt power key..

  58. Luke Russell September 21, 2015

    HHmm, The #1 FREE Android Emulator for PC isn’t actually FREE. Interesting.

  59. Luke Russell September 21, 2015

    Windroy is useless, I Installed the program and then was unable to install any apps. Just constantly received the message ‘this browser is no longer supported’. Uninstalled 5 minutes later.

  60. yahya September 25, 2015

    thumbs up for droid4x its supercool

  61. sanket September 28, 2015

    i am confused in all the app players but i will never take bluestacks because it is the worst android emulater i have ever used

    1. Chaitanya September 28, 2015

      Hi Sanket, would recommend you to go for droid4x

  62. văn phòng phẩm October 1, 2015

    with GenyMotion i can play all game in my laptop. SO cool . I dont worry about battery ^^

  63. Keiko Mattock-Smith October 3, 2015

    all of these are crap! i cant add my google account and cant access the play store! what the hell is the point of an android emulator if you cant use the fucking apps! waste of money spent on the internet to download these pieces of shit

    1. Chaitanya October 3, 2015

      Hello Keiko you can download play store apk and install it in droid4x emulator to use Google play

  64. MELSON October 4, 2015

    i got bluestacks. working fine. i also got the droid4x. worked magnificently.. until i tried and installed Andy. it ‘broke’ my Droid4x. now i’m trying to fix my Droid. if all else fails, i’ll just re install Droid4x from this site. i’m just sharing that installing droid4x and Andy isn’t the best decision and i recommend you guys avoid it if you are happy with droid4x. will try Windroy later.. thanks 🙂

    PS. thanks for this wonderful article(?) because i’ve been searching for android emulators for few weeks now and none were good. then i found this. tried droid and poof. its wonderful 🙂 easy to install, easy to use. very nice.

  65. gaurav dhakad October 5, 2015

    i got bluestack but it hang my system some time. Droid 4x is a useful app player for me.

  66. jonathan October 5, 2015

    this application is already download on my computer and

  67. Martin Rubenstein October 5, 2015

    I’m looking for an emulator that will pass live data from a usb connected device (engine management unit) into the app running in the emulator. DuOS cannot do this, and so far Bluestacks doesn’t seem capable of passing through usb data. Perhaps this just isn’t practicable?

    1. Chaitanya October 5, 2015

      Ji Martin, we have read that Genymotion does support USB, but we haven’t tested ourselves as it required a pro version for the said feature.

  68. annon October 14, 2015

    i tried to use my webcam on blue stacks, no luck, can anyone inform me if any are good with webcam

    1. raj October 15, 2015

      i my think camara app wll help u

  69. taxy October 16, 2015

    hie sanket i reccoment windroy its fast ,free and full screen display i use it here in Zimbabwe

  70. arredy October 25, 2015

    Hello. It’s impossible to go at Android with Bluestacks: he has a BIIIIIIIIG lag with Win10

  71. chung2music October 31, 2015

    Andy OS is horrible. I installed it and my PC was crashing and lagging left and right not to mention when I got the emu open it would not run and just get stuck at the loading screen.

    1. chung2music October 31, 2015

      Also Bluestack is a horrible app simulator. Loads of bugs, the apps closes by itself many times.

      1. Chaitanya October 31, 2015

        Hello Chung2music, we are very sorry for the issues faced by you :(, did droid4x worked for you?.. Well now bluestacks as you rightly said isn’t of much use anymore.. But on some non graphic card pcs Andy does work good.

  72. kau November 9, 2015

    bluestacks is the bestest best

    1. TailsThe Fox November 14, 2015

      Bluestacks sucks. And so does YouWave,Andyroid,And Jelly Bean.

  73. vaibh November 9, 2015

    andi is the worstest app player

  74. DHANRAJ / ABHISHEK November 18, 2015


    1. Chaitanya November 18, 2015

      Hello Dhanraj, well we would advise you to shift to free alternatives mentioned in the article. No need of paying for any of those emulators.

  75. bruce November 25, 2015

    it wont open some of my files

  76. Michael November 26, 2015

    I just downloaded Bluestacks on my PC, it works as expected. Thanks Chaitanya!

  77. Bhavin December 4, 2015

    Droid4x is downloaded well but it consumes lots of time to install it please update it and make it faster

  78. weaktech December 13, 2015

    where is number 7 ?????

  79. VCuts December 17, 2015

    I have tried most of the android emulators shown, as I have a new Windows 10 Pro computer 32 GB Ram, 1.5TB disk, AMD 6-core processor and I still can’t get Jurassic World (Updated version) to run on it. I also have a win7 laptop with bluestacks and that works fine with the updated version of Jurassic World. My android tablet just baulked at the update and now refuses to load the game as it’s now too big. Bit concerned when win7 is no longer supported though. Has anyone got any ideas as I’m out of them.

    1. Chaitanya December 17, 2015

      Hi Vcuts, well you can play thr game on win7 if it’s working fine.. And to run the game on Windows 10, I would l recommend you to first upgrade the graphics drivers and then install droid4x emulator. Then we could proceed to installing jurassic Park on the droid4x emulator.

  80. mranjithkumar December 18, 2015

    Hi.. I am from India. I installed bluestacks in my laptop and have never used it much. Today I just opened it and got a notification to pay $2 or install 3 apps. Obviously I neither want to pay nor install some stupid apps.

    Upon searching for Android Emulators, I stumbled upon this page. Nice info all over. I think I only have Droid4X as an option. My only requirement for an emulator is for WhatsApp. Maybe I will try 3rd party twitter apps later.

    Kindly tell me if any other emulator other than Droid4X is better for my above mentioned requirement.

    Many thanks for the article and also to all those who’ve shared their emulator experiences.

    1. Chaitanya December 18, 2015

      Hi Ranjith, if you simply need it for what’s app you can even use Andy emulator.

  81. Rajesh January 13, 2016

    can u send me simple code for login page in Android

  82. meenaloshini January 23, 2016

    bluestacks was working gud in windows 7 but in windows 8 it is waste
    and i want whatsapp only

  83. Phoebe January 25, 2016

    Nox App Player has surpassed all the above. It’s a free full-feature android emulator which could run multiple android instances on Windows PC. It’s also very light and fast. BTW, it emulates Android 4.4.2 kitkat. I think the editors should do a feature review of it. Their website here:

  84. A Vistor January 26, 2016

    Do not get Bluestacks 2. I was using Bluestack 2 (V 46.0) on Windows 8.1. I was disappointed that i could only play my favorites apps a couple of times before i either had to pay $2 (USA) or try the rest of the apps out there.

    Andy runs super slow on my Windows 8.1 Comp. I am looking into Droid4X [V 0.8.7 Beta]

    [Oh and do not replies, chances of me coming back are none]

  85. Chaitanya January 26, 2016

    Hi Really Sorry, for the problem faced while using Bluestacks but it still sort of has a freemium model so we didn’t remove it.. Will try to get a better alternative for you 🙂 , Sincere apologies 🙁

  86. sandeep January 31, 2016

    I love Ami-duos its really faaast, full support , perfect for gaming , customizable.

  87. Vassilis Riganias February 2, 2016

    hi i want to unistall andy but i unistall first VMware and now i cant unistall it…what should i do to get rid of this programme???

  88. divyanshu February 12, 2016

    none of the emulators is working can anyone suggest me any other emulator

    1. Chaitanya February 12, 2016

      Hello Divyanshu, well droid4x 4x should work or atleast Andy too.. Could you give us your pc specifications?

  89. steviebhoy1975steviebhoy February 16, 2016

    Try Nox app player and amiduos there the best I have came across so far!

  90. sam2004 February 19, 2016

    droid 4x does not work after i download it and open it i comes “application deleted” in my pc. what should i do????

    1. Chaitanya February 19, 2016

      Hi Sam, please disable any anti virus software which may be installed on your system and then try installing droid4x 🙂

  91. brad February 22, 2016

    driod4x wont install on windows 7 stops at61%

  92. Kris February 24, 2016

    Are there android emulators that support bluetooth (smart) communication?

    1. Atul June 14, 2016

      Guess there are none?

  93. Chala February 25, 2016

    My PC have brightness problem befor, then I try one of your product to adjest then I have got the best.
    Thank you a lot!

    1. Chaitanya February 28, 2016

      You’re welcome Chala, glad that it helped you 🙂

  94. Raj February 28, 2016

    how to control games by keyboard in emulators???

  95. Khuzi March 4, 2016

    I’ve a ram of 1gb, when I installed bluestack, it didn’t run because of low memory. Is there any software that runs on 1gb? I just want to play coc anyway !

  96. Phillip DeVilla March 6, 2016

    I’d like to play clash of clans, andy 0S 0.44 is what I want..

  97. Phillip DeVilla March 6, 2016

    this emulator is 414MB I cant wait to play It…yehhh😂

  98. alexandria March 10, 2016

    BigNox is the best eva Android Emulator

  99. mujoo March 15, 2016

    i want to replace my windos 7 to android os is it possible ??????

  100. prajwal March 16, 2016

    droid4x is taking too much time to install

  101. J /\ N /\ March 29, 2016

    Is there any alternative/options for Android Emulators.. like compared to emulators it could be much better and faster…

    Any input…?

  102. World Boss1 March 30, 2016

    my advise to u is don’t use bluestacks it crashes your computer and it don’t work good

  103. Yashu April 2, 2016

    Which one will run on ubuntu

  104. Alur Lyrx April 4, 2016

    I’ve used Bluestacks on two PCs for over a year with no problems. In the U.S. it’s free if you agree to some app downloads. This past January, I took advantage of a discount offer and paid for the subscription. It’s worth $10 a year at most. If I had to pay more, I would choose another emulator.

  105. yameen April 9, 2016

    How can I use the droid4X I don’t knw how to use plzz help me

  106. Raj April 13, 2016

    Anybody can tell me in which emulator i can use Xender

  107. Aditya Gupta April 22, 2016

    Bluestacks is not so good but Droid4X is the best of all emulators I’ve ever used !
    Droid4X supports keyboard gaming.
    I will prefer to Droid4X !

  108. kenneth April 30, 2016

    i installed droid4x but its wasting my NET PACK, TAKING MORE TIME TO GET INSTALLED

  109. Marolloand May 7, 2016

    the real free is no pay per
    month . also u can change the ram n model phone compatibility for newest app

  110. sourav May 8, 2016

    droid is best

  111. ahmed May 10, 2016

    thank you guys

  112. nico May 17, 2016

    Latest Bluestacks works 100% correctly, no issues and its free

  113. hardhik May 18, 2016

    Does these emulators work on windows phone too?

  114. divya May 20, 2016

    hii friends,i think ,i will downloaded any android emulator in this this time,if t use whatsapp in this 7 emulators.pplzzzzz suggest me frnds be fastlyyy.

  115. Tristan May 23, 2016

    Why not memu app player? I switch to use it from bluestacks, as it says, way better than bluestacks… lightweight and powerful, I highly suggest you to add it into your review list. Thanks!

  116. shankar June 2, 2016


  117. Fashion Trend Terbaru June 3, 2016

    Great i was tested it and very faster on my computer

  118. Nell June 9, 2016

    Thanks mate ! It was really helpful . 🙂

  119. mahesh June 10, 2016


  120. abcdefgh June 10, 2016

    Hey guyz is there any of the simulators which requires space less than a gb or so coz i have some serious space problem to deal with so if there are any please tell me

    1. Chaitanya June 12, 2016

      Try using Droid4x it will work 🙂

  121. Dameon Huber June 11, 2016

    Tried all 7, none worked.

  122. Ankit Singh June 11, 2016


  123. shadowshadow1 June 22, 2016

    Droid 4x I dont trust and dont recommend as safe.

  124. I2C June 24, 2016

    Try BlueStack 2…

  125. raj June 28, 2016

    andy works alot

  126. grime reaper July 2, 2016

    xamarin player is it good for playing clash of clans please tell me ok

    1. I2C September 18, 2017

      Nox App Player, you can try this android emulator

  127. mINip July 5, 2016

    guys can u tell me which emulator is best for windows 8.1..because i already installed bluestack and andy both are crashed…cant play any game on it so guys help me…or recommed any bother app 🙁

  128. ritika July 10, 2016

    this app was not downloding in my pc so now how can i download or install this ???????????

  129. JustSaying July 14, 2016

    Leapdroid is awesome, doesn’t support things that uses contacts though, like whatsapp.

    1. Rae July 25, 2016

      So far so good, thanks 🙂

    2. kartik February 4, 2018

      thank you

  130. gracci0306 July 31, 2016

    hi! im having hard time installing Android Pc Emulator (Memu,Nox,Driod4x etc) on my is my system
    2Gb,64bit operating system,processor 2,HD 450,monitor resolution 1366×768,display adapter AMD Radeon HD6370m,any comments are welcome Thanks 😀

    1. Asjad Ullah August 2, 2016

      Hi, Have you tried MEmu. I am using it and it is the best android emulator.
      I tried all of these emulators but in my opinion MEmu is the best.
      I palyed “Gangstar Vegas” on all of these emulators and no one is giving perfect graphics except “MEmu” It is lightweight and giving me perfect gaming experience.

      1. john October 9, 2016

        hey MEmu is good

  131. gracci0306 July 31, 2016

    on windows 7 home premium

  132. ekam kaur August 20, 2016

    useful article thankssss

  133. syedtaqi September 1, 2016

    does the android emulator slows the pc or it is gud

  134. Surya Kamarajugadda September 12, 2016

    when i am going to run the ble stacks its creating a dialogue box that {blue stacks needs 2gb physical memory}

    what i have to do
    my pc is windows 7

  135. Josh September 23, 2016

    Droid4X can do Copying and Pasting?

  136. vasu October 9, 2016

    Bluestacks is not good

  137. sabeena October 13, 2016

    does youwave support whatsapp messanger???

  138. bhhalu October 20, 2016

    Windroy fake app

  139. Jyotirmoy October 21, 2016

    which is the best one from the above list guys ? Is Xmarin good for windows 7 ?

    1. Chaitanya October 21, 2016

      Hi Jyotirmoy, will recommend you to go for droid 4x or bluestacks.

      1. I2C September 18, 2017

        you can try also Nox App Player

  140. Wiki November 6, 2016

    Great blog. I am using it first time. I really like it. Now I can control every thing from my PC. Thanks

  141. Guy November 21, 2016

    This bluestacks is a stupid app player just showing the welcome page. I have installed it my dad but it is not working a stupid app player please do not download it. I had wasted my data by download in this app player. It’s about 300 MB and it is of no use.

  142. Huy Nguyen November 26, 2016
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ very swift emulator $$$$$$$$$

  143. gorgeous December 1, 2016

    hi isha . can u give your suggestion on which emulator runs the fastest speed and doesnt lag ?

  144. captain america December 3, 2016

    bluestacks is not good it has many problemes for graphics ,games dont donwload

    1. Peppermint December 19, 2016

      Agreed. Bluestacks not only took forever to download, it also constipated my laptop, things started freezing up before I got the chance to use Bluestacks. Eventually, after restarting the machine twice, I was finally able to uninstall it.

  145. Some Guy from Estonia December 6, 2016

    Tried all named above. Basicly none of them worked or had older android version.
    I would really recommend MeMu android emulator. Runs on android 5.1(lollipop)
    Doesn’t eat RAM, is fast and does not crash randomly.

    Have a try 😉

  146. ck December 9, 2016

    i have win 10 2gb ram or 2gbgrapihics any emu work on my pc

  147. Abu December 12, 2016

    i like it i am so thank to you.

  148. rishabh December 23, 2016

    i want free emulator except bluestacks

  149. Nox is a useless piece of shit December 25, 2016

    Our shitty product needs to reboot for some reasons.

  150. Deepak PK December 28, 2016

    or you can use remix os for running android apps on pc. you can easily dual boot it with ubuntu without making any partitions. check out this tutorial –

  151. FullApkZ December 30, 2016

    My PC only can run Bluestack …
    some other emulator cause stuck at loading. Low End VGA Card

    You can download any game android from : DOWNLOAD GAME ANDROID APK

  152. fun788 January 1, 2017

    Runs on android 5.1(lollipop)
    Doesn’t eat RAM, is fast and does not crash randomly.

  153. Suraj Sharma January 1, 2017

    Please tell me how I install android apps in my Lumia 540 window 10

  154. Adrian January 9, 2017

    Hi, I’ve been using Bluestacks for a while and it works pretty well on my PC. If you are having problems with it, there I another free option, KoPlayer. I found this direct link
    I will download and try other options like Leapdroid that I think is new. I’ll give it a try and compare, I’ll let you know about it.

  155. Vladimir January 12, 2017

    Nox is the best app ever :), easy to use!

  156. orient January 18, 2017

    I M using dell inspiron 15.2000 series laptop windows 8.1 after complete the downloading process it showing not supported .

  157. rahman January 19, 2017

    how to use emulator in 1gb ram laptop

  158. Sarthak patel January 21, 2017

    Thanks for sharing …

    I had installed Bluestacks but it had increased loading time of pc.I had used this tutorial to install available on web.

    Is there any solution to decrease loading time ?


  159. Rob K. January 28, 2017

    “Windroy doesnt require any external Virtualbox support like bluestacks, also its quite light-weight and handy to use!.”
    Do you mean “Windroy doesnt require any external Virtualbox support. Like bluestacks, also its quite light-weight and handy to use!”
    Rob K.

    1. Chaitanya January 28, 2017

      Yes, I meant “Windroy doesn’t require any external Virtualbox support. Like bluestacks, also its quite light-weight and handy to use!” thanks for pointing it out, I have edited it inside the article 🙂

  160. Akash February 2, 2017

    bluestacks crashes in every 2 seconds so i can not play the clah of what can i do?

  161. Nitesh yadav February 18, 2017

    any of 7 is not working nicely and i don’n like them and it is very slower app

  162. Ankith February 19, 2017

    nix app player is the best if you’ll download it U will just love it

  163. amitanto94 February 21, 2017

    House rent website House rent website

  164. Hades The Pyro March 2, 2017

    I think Droid X4 was either taken or both edge and chrome don’t like the link. which is sad because I genuinely liked using it. damn my habit of deleting the installers

  165. umair sajid March 5, 2017

    my bluestack still loading not opening any help friends?

  166. umair sajid March 5, 2017

    my nox loads upto 99% and error screen appears help me friends

  167. brazilbumbum March 18, 2017

    Used a rooted version of BlueStacks and it was ok. A bit slow. Used Genny and it was ok. I could copy and paste with that. That was very cool. It did crash. MEmu is good so far.
    Hope this helps.

  168. HpG March 24, 2017

    Can someone pls recommand an android emulator for whatsapp. i just need it for whatsapp not for games.

  169. jumpingmullett March 26, 2017

    leapdroid is no longer able to be downloaded.. all earlier versions have been taken offline by developers.

  170. ams March 27, 2017

    Koplayer is imposible to uninstall.

  171. EDNA April 1, 2017

    everyone is saying that droid 4x was the best i just want to play games from play store i had blue stackes and it had a lot of problems at the end it froze on log in anyway i want a better one i have a hp lap top windows 10 im trying to download droid4x its taking forever all day yesterday up to 48% when i went to bed when i got up this morning i thought ok i can try this its at 61% and hasnt moved what do i do or do i try 1 of the others above or something else i like to play hay day i was on level 80 lost it then i started over i was back on i dont no 20 when everything started i like zoo land to help me someone

  172. MUKESH MAJUMDER April 3, 2017

    Android eliminator is a nice app for cracking an android app. Thanks for sharing it,
    Keep sharing.

  173. Avijit Raj April 15, 2017

    Hello Everybody, I have Dell Inspiron 3543 and my internet speed is very slow. But, I want to download a Android Emulator for my laptop to use android applications. Please guide me.

  174. Amit Patel April 15, 2017

    This was an extremely wonderful post about android emulators for PC. I loved your content and writing skills.Truly appreciate you for this ..

  175. adnan April 26, 2017

    which emulatore is best

  176. sagar bist May 9, 2017

    plz everyone don’t download NOX it is fake because it takes a lot of time to download and after downloading it won’t work at all

  177. Ekansh Mudgal May 9, 2017

    hey can anyone tell me.
    Is the xeplayer supports on my pc and works correctly
    My pc name is lenove r61
    ram is 2gb 32bit os

  178. pm siddique May 15, 2017

    hello guys
    can any one help me in fixing black screen and ip issues with genemotion

  179. paras raju May 15, 2017

    best emulator is andy

  180. Gaurav Saxena May 15, 2017

    What about installing PPSSPP in PC like windows. i came across this post which shows Top 10 PPSSPP Games for Android and Windows but it ppsspp hangs on logo in my laptop. What to do?

  181. Smith Watson May 25, 2017

    Really wonderful android emulators you share here for Pc.
    Thank you so much .

  182. sanlaxi June 3, 2017

    These all are amazing thanks for sharing

  183. san June 3, 2017

    Awesome all are

  184. Allen Tompkins June 9, 2017

    nox sucks laggy buggy freezes and shuts down

  185. Aayush Thakur June 11, 2017

    nox player works only first 2 or 3 times and then does not work

  186. MartiKL June 12, 2017

    Thank you Top 7 Free Android Emulators for PC – Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 | Run Android apps on Computer PC / Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10.
    Nox App Player – Android Emulator is the best emulator in the world

  187. ope June 21, 2017

    tell me which one to download for my 2gb ram system

    1. I2C September 18, 2017

      Nox App Player

  188. SSG Clan6 June 23, 2017


  189. Pramod Kumar June 24, 2017

    I’m currently using KO player but it doesn’t support all the games. I have also tried Andyroid but KO player runs so smooth than others player.

  190. Allotey Daniel June 26, 2017

    just wasted almost 500mb downloading Any player.NOT WORKING!

  191. Lin June 26, 2017

    XePlayer Android Emulator really have good support for gamers.

  192. Ramesh khan June 30, 2017

    Whether I can use this emulator for Alienware laptops.

  193. I got da powah bioch July 3, 2017

    Nox is best!!

  194. Dheeraj Singh July 5, 2017


    Really Amazing Article!!!

    Till Now I was using Bluestacks, but it really sucks and it’s very laggy. I have read this Article & I am glad to say that now I am using the Best Android Emulator without any lag…

  195. Bitu July 6, 2017

    i want bluestacks for windows xp service pack 2 plz help

  196. Amit ahuja July 9, 2017

    tell me which one to download for my 2gb ram system

    1. Gary Lin July 15, 2017

      Xeplayer android emulator may be worked for you.

  197. Rod July 17, 2017

    I very much appreciate that TechApple allowed a comments section to this article page: because of this, I was able to read how dodgy, sketchy, and otherwise ‘unwise’ it would be to use an Android Emulator just before actually installing one, considering that I already have a bevvy of Android devices and are just tired of dealing with their dodgy wi-fi connectivity issues compared to my laptops. Figuring what I will do now is just favour the actual Android devices, and if they lose connection (they always do) then I won’t break my head over it (my goal was really just to participate in Google Opinion Rewards and to check my voicemail in a free-phone app anyway). For those of you who are putting your $500+ computers in jeopardy installing this crap, used Android phones on Kijiji start at around $40…wouldn’t you think that would make more sense? From the sound of the majority of these emulators, they are either subscription-based or are otherwise bundled with malware…I don’t need that headache in my life thank you. But thanks for the article TechApple : )

  198. harshul July 26, 2017


  199. Tony Coleby (@TonyColeby) August 9, 2017

    Was about to install NoxApp Player then noticed it had agreed me to the T&Cs without offering to let me read them (naughty!). Here’s what they say:

    Basically: we can do what we want with your data, if you don’t like, don’t use it and in fact we might not LET you use it. NO THANKS.

    I’ve used BlueStacks before so will go with the new version of that. Thanks for the round-up though.

    1. Tony Coleby (@TonyColeby) August 9, 2017

      Furthermore (sorry can’t edit previous post). Bluestacks now has a similar license saying we will send you spam etc. (and any friends’ data we find) but is at least honest about it and has a link to it and doesn’t scroll the box too fast to read like NoxApp Player.

      I know this software is free in dollar cost but make sure you’re aware of what you’re actually paying in privacy and possible hassles before installing.

  200. Brazilian Guy August 19, 2017

    I need a emulator for simulate a Samsung Tab,Anyone know some or how to configure to simulate this Tablet, please tell me

  201. Richard August 26, 2017

    Tried a few emulators and so far all have trouble handling Candy Valley. Bluestacks just wouldnt allow me to open the game, Leapdroid worked beautifully for the first 1500 screens and now wont allow the game to run and KOPlayer will not allow the watching of adverts as when the button is clicked then the game crashes.
    Still looking for one that works correctly.

    1. Richard August 26, 2017

      Nox tries to start the game but hangs

  202. Shafras @AllTechriders August 28, 2017

    Very informative article. Easy to read
    Thank You

  203. Jacob Roy September 2, 2017

    Good Android emulators you publish here. Blue stack is my favourite Emulator Because i use it.I’m going to try On other emulators.Will keep this in mind!Thank you .

  204. mohamed meawad September 3, 2017

    i need whatsh program good becouse i,m used all programs no work.thank you

  205. toolsforpc September 11, 2017

    I actually use BlueStacks and Nox in my PC and they work pretty well. Thanks for sharing. You can check more apps for pc at

  206. Sei Chele September 12, 2017

    support Intel G33/G31 Chipset Family???

  207. Sei Chele September 12, 2017

    Help me Please

  208. websitecreationusa.Com September 22, 2017

    Nice Informative Article. Great to Read.

  209. September 22, 2017

    Great Article to read.


  210. tech September 25, 2017

    android emulators now taking place for smat device, many people don’t want to use them while in office or other workign desks. to the only solution is emulators. i made a list with my own experince have a look at

  211. kiroerror October 13, 2017

    7 Best Android Emulators For Windows You Can Use

  212. Brandon November 1, 2017

    Hi there.

    It’s nice to see Droid4X included on a list of best Android emulators for PC. I think it’s pretty underrated for it’s ease of use and performance. Another emulator that continues to improve is MEmu. I use this occasionally along with Nox App Player. A while ago I tested 8 Android emulators in benchmark scores, and the results were pretty interesting. Nox and Bluestacks generally did the best, but Remix OS achieved a high score in CPU multitasking.
    Check it out when you have time.


  213. Richard Ward November 10, 2017

    It’s actually a great and useful piece of information.I also use Bluestacks emulator on my PC.Now we can run android apps on our PC.You explained very well about all emulators.Thanks for sharing this post and we will try to keep touch with your site.

  214. A.K Rifat November 15, 2017

    “Hello, Chaitanya
    Just loved your article. It was full of necessary information about the best android emulator. I have such article on my blog. Wish you review my article and give a feedback. Aspiring for your positive reply.
    Here is the link:


  215. SoftCroco November 16, 2017

    Among all of these Emulators, I think Bluestaks is the best choice.

  216. younis December 11, 2017

    komplayer is very very nice

  217. younis December 11, 2017

    komplayer….v …n

  218. rolgamer December 20, 2017

    I use Leapdroid it’s the best, i can play any apps in it very smoothly

  219. smith January 26, 2018

    how do i use andriod apk on pc

  220. sharozhussain February 17, 2018

    thank you

  221. Rajendra Singh February 24, 2018

    thank you

  222. Droid4x March 1, 2018

    For gaming purpose droid4x emulator is best one

  223. Arslan Saleem March 5, 2018

    I think BlueStacks 3 is best choice among all emulators out there.

  224. Bharath March 20, 2018

    If you wan to get droid4x installer then download form this website

  225. the king March 20, 2018

    bluestacks IS and ALWAYS will be trash to anyone that wants to work fast…its too prcessor dependent

  226. AndroidFan2928 March 22, 2018

    I was looking for emulators that RUN on Android, and I see these dumb results on DuckDuckGo or Google about emulators that EMULATE Android itself!!

  227. Kishan March 26, 2018

    Great article really loved it but can you please suggest which emulators would be the best for 4GB of ram.

  228. pardon March 28, 2018

    how about if my p.c has a 2gb ram ,which one is safer, all i need is whatsapp

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