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Switch Ads Review & Analysis – Don’t compromise AdSense for this!


I am constantly looking for ways to ensure optimizing the earningsĀ of my blog , and hence i am unafraid of trying new Ads networks/ Ads positions . Recently, a CPM Ad-network – Switch Ads invited me to try their Ad network , and after trying them for about 2 months, here’s my detailed review and analysis of the same –

Switch Ads Review

Recommended – No!

Detailed Review and Analysis –

First of all, the Switch Ads executive contacted me to place ads on my site, hence the application review and approval took almost no time, and i was able to run Switch Ads on TechApple in no time!. The Switch Ads marketing executives are very clever, they will show you that the Switch Ads will run simultaneously (rather alternatively) and will serve ads only when Switch Ads are able to beat the existing CPM/RPM set in the dashboard! but that itself is the main catch Let me explain –

Switch Ads will only serve Ads for High-Quality traffic / or the traffic which has greater CPC , thus what Switch Ads will do is deprive you of the High Costs clicks and revenue and replace it with its lower quality CPM Ads . Thus, depriving you of the Higher Quality clicks as well as the also the extra revenue which you would have normally earned with those clicks ! šŸ™ Ā Also, Google AdSense too pays the money for Ads Impressions coming from higher quality traffic, so the offerings offered by Switch Ads are not unique either šŸ™ . I had applied Switch Ads on a Widget at TechApple and here are the earnings comparisons –

Adsense earnings reduction – SwitchAds enabled

Thus, as you can see my earlier earnings were quite high before applying Switch Ads, running Switch Ads not only did cost me direct 20$ reduction in revenue in AdsenseĀ but also the earnings of the Switch Ads for the same period were mereĀ 5$ .

AdSense earnings increased – Switch Ads disabled

To support my observations, i removed Switch Ads and again saw the increase in my AdSense revenue as shown –

Thus, its not at all a good deal from the experiences I had – Afterall its not at all worthy replacingĀ 20$ for 5$Ā isn’t it ?


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