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Free Instant Rs.30 Recharge with Vee App! Get Rs.20 for Each Referral!


The Free Recharge bonanza simply doesn’t seem to end on TechApple! as after Apps which give Free Recharges on Installing apps, we brought another unique – TimesCity app which gives instant Rs.50 Recharge simply on signing up! and a Rs.100 Pizza-hut coupon every 2 referrals! After TimesCity , we bring here yet another Exclusive app – Vee which gives Rs.30 Recharge instantly on sign-up and install! also Rs.20 Recharge for each referral! 

Update – Now instead of Rs.20 you’ll be given Rs.20 Vee coins, which again can be redeemed for Free Recharge, Book My Show vouchers at the rate 1 Vee coin = 1 Rupee

So before i go onto the features of Vee app and Recharge trick , i  would like you to download the app in the meantime as you will be ready to redeem your first 10.Rs Recharge + Rs.20 bonus by the time you finish reading this article :)

Click here to download the Vee App!

Method to get your First Rs.10 Recharge

  • Download the app from the above link , Login with your Facebook account! Don’t worry its completely safe , and the app will never ever post anything on your behalf!
  • That’s it after successful log-in you will get a confirmation notification with your first Rs.10 recharge code which can be redeemed on FreeCharge!
  • If you don’t get the notification even after 5 minutes of opening the app , Go to its Menu (From top-left corner) and click on “Refer and Earn” and click on “redeem” you’ll surely get your code now!

Method to get Rs.20 Bonus on Sign-Up

  • In the refer and earn menu , enter the code “ktvtiek” into the box besides “earn” and click on Earn ! (Check the next image for details! )
  • Voila! you’ll be Credited Additional Rs.20 Code!
  • You can also share your personal share code to invite your friends to Get Rs.20 Recharge on each referral and Rs.5 on each indirect referral!
  • So,what are you waiting for you can earn Recharges! and ya see the profiles of eligible singles in your locality! who knows if someone likes your profile :) and gets hooked up ;) Yeah, that’s what the Vee app is meant for – To find and meet interesting peoples!

Hurry Up!  Free Recharge offer is valid only till 30th November!


  1. Diptesh Kumar Bhakat November 21, 2014

    Really nice article and I got Rs 500/- recharge from these applications.and thank u for sharing. 🙂

  2. Deepak Kumar November 22, 2014

    not working…… it’s displaying error.. expired….

  3. Fkr November 26, 2014

    It sucks…Its a nice way to fool peoples around. it does not works at all it just takes us round and round in Circles..
    Really worst App i come across.

    1. Chaitanya November 26, 2014

      They have stopped giving the recharge as of 20th November 🙁 , hence we removed its link from the main recharge article ..

  4. jishnu December 2, 2014

    dude, i gave you a 20 just now. how much did u earn up till now?

  5. PRAKASH December 3, 2014


  6. harshita December 8, 2014

    Discover eligible singles around you with Vee app. http://goo.gl/uj4QBN. Add my referral code hpzusng and we both earn Jabong Coupons!

  7. pratik January 6, 2015

    Hi. I am earning real Rupee everyday with an amazing app – RupeeHunt. Come and join me now!
    Click here to download:

  8. chaudhari yogesh April 5, 2015

    I have earn talk time code.BT how it is used frndssss.
    Help me plzzzz

  9. chaudhari yogesh April 5, 2015

    I have earn talk time code.BT how it is used frndssss.
    Help me plzzzz

    Notify plzzz

  10. gmail shaikh June 18, 2016

    This is nothing but a fake

  11. simi August 2, 2016

    Hello all friends ,,,I am simi rawat sharing with u this post for free and easy money lovers…
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    STEP 2–click to the sign up

    STEP3–sign up with any fb id u use
    STEP4 –enter promo code EI04926 in promo code box ,,,u will get half dollar sign up bonus ,,,promo code is necessary to get half dollar bonus,,,and after putting this code u will also get a new promo code ,,,which u can share with ur friends for same.
    STEP5–U will see 0.50$ in right side of ur screen ,,,means u are ready to maake free money…
    STEP6 –How u will get money ,,,u will get money through paypal cash ,,,,amazon gift card,,,fb gift card ,,,xbox gift card and many more,,,
    STEP7– enjoy free money and gift cards ,,,happy free earning,,,go and use app now,,make money and thanks me later ,,,,,,,,for any question message me on fb.

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