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How I earned Rs.9000 (9K) Balance on my Cellphone! for FREE :) | Personal Experience


This article is a Special one for me by many ways!. First of all its the 100th post of TechApple Blog, and the second one today i reached Rs.9000+ (9K+) Balance on my cellphone that too for free!! :). I was inspired to write an article on this Personal Experience by my buddy Rahul Deshmane (Admin of CodingDevil.com) so a big thanks to him! for giving me this Idea so that all can benefit :)

So,let’s check out how i earned this much of balance for free! Let me show you My Mobile Account Screenshot –

As you see here currently its Rs.9006.97 :) and let me tell , that its not photoshopped, its totally real :) . Now, let me tell you how i went about getting this much of balance in following Steps –

  1. Step 1 : Referring Friends for Earning Free Recharge – There are lots of Services which offer Free Recharges just For referring Friends – And I started with the same scenario and its quite effective too! for e.g – Mcent itself gave me Rs.6000  for Referring 300 Friends :) . To know about Mcent and other services which can be used on Any Phone (Non-Android too) to get free recharges , Visit this Article .
  2. Step 2 : Installing Apps on Android Phones / PC Android Emulators – As i started getting money/recharges from referring, i started looking for More options to get Free Recharge and found that too is easy – Some apps, were giving money/recharges simply to install Android Apps through them! :) .  all we have to do is install any of these apps and open them and install the listed apps denoted in the user-interface to earn the amount :) , and amount will be credited ! But these can be used only on Android phones but PC users can use any Android emulator (e.x Bluestacks) to install and earn through the earning apps. I am also a non-android phone (You can check the Screenshot) :P and all amount I have earned is through Bluestacks!.
    The Best 10 of Such Earning apps can be found here!

And that’s it :) I simply did the above two steps and earned this amount! :) . Hope this article will be useful for everyone :)  , and Ya, A Big-Big Thank you for Being with TechApple!!  You users are our power! and we hope to serve you in the future as well :)
If you have any suggestions for Improvement of our blog! Please Comment and let us Know!


  1. Umesh Toke September 17, 2014

    Looks Like 9K is just the start who knows you may cross 20K on your cellphone…….Hats off to you man

    1. Chaitanya September 17, 2014

      Thanks a lot Umesh 🙂
      Wish i can cross 20K on my cellphone 😛 but also, i should be able to spend it! 😉
      Thank you once again!
      All the Best for Coding Devil 🙂

  2. Diptesh Kumar Bhakat October 29, 2014

    thank u for sharing this..

    1. Chaitanya October 29, 2014

      My pleasure Diptesh 🙂 I thought this might be helpful to people hence shared it 🙂

      1. Solomon Isabella October 1, 2016

        Please put the link for unlimited on iPhone

  3. navy saini November 19, 2014

    Talktime earning app not working on emulators

    1. Chaitanya November 19, 2014

      Bro, Pocket Money, Free Plus and Mcent do work on emulators 🙂

      1. vishals December 26, 2014

        what is emulator..can u tell in detail

  4. Solomon Isabella October 1, 2016

    Please can you put the link to download unlimited for iPhone?


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