Bing Rewards India – get Free Rs.100 Recharge each Month for searching on Bing!


The amount of recharge which can be earned by using Free Recharge giving apps is reducing, but rejoice! not anymore now you can easily earn Rs.100 recharge per month without downloading any apps whatsoever by Bing. Bing is a search engine just like Google , which can be used to search stuffs on the Internet. Bing… [Read More]

3 Free Apps to take Animated GIF Screenshots on Windows 7/8.1/10 | Capture Moving Screenshots


GIFs are back again! Their ability of being able to animate like videos & to be less in size like normal static photos always make them useful for conveying information, plus their ability to loop-continuously makes them even more usable for tutorials. Basically, Windows Operating Systems capture screenshots in normal image (jpg/png) format, and there… [Read More]

How to Add/Set Facebook Profile Picture as Video or GIF on Facebook App | PC Version / Website Method coming soon!


Recently,  Facebook announced an update which will let you upload or set short videos or GIF Images as Profile Pictures or we can say Profile Videos. It announced this update along with other major new features such as ability to set temporary profile pictures (which expire after a certain period) , Also allowing users to… [Read More]

How to- Disable Facebook AutoPlay of Videos on PC & App Site [Disable AutoPlay on Facebook App / Website]


Recently, Facebook has started autoplaying Videos & GIFs without user content in its news feed which is a bit odd, considering your feed suddenly stops playing videos resulting in distractions. Not only does the facebook autoplay distracts from the news feed, but it also consumes your Data/bandwidth which is precious. But to our choice, We… [Read More]