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Torrents VPN – The Safest Way to Download Torrents!


Have you ever been called by ISP for using illegal websites? Probably, not, if you didn’t use them in your life. But if you want to attend torrents websites without any protection, one day you will receive this call. Sanctions vary from turning off the Internet to administrative fines but you can avoid it all by using a reliable VPN for torrents.

Does Torrents VPN differ from usual one?

Although downloading appears one of the simplest tasks VPN provides, not every VPN can do that perfectly. It should be fast, have no logging policy and have servers operating both in user’s country and in a country where there is no strict no-downloading policy. Although all the most popular VPNs can satisfy these requirements, bestvpnrating.com lists 5 services, not only fitting them but having special features for safe downloading:

  1. ExpressVPN, one of the best providers when it comes to speed, website usability, and privacy protection with no logs policy. This provider has servers in various countries and provides support for all possible devices (so safe downloading with tablet is still possible);
  2. NordVPN, Panama-based service which is out of control for any censure and government spying agencies. It’s speed is enough for P2P sharing and its built-in kill switch enables you to work even with torrents, which use geo-filtering;
  3. BufferedVPN, the provider, for whom security is of the highest priority. Incorporating the latest encryption technologies, this service provides the greatest level of protection for files sharing. It also enables using VPN simultaneously on 5 devices;
  4. PureVPN, Although access to files is open through the split channel rather than a common one, this service incorporates NAT firewall protecting from unnecessary packets of traffic and remains one of the most professional among World providers;
  5. Hide My Ass incorporates the most relevant encrypting mechanisms and has no logging policy, so it remains one of the best providers, which are worth relying on.

Do I need to use only them?

Although these 5 services are chosen because of their special features for safe downloading with torrents, they are not the must. You can still find more affordable service and result only in a little loss of speed. If you want to use VPN only for downloading 5 songs per month, you don’t need really complicated providers with high capacity. What you really need to pay attention to is does anybody else has an access to your online activities.

If you have any doubts about any VPN you want to try, read clients’ reviews first and then download the free trial version. Don’t be afraid of a free cheese, everybody understands that it is only for trial purposes. Your task is to use this monthly period to try its capacity using all possible tasks you may need to do. If you are satisfied then you will not refuse to pay for such level of protection.

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