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Combin: The Best Instagram Marketing Tool


Instagram is a great platform not just to showcase your talents, but also to promote your business or brand. International celebrities and startups have built up a major fan base and gained even more fame through this social networking service owned by Facebook. If you’re considering using an Instagram brand marketing tool to effectively build a reputation for your account, you will want to use a tool that promises quality and not just quantity. You want to attract genuine interest and build an active, supportive community organically, without breaching the app’s laws or limitations. One that does instagram marketing tool for you safely is Combin. It helps you find unique content so you can grow fast and gain comments, likes and followers with ease.

How to use Combin?

Combin, developed by Instagram users, offers a seamless way to effectively gain interested and active followers. To start off, just visit their official website and sign up for a trial account. You can then download the free version on your Linux, Windows or Mac platform for unlimited use. Next, log in to the app with your Instagram account.

It doesn’t collect any of your private data so you don’t have to worry about your password being stolen.

Once logged in, you will see app’s dashboard is easy to use and has a simple, intuitive design. There you can click the “Search” tab and then add your search terms.

You can now set up customized searches based on hashtags or accounts, track and geofence hashtags, create a list of followers, limit searches by date or amount and more.

You can find new people by looking up the followers & commenters of your competitor as shown in the below image:

You can also perform mass follow and unfollow using this tool.

Combin Features

Each of these features that this Instagram marketing tool offers you helps you majorly grow your Instagram brand:

  • Target people search

This search feature helps you find subscribers and commentators of your rivals or of Instagram accounts similar to yours. You can then add these people to your community and get more customers for yourself.

  • Advanced search

Combin’s advanced searching tool helps you find blogs or people with interests that align with yours. It uses a clever hashtag+location algorithm to provide you a list of potential customers posting content relevant to you.

  • Follow or Unfollow people

You can now directly see and unfollow people who don’t follow you using Combin. Of course, you can also follow people and spread some love yourself.

  • Sorting and Preview

Combin allows you to preview a post before liking or commenting on it. You can also sort posts or people by relevance, most followed, hottest posts etc.

  • Easy Communication

Combin encourages interaction with users whose interests are the same as yours. Not only can you follow them directly here, but you can also like or comment on multiple posts at once.

  • Manage multiple accounts

Perhaps the best thing about Combin is that it is by supporting up to 5 Instagram accounts at once, it is ideal for businesses as well as for individual users. You can add all of these at once and change between them just as easily instead of having to log in each time.

Pricing and plans

  • Starter: Try out the app using the free trial starter pack which offers 250 daily action limits and 50 search results for users and posts to manage 1 Instagram account.
  • Personal: If you’re a business or an individual with 1 Insta account, go with the Personal plan for only $10 a month. It allows unlimited in-app actions, the ability to refresh search results and 500 search results for users and posts.
  • Business: For those requiring managing up to 5 Instagram accounts, the Business plan at $30 a month is the best option. Each account will get the same usage limit as the Personal plan does.


  • Intuitive design
  • Unlimited access to all services offered
  • Offers Geofencing
  • Avail for Linux, Mac and Windows

Final Thoughts

Combin is an effective legal tool to increase followers to your one or more Instagram accounts. It implements a lot of effective strategies to save you time and gain quality comments, likes and support. Their unlimited free version is a great place to start, and you will soon be considering upgrading to their pro versions because of how powerful it is as an Instagram marketing tool.

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