BHIM : Bharat Interface for Money or Bhim Payments is the latest app launched by Narendra Modi to boost Digital Payements in India. BHIM is developed by National Payments Corporation of India , and is based upon UPI – Unified Payments Interface. Thus, by using UPI you can easily link your mobile number and start receiving and sending money to any other bank account by simple taps. Here’s how you can download BHIM app apk or by Play store to start receiving Payments.

How to Download BHIM App on Android ?


How to use BHIM app – Review & Features ?

Bhim App APK Download for Android
Bhim App for Android
  • Before we move onto the review let’s have a look onto the features of BHIM App – by NPCI
  • Features – 
    1. As its launched by NPCI – Its based upon UPI (Unified Payments Interface) thus, you can send or transfer money to any bank account instantly!
    2. There’s no time limit, you can send or receive your money anytime, anywhere 24 x 7.
    3. Besides, this you can also use QR code to scan to pay or receive money.
    4. All the money you accept by BHIM will be instantly trasferred to your Bank account, no delays!

Review –

  • Once, you have downloaded & installed the Bhim app – It will ask you to Enter your mobile number & permission to send an SMS to the UPI.
  • Here, enter your mobile number, and tap on “OK”. ( Note – please keep in mind to register using the same mobile number which you use with bank  as the app automatically fetches account numbers linked to mobile number
  • In the next step,  you will be asked to register your passcode as shown in the image below –
    Bhim App Enter Passcode
    Bhim App Enter Passcode

    Here, enter your “4 digit secret passcode” .
    Please do not share your Passcode with anybody, as it will be your secret password to log-on to the Bhim app.

  • Once you have finished setting up the passcode, it will now ask you to select your default Bank Account which will be used to Send money or accept money as shown in the image below –
    Bhim App Bank account selection
    Bhim App Bank account selection

    Once you select your Bank, the best thing about BHIM is that it will automatically get the account number & IFSC code details of your bank account, just by using your mobile number which was entered. (Hence, please keep in mind to register using the same mobile number which you use with bank)

  •  It pretty nicely detected my Bank of Baroda account details as shown in the image below –
    BHIM App bank account details detection
    BHIM App bank account details detection

    Here simply “Tap on the account number” to link your bank account to Bhim UPI Payments app.

  • Further, you may be asked to verify your Bank account either by debit card, or credit card expiry date depending upon the bank you selected.
  • Once, you have finished setting up ! you are ready to start accepting & paying using the UPI Payments interface by Bhim!
  • Click here to Download & Install BHIM app from Google Play StoreOr
    you can Download BHIM app apk from the link below –Click here to Download BHIM app Apk for Android

Bhim app is working fine all android versions such as Kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow, and Nougat too! . Bhim app for iPhone & iOS link will be posted shortly!

This , is a good step by the Government of India by making it easier to use Digital currency for payments, do let us know your views about this in the comments section below !



  1. It’s not having bank of India and not letting me set-up State bank of India account even when I have the same mobile number for both accounts

  2. bhim not able to send sms rather than having 50 rs balance in primary account nokia xl. I will not chnage my phone to use this app.

  3. Plz update sbbj bank in your list. Bcoz in rajasthan almost every person has an account in sbbj bank. I m unable to creat an account in your app. Plz update the app as soon as possible.

  4. I have two PNB Account and same mobile no is registered to both the account. while registering showing ‘error fetching bank data’

  5. After entering the Passcode and selecting the sbi to add it shows declined,and sometime shows error fetching account.why it is happeneing pls solve ,the
    mob no is verified.

  6. Hi
    I am having SBI account
    But not linking my SBI account even I registered my mobile no and even I cannot transfer any SBI account

    • Yes, because is the worst bank in India. Neither they having their owned proper IMPS system nor tied up with UPI service Banks. All we need to do is to visit the bank and waist our precious time.

  7. I have one IDBI and two AXIS Banks account with only one mobile number registered for all the three….IDBI is selected as default account, but I need to have Axis Bank account. It is not possible as of now


  9. hi friends, a dought about bhim apps , i installed it and open it ..but i can not find the 6 digit upi code, there is option for fillup , like this app is asking last 6 digit of debit card no. and valid upto ,,now my problem is my debit card is measrto ,there is no upto valid …so how can i fill that upto date…
    so plz friend help me as possible ,,,email- [email protected]

  10. I have downloaded , i got the icon but when i click it says Device binding failed, try again, i have yet to register the details. Unable to use tjis app

  11. i have an account in bank of India. I transfer 23000.00 by this apps. This amount debited my a/c but it not credited the other account.I visit the bank in many time but i can not solve it.

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