Droid4X – Free Android simulator for PC Windows & Mac OS X |Best gaming Android emulator for Windows 7/8.1/10

There was a dearth of good android emulators when it came to Mac OS , and Windows too had limited options when it came to free good android emulators & simulators. Fortunately, the scene is changing with some new entries and one of them is – Droid4X!. Droid4X is the sort of Android simulator designed for Power! , it provides complete power to the users by virtue of its speed! and things such as Complete Root Access. Also Droid 4X is an ideal android emulator for Windows Tablet esp(Lix Tablet PCs) Let’s have a peek onto some features.

Salient features of Droid4X-

Droid4X Apk installation
  • Google Play Store comes pre-installed, very few android emulators barely support it without modifications,let alone coming bundled with Google Play. Droid 4X Android emulator support Google Play.
  •  Supports Ctrl + C, Ctrl +V text support between the host Operating System and the guest Android installation (emulator).
  • Zoom In- Out supported through Central mouse – wheel (Scrollbar Zoom-in/out).
  • Best Android emulator when it comes to Gaming!, personally i’ve never encountered an emulator which supports Gaming to such an extent, you can use keyboard as a controller for Android games.
  • Provides in-built app for keyboard  mapping, you can map your screen area, actions, touch-gestures etc to your Keyboard keys, which i’ll be explaining later in the article.

Click here to download Droid4X Android emulator for Windows 7 /8 / 8.1 / 10.
Click here to download Droid4X for Mac OS X.

Here’s a Small Screen-shot tutorial on configuring the Droid4X Keyboard Conrtroller – Mapper

Droid4X Keyboard Controller Step1
Droid4x keyboard Controller Step2
Droid4X Keyboard controller Step3
Droid4X Keyboard Controller Step 4

That’s it , I personally loved the Droid 4X Android emulator, do comment problems encountered while installation and any such good emulator which you might be knowing!



  1. MikeeMikee says

    how can i change the server?. I’m playing darkness reborn in SEA server then i logged in using droid4x, now I’m in KR server.. How can i go to SEA server? Please help

  2. Problem says

    Why does the cam and microphone not work on droid4x? It would be great if it is possible. Then we can use skype and other apps which require the cam.

  3. Sean says

    Does anyone know where files saved using this program are saved. I can’t seem to find a directory for it anywhere.

  4. saddam wali says

    How can i swith to built+in graphic card ? and root apps are not working properly it crashes , like xmode gaming.

  5. kuhlmann says

    please can you help me Chaitanya i have an dell laptop windows 7 and on ca 42% it say my there is an fail and when i dont leave at 80% it stops

    its disappointed because other says droid4x is the best but it doesnt goe i will play one piece treasure cruise on droid 4x because it close on bluestacks all the time

    • says

      Hello Ruben, it’s an online installer the filesize is around 500kb but it needs to download additional dependencies according to the operating system you use.

  6. dan says

    i need to know “HOW CAN I TRANSFER DATA FROM EMULATOR TO MY PC” like i have downloaded multimedia in emulater how can i copy to my pc’s hard disk ???

  7. says

    will there be an update for this Driod4X and just to say thanks and keep up your good work and can you change the settings in to 4k on the settings on this Driod4X or maybe in the future

    • says

      Hello Peter, yes there will be updates for droid4x as its actively developed.. Yes, they 4k settings will be surely implemented in the future versions.

  8. Lindsey says

    I’ve been playing a game on this emulator and it lags heavily and crashes frequently. It just crashed and deleted my save data for like the 5th time (and it didn’t even crash while it was loading or anything). /:

  9. Dani says

    i wanna play order and chaos online but the keyboard setting is too hard to understand in how i use keyboard as controler. bluestacks keyboard setting more understandable and good setting interface. but i like this droid x more actually it support gaming best but keyboard setting need more improvement

  10. Johnsend says

    i am using the emulator but i find it impossible to attach a photo from my computer using whatsapp. There is only Gallery .. please help.

  11. Mario Griffin says

    I’m trying to play nba jam but I’m having trouble configuring the remote for moving back and forth but I got my shooting and passing set. Can anyone help?

  12. Akiro says

    I installed the emulator to be able to play Hay Day from Supercell, but for some reason it doesn’t pop up in the google play shop when I do a search, why is that?

  13. Akiro says

    I run it thru BlueStacks without problems, and used AndyRoid emulator too without problems. How do I download he game apk directly, and how do I install it thru Druid 4X?

    • says

      Hi Akiro, to download the game apk copy the google play store url and paste it in evozi apk downloader. After apk is downloaded, simply drag and drop the apk file onto droid4x to install it.

  14. Akiro says

    Thank you very much, Chaitanya. It seems to work. The drag&drop didnt, but it worked by double clicking the file.

  15. HA4g3n says

    Stuck at:

    installing runtime library
    please wait a moment

    Then closeing a popup box says please instal virtualbox first.

    i have restalled virtualbox and rebooted severaltimes.

    a common error?

  16. Tommy says

    I am trying to download this but every time I try it tell me the signature of Droid4XInsstaller.exe is corrupt or invalid.
    Windows 10 Pro 64Bit

  17. David says

    It seems that the latest version of BlueStacks (BlueStacks 2) also comes with the Google Play Store installed. My old version of BlueStacks popped up a message that there was a newer version available, so I installed it. It has multi-tasking with tabs, a sidebar of settings shortcuts, and other new features (including one called “Android TV”. It also offers a premium subscription upgrade. I do not know that the premium subscription offers. The free version seems to satisfy my current needs.

  18. Varad says

    i have installed droid 4x, but when i open it says. Sorry,droid4x can’t support the cpu temporarily. AMD C-60 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics

  19. Alan says

    Just curious if there’s a way to update Android? Great looking app but I believe the app I’m using needs Android 5+

  20. Girish says

    I installed droie4x in my PC and also jiofi4g voice, I can do voice calls. I here the voice of others but they can’t here me what is the sloution

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