Hello Friends,recently i had to do some college Project in Microsoft Visual basic 6.0 + Oracle SQL Connectivity, but the hell Microsoft Visual Studio wasn’t simply installing on my Lappy, so after a few hit and misses at the goal, i have found the Foolproof Method for installing Microsoft Visual Studio on your Windows 7 and Windows 8,Windows 8.1 installations that too on both the 32 bit and x64:64-bit releases of Windows 7 and Windows 8 There are a lot many reasons which are responsible for installation of Visual Studio/visual basic 6, prominent of which are

  • Compatibility Issues
  • Microsoft Java Machine issues
  • Installer/Setup run-time issues
  • and some problems which ares pecific like unable to use visual Basic components such as ADODC,OLEDB,ADODB,RDO Connection problems etc

Lets solve each of them one by one in Detail.. 🙂 but before that , there are some prerequisites which we must implement so as our setup will be much smoother… Prerequisites

  • During visual studio 6 Installation, it may ask you to install Microsoft Virtual Machine For Java,etc..and it may restart your computer continuously..so as a fix, simply Download the Following Ms-Java.bat file,and simply right click on it,and “Run it as administrator”,it will ask you for a confirmation,please select yes,it will open a box,and close that’s it!
  • Now,The visual Basic 6 Setup wont prompt you to install virtual machine for Java,thus removing a hurdle!
  • Click here to Download Ms-Java.bat  file for bypassing Microsoft Virtual Machine For Java..
  • Now lets look at the Setup! The link to torrent file of vb6 setup if you do not have it is here..>

The First Problem which we encounter during setup is compatibility issues

  • This Problem can be solved by running the setup.exe of the visual basic 6 setup,by right click and selecting “Run as Administrator”  option..
  • it may show a dialog box like this — > fortunately,this Problem will Be Solved by simply clicking the Run Program and the Setup Started.. 🙂 , as you are running the setup,its possible that setup might become too very slow on places such as “searching for installed components” , “finishing installation” etc..dont worry its,totally normal! just wait for the setup interface to come up 🙂
  • Now you may simply Enter Serial Number,and Follow Next,Next Method of Installation and install Microsoft Visual Basic/Miscroft Visual Studio on your computer..BUT!!  if you follow this Method your Installation of Visual Studio will work,but on 64-bit (x-64) OS,Windows 7 64 bit,Windows  64-bit when you try to use Visual Basic components such as Data Grid,Active X controls,ADODC Connections,ADODB Connections for VB-SQL Connectivity it will give error..
  • The errors vary to a wide range depending upon the components selected and will be something as — ” failure to initialize provider,error 420,error 482,as well as the printer errors ” blah blah blah
  • So, in order to Make Visual Basic- Oracle SQL Connectivity we must do the following steps..
  • Please Make sure while installation/setup your Visual Basic installation directory is” C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 6\common\” or  “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 6\” and NOT“C:\Program Fiiles (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 6\common\” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 6\common\”

Steps for Visual Basic – Oracle SQL Connectivity on Visual Basic 6 For 64 bit OS..!

  • The (x86) suffix at the end of Program files is responsible for the failure of various visual basic components such as data grid,ADODB,ADODC,OLEDB,Active-X,RDO,Printer Connectivity,windows common controls etc..

you can check this figure–> if it isn’t you may change the installation directory by clicking “Change Folder” or “Change Directory” as shown in the figure –>

  • Thus,we can make it Function Properly By Installing it to Default Program Files Folder..And All the Data bound controls,standard controls,added components to VB such as ADODB,OLEDB,Data bound grid control etc properly,Windows Controls,MAPI Controls Properly..!

Also if you already installed Visual Basic To Program Files (x86) just dont uninstall Please.. simply Perform the Following steps

  • Copy the Complete Microsoft Visual Studio Directory From c:\Program Files (x86)\ to C:\Program Files\
  • Now Go,to the Folder C:\Program Files\VB98\ andtry to run VB6.exe , it will give error as “Failed to register extension and blah blah”
  • Now simply run the “VB6.exe” from the non-x86 folder in “Run as Administrator” mode,. and voila!! Visual Basic Will Start Working,and all the Default Connectivity,Data Components which can be added from tools->components menu such as ADODB etc will start working!! thus , the VB-SQL Connectivity too will start Working!! 😉

If you Encounter Sluggishness in IDE do the Following Steps 🙂

  1. Using Windows Explorer, browse the location where you installed VB6. By default, the path is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98
  2. Right click the VB6.exe program file, and select properties from the context menu.
  3. Click on compatibility tab
  4. Check the following check boxes: For Windows 7:
    • Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    • Disable Visual Themes
    • Disable Desktop Composition
    • Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

    For Windows 8

    • Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    • Reduced Color Mode (16-Bit Color)
    • Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
  5. After saving open up VB6, It should work normally

That’s all! a quite-lengthy tutorial indeed! 🙂 But Totally Working! if any Doubts/Problems Just drop a Comment below 🙂 thanks!


  1. Instead of downloading msjava.bat, an easier solution to avoid installing MS Java altogether is simply creating an empty dll called “msjava.dll” and placing it in C:\Windows\ . I have personally tested this and can confirm it works. To create and empty dll, simply open a notepad windows and save it as “msjava.dll”.

  2. Our old VB6 program compiles and runs, but all bound controls are just empty ? The data is retrieved from the database, but is not loaded into the controls.

    Any Idea on how to fix that ?

  3. Try installing it in the directory “c:\Program Files\” and not “c:\program files (x86)\” and run the vb6 IDE as administrator, that solved the problem for me 🙂

  4. i installed VB6 in win 7 64 bit. and transfered the folder from “c:\Program Files\” and not “c:\program files (x86)\”
    still i can not able to select Microsoft Windows Comman Control 6.0 and Microsoft Windows Comman Control-2 6.0
    the error is “Object Library Not Registered”

    please help me.

    [email protected]

  5. Hello, I tried the above procedure on 64bit windows 8.1 machine it worked perfectly, I am able to use visual studio 6 on my machine. Thank you for the Article.
    But When I tried to install Visual studio service pack 5, it was not able to detect installation of visual studio 6.
    I checked the registry and visual studio 6 doesn’t appear in list of installed programs.

    Wish, If I can get help on installing VS6 service pack 5.

    Note : I am using win 8.1, 64 bit.
    Thanks in Advance

  6. Thank you for responding,
    I ran the service pack as Administrator only, but it was not working.
    After searching for installed components, I got the message that VS 6 is not installed and hence it cannot be updated with service pack.
    I even checked from control panel, the list of installed program and VS 6 was not showing in it. Though its running on my machine (64 bit win 8.1)
    Hope this will suffice for you to explore further. Thanking you Once again.

    • Welcome Rochlani, Okay, Can you Re-install VS 6 on the same machine , During installation , Please uncheck the “Data Access” option, it will do the registry entries. You can use Revo uninstaller to uninstall existing VS 6 installation. And if after re-installing the Service pack fails to detect components we can add the entries in Registry Manually, but that will be viablle only if re-installation doesn’t add the necessary entries to the registry.

  7. Sir when i Execute program then this error display g++ is not running what is this problem and give the solution of this. thanks

    • O that’s something we didn’t get hands upon, it will be great if you can give us a teamviewer session so that we can try sorting out that issue or give us a couple of days to experiment and we’ll be updating the solution 🙂

  8. I can’t complete the macro because I don’t have VBA ! Is there an alternate way to create the macro OR is there a way to get VBA? I have a new HP Envy 15t that was loaded with win 8.1 Should I have VBA? Thanks.

  9. Another issue for installing the torrent file for VB6. I get the following error when I go to your torrent file link:
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  10. Hi Chaitanya. I was using VBA for Visual Basic. Where are the torrent sites I would search? PS- I am assuming VB6 is the latest version? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Hi Larry, no vb6 is perhaps the oldest version of Visual Basic. The latest one is visual Studio 2015. It will be easily installed on your system.
      You can search on torrent sites like torrentz. In remove the space before the in word 🙂

  11. i have installed vb6.0 on windows 8 i am doing project on VB but there is problem to create Data Environment control when we create Data Report… what should I do? plz help it’s urgent…

  12. i am able to open vb form and place ordinary text box or label controls but immediately i am getting a message stated ” vb6 has stopped working”.If i click ok it is going to check online compatible search message and after searching I am getting no solutions found.

  13. Hi.. will this fix the MAPI.dll errors. Trying to send emails from the vb6 application which worked in win 7 32 bit but errors on win 8 64bit

  14. Yahooo !!!!
    I have installed finally VB 6.0 on Win 7 successfully… thanks to the website.

    I would strongly recommand this solution for all VB developers…

    • hello, Haris Pawar.
      i am sorry to bother you.
      Would you please send me the ms-java.bat’s file?
      because the link on above not active, so I can’t download that.
      my email: [email protected].

      I am so sorry to bother you (because you are the last one who can success to installed the program). And thank you in advance.

  15. Hi! When I try to open the link for ms-java.bat, it says page is not available, and when I try to cont. The installation for vb6.0 it say, unsuccessful installation and when I click okay, another message prompt it says c:\windows\vssetup.ttf

  16. Hi,

    I have installed VS 6.0 in my machine Windows 10 for VB 6. I have unchecked the data access tools while installation. Now, I want to use ADO to work with SQL server database.

    How can I do that ?


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