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ByteBX Zip And Download Trick! Enable Premium Zip And Download Feature your free account using this Script :)


Hello All,

You Must be Knowing ByteBX, The Online torrent leech/torrent caching,remote url uploading service ,
its a great service to say,but its free account has some limitations 🙁
like 100kB/s speed limit,which literally sucks ! 🙁

so to overcome the same,we launched Bytzo Browser Series,and they are working too perfectly!
but unfortunately some jealous and unehtical guys copied our script and were re-distributing the same,with changed browser name/rebranding it under their name..that really hurted me 🙁
so am deciding to publicly share the script atleast the users will come to know what kind of hack it is,as well as they could enjoy it on their own personal browsers google chrome,firefox,internet explorer etc, and you can use them on any os e.g linux,windows,mac unlike bytzo browser which was windows specific…

Prerequisites :

Now After you have installed these extensions simply Navigate to this URL of Userscripts.org

And install the extension ByteBX Premium userscript,

Now after you install the userscript,simply Go to www.bytebx.com and  log-on to your free account,The Zip and Download Option will be enabled for full-speed on your browser! 😀

Enjoy This ByteBX Zip and Download trick and do share our page with your friends too,so that they too will Enjoy ! 🙂


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