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TiCTeX – All in One LaTeX Bundle-installer with inbuilt Compiler and IDE/Editor | Easy install LateX on Windows/Linux/Ubuntu


Hello Guys, recently i had to submit a seminar report in my college, but it was to be written in LaTeX.. Now what is LaTeX ?

  • LaTeX is a document preparation system and document markup language,used for preparing standard documents,which are preformatted , in an efficient and easy manner..

So Now for installing LateX on windows it was quite difficult as it required a separate latex compiler,a separate IDE etc,and also the information regarding which compiler to be used,which IDE/editor should be used etc,is very scarce..so using the Best LaTeX Compiler available : MiKTeX,   Best LaTeX editor : TeXMaker  and various other simple tools required for Preparing LateX, we created TiCTeX : An All in One LaTeX Bundle cum installer with inbuilt MiKTeX,TeXMaker IDE/Editor TiCTeX has the following Components inbuilt in it

  • MiKTeX : The Best Compiler with all the Libraries required for LateX Document creation.
  • TeXMaker : The Best,efficient and most widely used editor cum compiler for writing and creation of Latex documents,with inbuilt PDF Viewer.
  • Asymptote : used for photoand diagram related functions and viewing.
  • GhostScript : An Engine for rendering and viewing .ps and .pdf File formats.
  • GSViewer : A viewer for viewing the .ps and .pdf File Types.

All this have been bundled up in a Single Package cum Bundle :-> TiCTeX so you can just install TiCTeX and start using and creating documents in LaTeX as simple as 1…2…3.. Everything is included in TiCTeX..so it will run on basically any Windows Operating Systems : Windows 98 / XP / as well as Windows 7 / 8 /8.1 that too on both the 32 bit and 64 bit Variants.. as well as on Linux Too!! UPDATE!! Fixed a Critical Bug in the Previous Version which was causing Compilation errors 🙁 Please Download the New Version From Below Links.. Also Launched a Linux Version of TiCTeX LateX at this LInk CLick here to go on Linux Version – TopLinuxApps.com   Click here to Download TiCTeX For Windows ..one click one bundle solution for LaTeX on Windows OSs

Click here to Download TiCTeX for Windows

Mirror Link # 1 Click here to Download TicTeX from Mirror 1. Mirror Link # 2 Click here to Download TicTeX from Mirror 2. More Mirror Links will be added soon..! if you have any doubts/queries/request do comment..and if you liked this post Do share 🙂 Thanks!


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