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How to Port your Mobile number from one State/Circle to other | Change mobile number circle & Avoid/No Roaming Charges :)


Yes !!  You heard it right 🙂 Telecom / Mobile Subscribers or mobile users in India can get cancellation of their intra-circle roaming charges or avoid them totally ! as per the NTP [ National Telecom Policy] To be adopted by TRAI by 13 th May 2012 

According to the NTP, a subscriber would be able to change his operator and at the same time retain his number, even if he moves to another state/circle. Thus the Mobile Number Will be Same but
its Base/Home Circle Will be Ported resulting in cut off of roaming .

Here’s how you can port your existing mobile number from one state/circle to another –

  1. To begin with, you need to generate UPC (Unique Porting Code) by sending SMS to 1900. UPC is an alphanumeric code allocated, upon request, by a mobile operator to its subscriber for the purpose of facilitation of porting of his/her mobile number to another operator.

    • SMS to be sent : PORT <your Mobile Number> to 1900. Operator SMS charges will be applicable.
    • Eg. SMS PORT 98XXXXXXXX to 1900
  2. After sending SMS to 1900, you will receive UPC (Unique Porting Code) as a SMS from 1901 giving 8 digit alpha-numeric Unique Porting Code (UPC) and UPC expiry date in MM/DD/YYYY format

  3. Visit your nearest Simcard outlet / showroom and submit a new card if you’re switching operator .

  4. Now , Fill up Mobile Number Porting (MNP) form providing details like

    • Current Mobile Number
    • Current Operator name
    • UPC code
  5. Submit Address & Id proof documents, self-attested photo and last bill copy of postpaid connection (if applicable) along-with filled MNP form and Customer Agreement Form.

  6. That’s it!

Considering the Large success of MNP, Till the end of March, close to 42  million subscribers had opted for MNP, according to TRAI .. its quite a big step.. because now a subscriber can not only change his mobile operator/ but also his circle to avoid the roaming Charges

Last Time MNP infused a tariff war / race to pull up each others subscribers into own Operating services.. NTP implemented MCP [Mobile Circle Portability] Or MNCP [Mobile Number Circle Portability] will surely ignite a new war between operators , I Hope this results not only in Lowering of tariff Rates , but Increase in the Quality Of Service Provided such as Network, Congestion Free Nature etc .. Let’s keep our Fingers Crossed Upon it 🙂




  1. ASHOK January 19, 2013

    practically all mobile operators (vodaphone, Tata Docomo etc.) are rejecting MNP when chinging circle and its clearly mention on thier website, what can i do

    1. Chaitanya January 19, 2013

      @Ashok,Just wait for awhile it’s in beta stage,the policy will come into effect sometime in march 2013..till then all we can do is wait 🙁

  2. abhi April 3, 2013

    is it active now?? or still beta?

  3. Karthik Anbuselvan April 2, 2014

    still in beta ly baettaa 🙂

    1. Chaitanya April 2, 2014

      lol .. Karthik Anbuselvan 🙂

  4. Ankit Shah July 19, 2014

    still in beta stage…DAMN !!!!!

    1. Chaitanya July 19, 2014

      yeah still in Beta 🙁 Damn Frustrating 🙁

  5. randhir August 22, 2014

    i want to change my circle Jharkhand to Gujrat, is it possible or due to beta stage it is not possible

    1. Chaitanya August 23, 2014

      Sorry to say Randhir,due to beta stage it is not currently possible 🙁 but however, you can apply roaming packs provided by operators so that you are saved from the incoming call charges cost.

  6. naga chaithanya February 10, 2015

    can i change my location now..???

  7. Monuj kumar Dey April 1, 2015

    I am not sure. I am using one Airtel number from Delhi. I have relocated to Chennai. However, I do not want to change my number. When will it happen?? Can anybody help me please??

  8. sutharrameshkumar March 22, 2016

    I am using one Airtel prepaid number from Delhi. I have relocated to Gujarat. However, I do not want to change my number.Can anybody help me please??. How port same number to other state.

  9. Rizwaan khan August 2, 2016

    up si m. dehli

  10. Dharam September 21, 2016

    I want to change my home state odisha to UP (EAST) as I am getting transfered there.

  11. Anil Maurya November 8, 2016

    I am using one Vodafone prepaid number from Indore. I have relocated to Mumbai. However, I do not want to change my number.Can anybody help me please??. How port same number to other state.

  12. Debottam Ghosh December 9, 2016

    I’m in Kolkata circle using Vodafone postpaid. I am relocating in Mumbai so can I get the same postpaid plan in Mumbai ciecle on the same number after MNP???

  13. Sagar January 1, 2017

    I ported out of idea gujrat but did not port in to BSNL Karnataka , now what can i do as the expire date has been crossed and my number has stopped working

  14. vikram chand January 28, 2017

    Kya mujhe mera purana balance milega

  15. sukumar jena May 26, 2017

    i want to change my circle delhi to goa’ is it possible or due to beta stage it is not possible

  16. vinod September 6, 2017

    My Airtel SIM is andhra so I want to change that one to karnataka… If any one know please reply this message


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