How to Set Up a Software R&D Center?

Most successful companies utilize every resource, including creating certain role-specific departments or recruiting the best talents. Today, in some companies with full utilization of technology, opening a software r&d center now seems to be the order of the day. Unfortunately, not many businesses understand the need for this yet, but those that do, know the… Continue reading How to Set Up a Software R&D Center?

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

What is Cryptocurrency Mining? The onset of the bitcoin buyer has brought a significant rise in crypto investors, broadening the concept of cryptocurrency value and need in the present global market. However, with this comes a lot of questions. One must wonder how Cryptocurrency like Bitcoins are generated? From where do Bitcoins arrive? How can… Continue reading What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Top 5 Free SNES Super Nintendo Emulators for PC [Windows 10/7/8.1] to Play SNES games with Controller Support

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) or Super Comboy as it is known is one of the most popular 16-bit gaming consoles from the 90s and is regarded as the best 16-bit console ever. With speculations that Nintendo is releasing a new SNES classic version in 2017 and considering its limited availability it makes good sense… Continue reading Top 5 Free SNES Super Nintendo Emulators for PC [Windows 10/7/8.1] to Play SNES games with Controller Support

How to Port your Mobile number from one State/Circle to other | Change mobile number circle & Avoid/No Roaming Charges :)

: > You heard it right 🙂 Telecom / Mobile Subscribers or mobile users in India can get cancellation of their intra-circle roaming charges or avoid them totally because now a subscriber can not only change his mobile operator/ but also his circle to avoid the roaming Charges 🙂

Airtel Prepaid users Personal Bill,Balance Check,Active Subscriptions Online !!!

Bharti Airtel has launced My Airtel ! a service which enables its Prepaid users an access to services like check balance, validity, recharge history, handset details, itemised bill and recharge. “Airtel prepaid mobile customers can visit the new self care website to receive and activate customised offers on ‘my airtel, my offer’ (MAMO), view tariff and top up options, request for the itemised bill and more,” Bharti Airtel said in a statement.

Shorthand Mobile SMS – The New Way to Use Social Networking on your Mobile Phone no Need Of GPRS !!!

Shorthand SMS Mobile App .. It Enables users to Use Facebook,Orkut,Twitter,Cricinfo,Cricbuzz,Google SMS and hell lots of apps on mobile Without the Need Of GPRS ! Yeps Without the need of GPRS . What is Shorthand? Some Of The SHorthand SMS Apps are Facebook Mobile Google SMS SMS Gupshup Shorthand SMS Mobile App Can Be Downloaded From