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NordVPN – Enjoy Complete Internet Freedom with Tightest Level of Security

internet security

Internet Privacy is a myth and it would be better for you to stop believing in this myth. You are often tracked by a number of government agencies, your ISP, and a number of spies & hackers trying to bypass your network security. You are at a great risk of leaking your private information on the internet. However, this problem has been solved by the most reliable VPN provider of the world – NordVPN. Let’s learn more about this all-time favorite VPN provider.

About NordVPN

internet security

NordVPN is a Panama-based company that was started by a group of friends in the year 2012 and just in a span of 5 years it has spread its terrain in 60+ nations with a network of 1000+ servers around the globe. Its name has been inspired from the Nordic Ideals of – Trust, Freedom, Confidence, and Innovation. The company has witnessed a significant year in just 5years and has even won the PCMag’s Editor Choice Award two-years in a row.

NordVPN – Topnotch Features


NordVPN is the most reliable & trustworthy VPN provider across the globe that have won a place in the heart of its customers. It has been made possible because of the quality features it provides to its customers.

Double VPN with CyberSec

It is one of the fewest VPNs that offer ‘Double VPN’ protection to all its users. To provide maximum online security, NordVPN integrates the benefits of VPN with the Onion Router. Moreover, its CyberSec technology prevents the phishing attempts, DDoS attacks, adware, malware, and other threats.

Large Network of Superfast Servers

NordVPN offers blazing fast servers to all its clients making streaming and browsing really quick. Moreover, it has a large network of over 1000 servers in 60+ nations of the globe. It doesn’t throttle your internet speed, so you can upstream and downstream without any restrictions.

Strict No-Logs Policy

When you connect to NordVPN’s servers, it gives you complete assurance that no logs will be stored in its servers. This means that none of your browsing sessions or private information will be logged on its servers.

Automatic Kill Switch Technology

The automatic kill switch technology comes handy during the connection lost situations. At times when you are experiencing slow internet speed and the connection is disconnected; all the current sessions will be terminated there and then by NordVPN to avoid leakage of sensitive data.

DNS Leak Resolver

Sometimes, your DNS might start leaking the information about your browsing sessions to your ISP. But with NordVPN, you are connected to its DNS servers and there is no risk of any leakage. All your internet traffic is handled by NordVPN’s DNS servers.

SmartPlay Technology

Its SmartPlay technology allows you to stream 400+ streaming websites from just anywhere across the globe. With its SmartPlay technology, the streaming becomes much quicker than your imagination.

Available for Multiple Platforms


NordVPN is available for iOS and Android users. Even the Windows and Mac users can enjoy using this VPN on their devices. Moreover, you can connect to NordVPN from 6 devices simultaneously.

Pricing & Plans


NordVPN offers 3 different plans catering the needs of different users and offers 30-Days money back guarantee to all its users opting for its plans.

  • Monthly Plan: If you opt for monthly plan, you need to pay $11.95/month to enjoy its services. This plan is good for the first0time testers.
  • Half Yearly Plan: You can avail its half-yearly plan at $7/month billed for 6 months. It can come handy for individuals and small business owners.
  • Yearly Plan: You can opt for yearly plan at $5.75/month billed annually. This plan is best suited for the people who are regular VPN users and wish to save money.


  • Double VPN protection
  • No P2P throttling
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • DNS Leak Resolver
  • 6-Simultaenous Connection supported


  • Green address bar or EV SSL not there, this is not a big issue for 99% of users.
The Bottom Line

NordVPN is one of the most reputed and trusted VPN provider in the entire VPN fraternity. It is bit expensive as compared to its competitors, but the extraordinary features cover up for its cost. You will surely enjoy using this VPN. Try it now!

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