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How to Capture long Scrolling screenshot of chats in Android & MIUI


Recently I wanted to capture my WhatsApp chats with a friend, but unfortunately there was no option to capture complete chat at once as it didn’t fit in a single screen. Now, to overcome I started looking for options and found one using “Stitch & Share” app. Read on below for the complete method on How to Capture long big scrolling screenshots in Android & MIUI . Besides this method works on all famous android versions such as 4.4 kitkat , 5.1 lollipop and 6.0 marshmallow too

Tutorial to capture Capture big & long scrolling screenshot of chats in Android –

  • In this tutorial we are going to “stitch” the captured screenshots , so first capture a sample screenshot which you want to start with
    (Note – Incase you don’t know the method to take a screenshot try the combination of volume down + power key simultaneously) 

    Now after you have captured your first screenshot, Please scroll down and take another screenshot.
    Note – Please make sure the last message of the first screenshot is again repeated in your next screenshot. Thus overlapping the texts as shown in the example images below –

    First Screenshot (Last message highlighted by box to repeated)

    The last message of first screenshot is to be repeated as shown in the next image below –

    last message repeated in next screenshot

    Now using this message repetition technique capture as many screenshots you intend to stitch into a single one.

  • Now inorder to stitch them up, Download & install “Stitch and Share” screenshot app from Google Play from the link below –
    Click here to Download Stitch & Share Screenshot app from Google Play Store.
  • Once you have installed the app it will now prompt you with two options as shown in the below image –
    Big Long scrolling screenshot in Android

    Select Add Screenshot in Big Screenshot app


  • Now from the file gallery window which opens, select the most recent screenshots which you have taken and want to stitch and tap on OK.
  • Now in the preview window, tap on the “plus +” icon to append the next screenshot as shown in the image below –

    Tap on Plus to add second, third screenshot for stitching

    Note – In MIUI , you will need to select screenshots one by one by tapping on OK to add one screenshot and again adding second by same method

    • The Screenshots you added will automatically be stitched! as shown in the below image –

      Successfully stitched screenshot!

      That’s it ! Thus all of your chat is now combined into a single long big screenshot. Tap on the Green arrow highlighted by “blue arrow in the above image” to export your chat!

  • That’s it ! you have now saved your entire chat conversation into a single big long screenshot. Do let me know if you face any problems or encounter any issues.

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