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Trinus VR : Stream Windows 10/PC Screen to VR Android Phone


Virtual Reality is the new big thing in Video Gaming arena, due to its ability to give a very realistic experience as well as native Head-Tracking support. The most basic aspect to experiencing Virtual Reality is the ability to See or view the screen inside the VR device (VR Headsets) using our Smartphone. Not all the games are made for VR and hence they don’t support it by default so do majority of the PC Games. So, Here’s a small tutorial which will enable you to stream normal 2D Videos , Normal Computer Games to your Android Smartphone by using Trinus VR app .

Tutorial to Stream Windows 10/7/8.1 Screen to Android (Mirror & convert Normal video to VR) –

Pre-Requisites –

  • The Trinus VR Windows 7/8.1/10 Server installed on the Computer / Laptop . Download it from the link below –
    Click here to Download Trinus VR Server App for Windows 7/8.1/10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • The Trinus VR Lite Client App installed on your Android Smartphone (VR Device) –
    Click here to Download Trinus VR lite App from Google Play Store.
  • Both the Server & Client should be connected to the same network i.e –
    Connect both the Computer / Laptop and Android Mobile to the Same WiFi Router
    Connect your Android Phone via USB Data Cable to the computer / pc after you enabled USB Tethering on the Android device. (You will find the USB Tethering Option inside the “Settings – > Mobile Networks -> Tethering & Portable Hotspot” option.

Tutorial –

  • After you have installed the Trinus VR Server and Client app on the respective devices, Start first the Server App on the Computer, Then Launch the Trinus VR Client app on the Android.
  • Now the Server and client will try to connect to each other based upon the type of connection . Now either select the Type A Method (WiFi) or the Type B (USB) Method to get the devices connected.

Type (A) Connection using the Same WiFi Network –

  • If you’re using the WiFi mode of connection, Please open the Trinus VR App on Server (computer) and Client(android phone).
  • Now, Press the start button on Server and wait until it detects the client automatically. If it doesn’t detect the client automatically copy the IP address as shown in the below client screenshot –

    Copy the Client IP Address

    Now select the “IP” option on the Computer and Enter the IP address of the client as shown below on the Trinus VR Computer app –

    Enter the Client IP Address

    Now click on the “OK” button . The Trinus logo will now be “Blue (Violet) instead of the Previous Gray.

    Tap to Start Server

  • Congratulations! You have now successfully streamed your Normal Windows Screen to your Android Phone in VR Format. Simply navigate your mouse to change the screen streamed to your Android Phone.


Method (B) Using USB Tethering & Cable – 

  • First of All Enable USB Tethering on your Android by navigating to “Settings – > Networks – > Tethering & Hotspot” And enable USB tethering on your android device as shown in the Image below –

    USB Tethering Enabled on Android

    Now after enabling the USB Tethering on Android, Connect your Android device using USB to your Computer / Laptop using USB and Launch the Trinus VR Computer (Server) App.

  • Now after launching the Server app, open the Trinus VR Client App on Mobile , You’ll see “USB Detected” Option  as shown in the below image –

    USB Detected on Trinus VR

    Now simply Tap on the “Black” trinus logo to turn it “Blue” !

  • Voila! Congratulations! your PC Display is now mirrored to your VR device & Android phone!


Final Take =

  • Trinus VR Functions really great and tracks the head movements as well if your Phone has Gyroscope sensor enabled. It also has options for Fake 3D and further Customizations according to the VR Google Cardboard you are using as shown below –
    Trinus VR Settings Windows 10

    Trinus VR Settings Windows 10

    Here’s how it followed the Mouse and even mirrored Google Chrome in VR to my Android device –

    Computer Screen in VR Android

    Computer Screen in VR Android

    Overall Playing Computer Games on VR was a really fascinating experience so was watching 3D movies. And as Trinus VR works with Google Cardboard or any other VR headsets thus no need of Oculus Rift! whatsoever.

  • If you face any problems while using Trinus feel free to comment.



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