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How to easily Capture animated GIF screenshot on Android Phones


There are many Screen Recording tools available for Android, and so are Screenshots / Screen capturing tools. Recording Videos on Android become too bulky due to their bigger file size &  sometimes Static screenshots aren’t enough especially when you are using them for writing tutorials. Its cases like these where GIFs come to the rescue, their ability to loop static images creates an easy to understand video illusion simultaneously using lesser file-size as that of images. So, here’s a tutorial on How you can Easily Capture Animated GIF Screenshots on Android Phones –

Tutorial to Capture Animated GIF Screenshot on Android Mobiles –

Pre-requisites –

  • Quickly Grab some static Screenshots whose images you would like to combine into a GIF (You can capture multiple Screenshots using the Volume down key + Power key and save them in Gallery).

Creating GIFs

Graphica App

  • First of All Download & Install the Graphica Live Photo Maker app from Google Play Store by Clicking the below Link –

Click here to Download Graphica App from Google Play.

  • Now Open the Graphica app & select the “gallery live photo” option as shown in the image alongside .
  • Once you click on the Gallery Live Photo, it will open a preview and will ask  you to select the photos with which you want to create the GIF as shown below –

    Select Photos to create GIF in Graphica Gallery

    Here Select the photos using which you intend to create GIF and then click on “Next” button as shown in the above image.

  • Now, Once you click on Next, it will show you a preview of the GIF , with a Slider attached to it as shown below (Move the Slider button to your right side to slow down the GIF , and to the left incase you want to speed it up)

    GIF Slider

    Once you are done with adjusting the Speed of GIF, Click on the “Save to Gallery” button.

  • That’s it! You have successfully captured Animated GIF Screenshot on your Android phone, the GIF is lesser in Size and works very smoothly. If you face any problems while creating GIF feel free to comment, you can also check out the GIF demo below to see how smoothly it works –

    GIF Created using Graphica App

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