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How to create Photo Album on Facebook Mobile Site & App (Android & iOS – iPhone)


Creating a photo album and uploading photos to the album on Facebook mobile version or app isn’t as easy as and simple as it is on Facebook PC version website. It involves a bit of navigation, so here’s an easy tutorial which will help you to create Album on Facebook mobile version and upload photos to the album on your mobile device/tablet . Part 1 of the tutorial deals with uploading photos to the touch version of Facebook and the same method will work for creating album on Facebook Android app and iOS app as well.

Tutorial to create Photo Album on Facebook from Mobile version / app

Part 1 – Create Album on Facebook mobile app (Android & iOS) and touch version .

  • Facebook Menu

    Once you log-on to the facebook , navigate to the top-hand-side profile menu in the app/ touch website as shown in the figure alongside.

  • Now click on the “Photos” option, as highlighted by green color.
  • After clicking on Photos, it will present you with an option to create an album as shown below-

    Create Album option on Facebook

    After clicking on Create Album option, it will ask you to enter details such as Album name, Album description,Location etc .

  • Enter the album details and click on “Save” button shown below to save your Facbeook photo Album.

    Facebook Album save button


That’s it you have successfully created a facebook album on your touch device.


Part – 2 Create a Facebook Album on Non-touch device

  • Facebook non-touch profile

    Open Facebook on your Mobile , and navigate to the Profile Option as shown in the alongside figure (Red arrow – Step.1)

  • Now, in the Facebook profile pane, click on “Photos” highlighted by Blue color in the same alongside image(Step.2)
  • Now, here in select the “Create New Album” option as shown below –

    Create New album on facebook mobile version

    After you click on Create new album option, it will ask you to fill out Album name, description and location.

  • Enter the above details, and click on “Save”, and the Photo Album will be created on Facebook.

This is how, you can create a Photo Album on facebook right on your Android, iPhone or any mobile device. Check out this space to see how to add photos to any existing facebook album via mobile.





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