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How to compress images on Android using Photo Compress app without losing quality (jpg/png)


The newer crop of Android devices don’t have an external memory card or micro sd card slot, which results in internal phone memory being the only storage solution available for storing data. This internal storage memory also is home to the inbuilt Android OS files and other songs, Whatsapp media, photos & images etc hence preserving the internal phone memory is really important – One way to do the same is by reduce the image/photo size in Android by Compressing the internal photos & images – Here’s one app which will help on How to reduce image size & compress photos without losing quality on Android using Photo Compress App. If you’re an iOS (Apple iPhone) user you can read this linked tutorial.

Tutorial to compress photos using Photo Compress App

  • First of all download and install the Photo Compress app from below-

    Photo Compress app Android

    Click here to download Photo Compress app from Google Play Store.

  • Once you’ve installed the Photo Compress app, it will ask you to either  “Pick an image from gallery” , “camera” or select “compress multiple photos” (as shown in alongside image – If you’ve selected multiple photos option then select the items/photos or entire album to compress.
  • Once you select the photos / images to compress , it will redirect you to option screen as shown below –

    Options screen Photo Compress app

  • Here select the “Compress Image” option to compress the image, Now the app will ask you to confirm the quality of compressed image as shown below –

    Compression Quality

    You can select “High” as though the quality is large, but the filesize is not large enough so the image is compressed is very much like the original! .

  • Click on “Compress” and that’s it! .
  • Voila! Now, you have successfully compressed the photos & images and saved a large chunk of precious memory on your Android devices. (Do delete the original images from the gallery, so that the space is freed-up and compress images properly replace the originals without duplication!)

I personally, used this tip to recover a big chunk of precious phone memory by reducing the photo size on my Android devices also its ability to resize images and crop them is a plus. If you face any issues or encounter any problems feel free to comment, also we would like to know of any other such app you use for compressing photos & images on Android .


  1. prodev May 7, 2016

    very helpful app. thanks for your post.

  2. prodev May 7, 2016

    by the way. photo compress has been updated and now has more cool look. and new features too.. update this post

  3. PI December 30, 2016

    http://pi-xel.io use completely different techniques for image compression. Most of the image optimizers just reduce the quality factor for jpeg encoder (usually downgrading from 90+ to 70 result in almost identical images) but pi-xel.io also apply some kind of filters to make the image smoother and more compressible.


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