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3 Best apps to Lower/Dim Screen brightness more on Android|Reduce screen brightness even less than minimum [Remove sharper colors for night reading]


Many times, the last thing we see before sleeping or during sleep break is our mobile or cellphone. Some of us also have the habit of browsing on our mobile phones before we sleep, But the blue color light emitted by our cellphones adversely affects our eyes and even the sleeping patterns  . Symptoms such as extreme contracting of pupils on seeing mobile during sleep breaks, minor irration of eyes while using cellphone during night, or simply the inability of eyes to sleep (closing the internal light retina) after using cellphones are all but effects of the emitted light by the mobile displays. A great solution over the problem is to dim & reduce the screen brightness even less than minimum, and by changing the color bandwidth -Here are 3 Best Free apps which will allow you to lower/dim screen brightness even more on Android and make the phone or Android tab ideal for night use and reading –

App # 1 – Twilight app for Android

Twilight Paused (Not running)

  • Not to be mislead by the name, Twilight is really a great app to reduce the color temperature , and lower the light intensity emitted by Phone’s display.
  • Twilight also has options to dim the screen by even reducing the phone’s brightness even less than minimum by using “Screen dim” option.
  • Twilight tops our list just because you can customize the display behavior and color temperature using the filters or on movements of Sun (depending upon the phone’s time) . For e.g the general display of our phone’s are built using cool colors recommended during day time , and the same hamper our eyes during night, and hence we need to increase the color temperature for night use.
  • Twilight makes this easy by assigning auto-color-correction to display based upon Alarms, and Sun position! Thus, tweaking the display color according to the time to protect your eyes and enhance the phone’s readability and usage.
  • To Use Twilight simply tap on the “Play” button , or on the “preview” icon  to see the changes yourselves.
  • Click here to download Twilight app from Google Play Store.
  • I would highly recommend you to compare the previous twilight image alongside with the one below to yourself during nighttime to observe the effect colors have on our eyes –

    Twilight Running (Active)

    You’ll definitely find the Twilight Running(Active) image more comfortable than the Twilight Paused(Not running) image, so will your eyes! they too will prefer the one with twilight active one at night.


App # 2 – Bluelight filter for Android

Bluelight Filter for Android

  • Bluelight filter can be classified as a worthy alternative to Twilight app for Android, its second in our list just because it doesn’t provide auto-light and color adjustment like Twilight, rest its completely functional and recommended for use.
  • As discussed above, our Cell displays are made with cool colors (which are recommended for day usage) and blue being a cool color is needed to be filtered for night usage, which is what this app does.
  • Bluelight filter app for android filters the blue color so that the phone/tab’s display doesn’t irrate your eyes during night usage .
  • Also bluelight filter has the “Opacity” filter by which you can further reduce the brightness of your device to even more lower levels, soothing your eyes and saving them further more!.
  • Using Bluelight filter is very easy – simply download,install and open the app , And then use the “toggle”/radio button to turn on/off the app.
  • Click here to download Bluelight filter for Android.


App # 3 –  Night Mode app

  • The above mentioned apps enabled us to change the color as well as the brightness of our screens for night usage, but it may be required that a user only needs to reduce the brightness and not change the screen color for doing some color sensitive work.
  • In such cases we need only an app which can reduce the brightness even more without changing the color, here the Night Mode app comes to rescue.
  • Using Night Mode app, you can reduce the brightness to even less than minimum brightness present in settings option of your phone! and its pretty much easier too .
  • For using Night Mode app, after opening simply adjust the “brightness level” and tap on “Start” , and then to stop the app simply tap on “Stop”. 
  • Click here to download the Night Mode app for Android from Google Play Store.
  • Check out the below images to compare the difference between brightness using the Night Mode app.

    Night Mode app not running

    Night Mode App Running (Active)

    So, these are the 3 Best free apps which we personally tested and found to be the most effective for reducing the screen brightness even more on Android, as well as for filtering the blue color for night usage. If you face any problems while using the above apps, or know of any other good alternatives feel free to comment :)



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