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Top 5 Best NES Emulators for Android | Play NES games like Mario,Contra on your Android phone!


Android operating system integrated devices are amongst the most popular throughout the world. Thus, the number of Android users too is very large but not many android users know, that we can experience our old console games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Contra , right on our Android devices. This can be done using NES Emulators , and not only can we play the old Nintendo games, but they also take lesser memory and space on our phones giving us even more advantage! . So, let’s have a look onto the current Top 5 Free Nes Emulators for Android devices.

Note : Only a single emulator  – 64 in 1 comes with in-built NES games (ROMs) , so if you need to play any game of your choice , you may need to download ROM for playing on the emulator . NES games roms are freely available on the following  link – RomHustler.Net and you can search on google too for Nintendo or NES roms.

Emulator # 1 – Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator)

Nostalgia.Nes running Super Mario Brosulator)

  • Nostalgia.nes is perhaps the best Free Nes emulator for Android.
  • I’ve personally tested the emulator and it simply works superfine! without any hiccups whatsoever!
  • You can save your game progress in inbuilt memory slots, and also rewind it.
  • Nostalgia also allows you to configure graphics and fps options as advanced settings.
  • It also supports zapper gun input support for playing games such as Duckhunt. External hardware Keyboard input too is supported!
  • Click here to Download Nostalgia.NES emulator from Google Play


Emulator # 2 – SuperRetro16 Lite (SNES)

Super Retro 16 Android

  • Super Retro 16 is one of the fastest Android emulators around for Android.
  • It auto-detects the game ROM’s and also supports cheat codes!
  • It also boasts of turbo mode for fast forwarding games and even supports multi-player gaming using WiFi or Bluetooth!
  • Click here to download SuperRetro16 Lite from Google Play


Emulator # 3 – NES Emulator – 64 In 1

Tanks Game present in 61- in -1 NES emulation

  • If you are a classic player,then Nes emulator is loaded with 60 of the best classic games,such as Super Mario, Battle City,Bomber Man, Tanks 1990 etc.
  • It even has the option of Bluetooth/wifi access for multiplayer purposes.
  • Just download and install and you’ll be playing your favourite Old Games in No time!
  • Click here to Download 64 in 1 PGame NES Emulator


Emulator # 4 – NES.emu Free

NES.emu Free Nes Emulator

  • NES.emu is another free NES emulator which automatically saves your Game progress.
  • Thus, even if your phone accidentally switches off or the app is closed , the Game progress is totally saved!
  • NES.emu also supports external controllers throug bluetooth,WiFi and even Xbox controller worked!
  • It doesn’t come with NES ROM’s though you may need to download them for using in the emulator.
  • Click here to download NES.emu Free from Google Play


Emulator # 5 – John NES Lite Emulator

John NES lite for Android

  • Though developed by an indie-developer but this emulator doesn’t lack anywhere in functionality!
  • It uses Original NES Engine, is able to scan your SD card for ROM’s.
  • Also , it supports any controller used with it e.g Wiimote/Gametel/MOGA/Bluetooth controllers are supported.
  • Click here to download John NES Lite emulator from Google Play


Final Word

These were some of the best NES emulators available on PlayStore, and within no time you will be able to play your old console favourites on your portable android devices. If you face any problems while using/configuring these emulators feel free to comment.  Let’s live our Childhood again! :)


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  1. Axel Blaze February 14, 2015

    amazing article,thank you for testing these emulators for the best results.i have downloaded nostalgia,woking really good.thank you again 🙂

    1. Sameer February 15, 2015

      thank you axel, i will do my best to give you the product review.

    2. I like how he tested the second one..
      A Super Nintendo Emulator! Good work..

      Totally didn’t just slap together this article.

  2. Rishabh February 19, 2015

    Hi, this is your latest post, so I’m commenting here.
    I need a little help regarding direct links, please feel free to mail me.
    Rishabh Surana

    1. Distributing NES Roms is illegal.

  3. Domnix March 13, 2015

    Superb Post Bro !
    Keep it on 🙂

    1. Chaitanya March 16, 2015

      Thank you ! 🙂

  4. UMOZ July 7, 2015

    Best info About Emulators Thank You 😉

    1. One of the worst Ive seen.

  5. Here’s a few corrections to the original post for anyone interested:

    1. Nostalgia Nes – Works ok on most devices but fails with loading and running romhacks. Bloats your android with random game images, which are not associated with any save states or rom file s on your device.

    2. SuperRetro16 lite – WTF!? This is a SNES emulator, it’s pretty damn obvious from the image. Tested these out my arse!

    3. Nes Emulator 64 in 1 – Absolute garbage! One of the worst, avoid! Don’t even think about getting the 64 games in 1 nes rom from it to play on other emulators, there is no rom.. The game data is embedded in the app’s coding.. Underneath all the ads.

    4. NES.Emu free
    It’s OK.. But why bother with ads and a restricted capability of the lite version..? Don’t pay for the Pro Version from the playstore..
    Just google NES.Emu Pro APK and download the file directly!

    Go get it!

    5. John NES: lite or Pro versions – Don’t bother with it. It’s a mid – range emulator.
    If you try getting the PRO version Apk from google it will work for 1 day before blocked via playstore. The developer imbedded a tracing program into the app, and it constantly wastes background data sending app status reports.

    There. NES..Emu Pro is the best by far.

    -Go google and download NES.EMU PRO APK.
    -Click on the file you downloaded. Open your ‘My files’ then ‘Downloads’ and open the file.
    -A popup appears asking to install, select Allow installation.
    -View the app permissions, select Continue untill you see INSTALL.

    There, you know how to get Millions of paid games for free. Go find a GTASA APK..

  6. Why have you posted fake replies to yourself?


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