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Tutorial to Install & activate SwiftKey keyboard on iPhone/iPad – iOS | Install SwiftKey for iPhone/iPad


Apple with its recent iOS 8 update, started supporting external or 3rd party keyboards on iPhone and iPad. Though the iPhone is a fine device,truly of its own class but its Keyboard never satisfied me, not to mention the infinite errors caused by auto-correct. As soon as Apple announced the update – The only name which came to my mind was SwiftKey I installed and really its a welcome addition to our devices! . so, here’s a simple tutorial to help you to install and activate SwiftKey for iPhone & iPad.

Before I start the tutorial here are some unique features of SwiftKey in brief –

  • Type Lesser – SwiftKey automatically learns your writing style and word usage , so you don’t have to type much once you start using SwiftKey. You’ll type lesser and convey more content as you go on using SwiftKey! . Moreover it automatically inserts spaces for you!.
  • Type using Swipes – No need to lift your fingers to type anymore, simply swipe across letters and SwiftKey will autoatically type for you!
  • Type Correctly SwiftKey totally eliminates errors and typos caused due to autocorrect.
  • Type in up to two languages at once, without changing any settings.
  • You can even connect to cloud your facebook,twitter accounts so SwiftKey learns even more quickly!

SwiftKey installation steps are as follows –

SwiftKey activation on iPhone

1. Go to System Settings – > General – > Keyboard – > Keyboards
2. Click ‘ SwiftKey Keyboard’ .
3. Allow full-access to it for even more functionalities.
4.Check the alongside screenshot for easy understanding :).

Congratulations! you now have a better keyboard on your device!
Update – You can also checkout the 3 free best Keyboard alternatives/apps for iPhone/iPad by clicking here.

Do comment your reviews about SwiftKey and problems faced if any in the comments section below. Thank you


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