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3 Best Free Keyboard apps for iPhone / iPad [iOS] with Swipe input support | Free Keyboard replacement apps


Recently, I had to type some message on an iPhone and it was just a trouble for me as the default iPhone keyboard doesn’t support swipe input and the blunders committed by iPhone Keyboard’s Auto-correct too are very common, there are lots of trolls covering the same. I did a quick search on the Apple App Store but found that the keyboard app which supported swipe input and endorsed by Apple was – Swype which wasn’t free 🙁 . So, here are the 3 Free best Keyboard apps or Keyboard replacements for iPhone / iPad which will enable you to type quickly and correctly and will provide perhaps,even more functionality than Swype for iPhone.

App / Keyboard # 1 – SwiftKey (Swift Keyboard for iPhone / iPad)

SwiftKey for iPhone

This was the first app which came on my mind when i wanted to replace my default keyboard and it didn’t disappoint me at all! . The installation, as well as configuration was smooth and so its user interface and functionality.[Configuration for all the 3 keyboards mentioned has been covered at the end of the article] I was able to give inputs by swiping my fingers,long-pressing keys and many more! . Here are some unique functions of SwiftKey –

  • Type Lesser – SwiftKey automatically learns your writing style and word usage , so you don’t have to type much once you start using SwiftKey. You’ll type lesser and convey more content as you go on using SwiftKey! . Moreover it automatically inserts spaces for you!
  • Type Correctly SwiftKey totally eliminates errors and typos caused due to autocorrect.
  • Type in up to two languages at once, without changing any settings.
  • You can even connect to cloud your facebook,twitter accounts so SwiftKey learns even more quickly!

Click here to download SwiftKey from Apple iTunes/App Store


App / Keyboard # 2 – TouchPal for iPhone / iPad

TouchPal for iPhone

TouchPal is yet another alternative to Swype/SwiftKey for iOS and it too works flawlessly! . TouchPal as per their claim is the first Keyboard ever to support Swipe input on iOS. Here are some unique features of TouchPal –

  • Swipe-Input Supported.
  • Supports changing of Keyboard themes and colors.
  • 800+ emojis are inbuilt in the keyboard so you’ll never need to download a separate app for emoji if you’ve TouchPal installed on your device.

Click here to download TouchPal for iOS from Apple Store.


App /Keyboard # 3 – FancyKey for iOS/iPhone/iPad

FancyKey for iPhone

FancyKey is not a complete Keyboard replacement unlike the previous two but nevertheless it adds functionalities to your existing Keyboard like never before! . Some, of the unique features of FancyKey are –

  • Allows changing of themes and colors to your existing Keyboard.
  • Advanced auto-correct by Adaptxt technology.
  • Upto 100+ Funkier Fonts are present in the KeyBoard so you can really style your texts!
  • No full-access required! and hence completely safe and secure!

Click here to Download FancyKey for iOS/iPhone & iPad from Apple iTunes Store.

Steps to configure 3rd-party / external Keyboards on iOS / iPhone / iPad –

1. Go to System Settings – > General – > Keyboard
2. Click ‘ SwiftKey or TouchPal Keyboard’ depending upon your choice!
3. Congratulations & have fun!

If you encounter any issues or know of any such KeyBoard app feel free to comment 🙂

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