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Perform OTP verification on apps which get stuck waiting for verification code/sms [Earn talktime/Magic Recharge]


As, we all know some Android apps require mobile number verification, and they do it by automation i.e by checking the messages directly themselves instead of asking the user to enter the verification code to us. This creates problems on some handsets as the apps simply get stuck on “verifying/waiting for OTP verifcation/password” . Recently, I myself faced such problem with Earn talktime app and Task bucks app stuck on my Xiaomi Redmi 1S. So, i started looking for solutions as i really needed to install the app and couldn’t purchase a new phone for only that thing. here’s what you can do to Perform OTP verification/validation of apps, which get stuck on waiting for verification code/sms.

Method 1 – Disable all 3rd-party apps which use messaging.

  • Uninstall any third-party apps which use messaging or which can access your messages – Chat-app on Samsung / Hangouts app by Google. (Check the alongside image on how to disable hang-out to use messaging)
  • These read the messages before our desired app can read them, hence the desired app which we are trying to install, cannot read those sms as they are being processed by app / thus causing starvation and inability to verify though the sms is received on our phone.
  • Same is the case with black-list/message filtering apps, these also check the sender/message before our desired app to be installed, which again causes starvation to the app which is waiting for OTP verifation.
  • Some, 3rd-Party launchers/widgets also interfere with the stock messaging features, hence it is recommended to disable them before we request OTP.

Method 2 – Changing the ROM (Method i followed for my Xiaomi Redmi 1s)

  • Though, this requires a little-bit more technical expertise and efforts , but it’s totally worth it!.
  • While, in my case i had the launcher (MIUI) built right into my ROM, hence i had no option but to change the ROM itself.
  • So, after changing my ROM to Cyanogen Mod 11, I installed earn talktime,magic recharge and both of them got verified in an instant!
  • While, changing your ROM , make sure that the custom ROM which you’re going to select for flashing is closest to Stock Android ROM (Cyanogen Mod)  in my case.

I bet, you won’t face any problem if you follow these steps – The method 1 worked for my friend with a Samsung Android, while the second one worked for me.


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