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How to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to Android without PC by PhoneSwappr


Hello everyone, recently I purchased A new Android Phone for Myself – Xiaomi Redmi 1S , and i wanted to transfer contacts from my existing Nokia Lumia 520 to my new Android Phone but the Windows Phone simply didn’t allow to transfer contacts using bluetooth 🙁 Also the methods available on net were either too bulky or they required PC access 🙁 . Hence, i started looking around for some alternatives to transfer contacts from windows phone to android and found this one as the best and most reliable – PhoneSwappr App! All i did was installing the app on my Windows Phone and Android and the rest was easy! because of the Simple User Interface.

Features of PhoneSwappr

  • Supports transfer of Contacts from Windows Phone to Android/iPhone as well as vice versa .
  • Stores the Contacts from your device on the Cloud for 7 days, providing you enough time to store the contacts.
  • All the contacts are encrypted with a security key which is only given to you.
  • The App can be installed on Multiple devices thus, allowing download of contacts to multiple devices where a large number of contacts need to be shared between two or more phones.
  • No need of any registration/Account Sign-Up! 😛 😀


  • First of All download and install the appropriate PhoneSwappr version on your Phones, depending upon their OS.
    Click here to Download PhoneSwappr for Windows Phone.
    Click here to Download PhoneSwappr for Android.
  • Now, First of all Install the application on both the phones 🙂 , After you install it Open the App on your Old Phone/ Phone from which contacts have to be retrieved , You’ll see a Screen like this –
  • Here select the Option “Send Contacts to Cloud”  All your contacts will start getting uploaded to the Cloud, and once all the contacts are uploaded you will be shown an image with the key/pin as shown below. (Please Note down this Pin as we will use it later to retrieve our contacts ).
  • Now  open the PhoneSwappr app on your New phone and select the option “Get contacts from the Cloud”. Here’ s please enter the Pin which we have noted down earlier to start the contacts download! . It will start downloading contacts as shown below – and once it gets downloaded you will be presented with a completion screen as shown below –

That’s it! 🙂 You have now transferred contacts among your devices in quick-time with total ease that too for FREE! I hope you liked this article and it helped you out of trouble 🙂

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