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Prevent Google from tracking Search-Using non https Google Search [Non SSL Version]


Many sites today track users without their consent and store data, hence privacy of users is a major concern. Google too does the same way and tracks our previous search queries,visited links to track our usage and improve the search results . But many times it can happen that we may want to hide our search query from google or stop it from tracking our usage. Also sometimes we may want to use the old non-https or non SSL version of Google Search to search our query especially in case of slower network connections. This post covers the very same on How to prevent Google from tracking our search without having to log out or make changes to our Google profile/Account settings , And using non https Google SSL encryption.

The Method to use Google without https and without traceability is very easy , though there are many users using 3rd party services like ducduckgo or startpage.com but i won’t recommend them,as they themselves are slower and their server processing despite using google results make them even more slower..Let us now browse the methods to prevent google from recording the search results.

Method I —– Using Google Server IP

Yeps, this is the most simple Method to use Google and gain access to Google search results without letting google track and using SSL , you can get the Geo-Specific Google Server IP for your location too, The Process is very Simple as follows

  • Open Command Prompt [For Windows users] or Terminal [For Linux and Mac users] and simply type the command “ping google.com” and hit enter, you will get a message as “pinging google.com (google server ip) with xx data” check the below screenshot for information.
  • Here the IP contained in the brackets is the Google Server IP , now simply enter this IP in your browser and hit enter ! and voila !
  • You are now able to access Google without https and without traceability , you can yourself check that even if you are logged on/signed in on “google.com” you are logged off/signed out on the Google Server IP Page :). Thus preventing the Google Server from tracking you and your search 🙂
  • Also, you can check for previously searched queries, they always disappear 🙂 Check the below Screenshot for live demo of the same –>
  • As you can see in the above Screenshot i have used the Google IP from the ping command and using it for searching , The Google Server IP which i used was , you can obtain yourself IP or can use anyone from the range to , tested by me i.e total 80*255 IPS but may be the number is even more  🙂 You can try urself and get your own Google Server IP  for personal use 😛

Method 2 – Appending ?nord=1 at end of Google Search

  • This is yet another method for using non https version of Google Search but unlike the previous method it doesn’t completely prevent Google from tracking your results.
  • But this method is quite useful especially in slower network connections or restricted networks where https doesn’t work properly . You can visit the non-https version of ?nord by Visiting here – http://www.google.com/?nord=1

So ,these are some tweaks of the World’s Number 1 Ranked site, which many and many of them might not know and which can be used to enjoy the Google Search experience 🙂 , If you have any doubts/queries/suggestions feel free to contact us or comment below 🙂


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