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[Tutorial] How to use zBigz Premium Cookies To remove Download Restrictions and Get Unlimited Speeds For Torrents!!


Hello Friends,

First of All , Let me Introduce zBigz : zBigz.com is a cloud based sites,where you can upload your torrents/magnet links and download them as HTTP links 🙂

Yeah 🙂 HTTP , But the Con is that zbigz.com free account provides only 8GB Filesize,and Limited speeds of 150kBps , but yes it can be bypassed by Our Cookies
So Let’s look What Methods/Tools We Are Going to Need

I > An Internet Browser Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox Preferred..

II > A .Torrent File/s which you want to Download,or A Magnet URI of them..


Now Before We Move to Premium Cookie Lets First Understand How zBigz Works

I > Open http://www.zBigz.com The Index Page Opens As Shown..

zBigz Index Page

  •  Now,in the Box Simply Paste Your Magnet URI of Torrent OR  Click on Upload Torrent and Select the torrent file you want to download and click on “GO”
  • Now A Message Appears Asking you for Free/Private Click on Free
  • Your Torrent Will Be Uploaded On zBIgz , you can see the status
  • Now Click on zip or Download Button to Download

Now This was the Basic Functioning but Here’s the Method How to Download UNLIMITED with Blazing Unlimited Speeds

Tools which we are Going to Need

I > Mozilla Firefox Users Download And Install The Add-on “Cookie Manager +” From Mozilla Add-ons Site or you can download it from clicking here

II > Google Chrome Users Download And Install The Extension “Edit This Cookie” From Appstore or you can download it by clicking here

Now , After you have Successfully Installed activate the Plugins and Perform The Following Steps

  • Open your Browser , Navigate to www.zbigz.com
  • If You are Using Firefox Perform The Following Steps
  • Go to Tools -> Cookie Manager +  Or Firefox -> Web Developer -> Cookie Manager + To See –


  • Here You  Will See PHPSESSID” 
  • Now Edit this PHPSESSID with the Premium Cookie Provided By us at http://techapple.net/zbigz-premium-cookies/ 
  • Check this screenshot for reference – >
  • Click on Close,Add Now Refresh zbigz.com Page,It Will Be “Premium” Account and now simplly Follow The Normal Method Of Adding Your Torrent ,discussed earlier 😀 And ENjoy Blazing Speeds!


If You Are A Google Chrome User Perform these steps

  • Open zbigz.com
  • Now Click on the Cookie Button in the Extension Toolbar and it will look as follows
  • Now Find “PHPSESSID” And Replace its Value By The Premium Cookie Provided by Us at http://techapple.net/zbigz-premium-cookies/
  • Click on Submit Changes
  • Refresh Zbigz.com,It Will Change ToPremium!
  • Voila Now,Add Torrents As DIscussed Earlier And Enjoy SUperfast Blazing Speeds!!

Note : 

  • We Recommend using IDM [Internet Download Manager] For High Speed
  • After your Work is Done please Dont log out
  • No Log in/Log Out is Required For Entire Process,Only you will require to change/replace the Updated Cookies From time to time in your browser..
  • This Method is also useful,where p2p traffic is not allowed,and can bypass firewalls
  • Thank you 🙂

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