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Geany CP : A Customised Geany IDE Installer as a C/C++ Compiler for Windows |Geany Compiler for Windows


Hello Guys,

There is a dearth of Proper C/C++ Compilers when it comes to Windows OS..especially except TurboC/Dev-Cpp none are upto the Mark Really..!!

But TurboC also doesn’t Run on 64-Bit Environments..like Windows 7,Windows 8

But it has a solution too.. Check The 64 Bit TurboC Solution,Click here..!!

although when it comes to Linux OS Geany IDE performs the Task Beautifully..!! also it uses the inbuilt gcc/g++ libraries but these Geany doesn’t run like that in  Windows OS due to missing libraries..

also you must have liked to use Geany as a C/C++ Compiler in Windows, so here’s the Solution

Geany CP : A customised Geany Installer as a C/C++ Language Compiler for Windows 

Here are some of its Salient Features

  • Popular Geany IDE as a C/C++ Compiler on Windows..That too a Single Click Installer
  • No Need Of Installing Linux Thingy..every component is built-in :D
  • Includes The minGW Libraries used by Linux i.e gcc/g++ library inbuilt ;)
  • No need to Alter The Environment Variables / System / Path.. The Installer Does that all itself :)
  • One CLick Installer : Geany + MinGW + System Variables.. All you have to do is simply Run The Compiler and Code  your desired source :D
  • Works on Any Version Of Windows [Windows 98,XP + Windows 7 and Windows 8 too] both 32 bit and 64 bit Environments

So, You can Download and Get it from here –>

Click here to Download Geany CP : Geany IDE on Windows with c/c++ programming Support inbuilt

Procedure :

  • Install,it using the Normal next,next method and run it from the Shortcut on the Desktop
  • Important Note : Windows 7 and Windows 8,users must Run it as an Administrator, you can do this by right clicking on the Geany icon and selecting Run as Administrator option..[Shown in this screenshot–>
  • Geany Run as Administrator Option for Windows 7/Windows 8

  • Enjoy !! Happy Programming :D with Geany as C Compiler on Windows

Mirror Link #1: Click here to Download Geany CP : A Customised Geany IDE as a C/C++ Compiler for Windows

Mirror Link #2: Click here to Download Geany CP : A Customised Geany IDE as a C/C++ Compiler for Windows


Here are some screenshots–>

Building/COmpilation on Geany for WIndows

Program Execution On Geany CP For Windows Cpp Programming


I Hope you Will Like it :D ; Do Like and Share :) Thanks..!!





  1. sahil1572 March 31, 2013

    very nice post Bro keep It up…

    1. Chaitanya April 1, 2013

      Thanks Bro 🙂 You’re Welcome!

  2. gonzalo April 13, 2013

    Espectacular! Me salvaste la vida, estuve renegando bastante con el tema de geany, netbeans, eclipse, no lograba compilar un programa en C en Windows 8!
    Es más, particioné el disco e instalé Ubuntu solo por Geany…
    Muchísimas gracias

  3. MANTU KUMAR June 30, 2014

    Nice post. It was really helpful

    1. Chaitanya July 1, 2014

      Thank you Mantu Kumar 🙂

  4. thedigitalbridgesblog December 1, 2016

    Hey Chaitanya, you’re doing a great job here. Thanks for providing the download. I needed Geany. Also, I’m trying to get the mover kit too. Thanks for all the help.


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