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Google Chrome Users Beware | Security Vulnerabilities


Yes, Its Absolutely True !! . Though , Google Chrome is One Of The Fastest Web Browsers Today ; and is widely used by millions of users and the number of users using it is increasing manifold BUT There are some Huge Security Vulnerabilites that pose a risk to You Your System, Your Identity , Passwords anything can be tracked and stealed !!!

Its due to the fault in Basic Foundation of the Browser Engine ..

Basically, what Google Chrome does it DOWNLOADS the whole page,its contents on your System etc on the System and then shows that page to you.. You Might have Got Error Message From Google Chrome like

In Order To Save your Browsing Time Google Chrome Downloads the Page Cache To Your System Before Loading, Please Refresh The Page You Requested.. etc …

So all the Ads, Cookies get Downloaded in your system.. but what it forgets is to delete those Ad Tracking Cookies , The Ad Tracking Cookies like say tribalfusion disguise themselves as site login cookies to Google Chrome and they start Tracking Your System, Log ins etc… Unlike Firefox which Uses Gecko Engine rightly removes all the Ads Cookies After its Closure

So.. Let’s Hope Google Chrome Fixes these Security Vulnerabiilities soon .. As i am too a fan Of Google Chrome’s Browsing Speed.. But Can’t Risk My Security And System Just For More Speed… 🙂


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