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Get the most accurate update on the weather condition with WeatherBug


Gone are the days when weather prediction was made just by looking outside. It is the time when with the modern technology it has become very easy to get an idea about the weather condition and then to act accordingly. With such blessings of weather apps, you can be saved from a number of weather mishappening. Thus, if anyone makes fun of you for checking the weather on your phone, let them not bother you in any way as you will be getting a lot of help for making the right choice according to the weather condition.

To enhance the entire process of checking and verifying the weather outside, the whole new app has made the perfect and accurate buzz in the market. The latest launch in the market that has made the weather checking super easy is WeatherBug. The weather app has been a great sensation ever since it has been launched in the market.

This amazing weather app is available on both the leading OS versions, which are Android and iOS. Both the operating system has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look:

22292107_10212844653685130_1624060078_oPros of WeatherBug (Android):

  • Live cameras
  • Detailed weather information
  • Lightning detection facility

Cons of WeatherBug (Android):

  • Not organized properly
  • Contains lots of ads
  • Few widgets

Pros of WeatherBug (iOS):

  • Live cameras
  • Better quality
  • Amazing video quality

22281054_10212844652245094_1650312492_oCons of WeatherBug (iOS):

  • Non-intuitive search
  • Prone to sudden malfunction for temporary basis

Review of the WeatherBug app:

WeatherBug is one of the most popular weather apps that is being used by most of the people as it offers an ample number of benefits and features to its users. Other than being freely available for both the operating system, it also works well with all the size devices. It gives reasonable interface on almost all the size of devices. The app has been appealing to the users as they don’t have to face any difficulty or blurring effect with the image or video quality of the weather information. Excellent is the word that best describes its ability to provide ease to the users to access it. You don’t have to have any technical minds to operate the app or its features and functionality as it gives an easy to use interface along with easy to operate options.

22281140_10212844656685205_439981148_oUnlike many other weather apps which put all the information together making it difficult for the users to follow and understand it, WeatherBug uses a simple layout where all the collected data and weather information can be easily followed for getting the most accurate results. The app can be customized according to the needs and wants of the users. Along with all this, the professional design of the app makes it stand apart.

The app is capable to provide you with the weather information as per the location set up. You can either set your location manually or can allow the app to get an access of your location automatically. Which out of the two options you choose, the results will simply be amazing. To be specific, the app will deliver the information about the weather in 7 major categories to provide you with the most accurate information. The following are the categories that you can see for the information:

  • Now: it depicts the present weather condition
  • 7-days: it shows the weather conditions in the following 7 days
  • Hourly: it will give you the weather details on the hourly basis
  • Detailed: it will portray the detailed description of the weather condition emphasizing more on the information like temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Radar: to get additional information for your location
  • Alerts: provides you with the weather alerts
  • Spark: provides you with the lightning information in your location

Overall, the app is a must-have if you want to enjoy the weather rather than falling into any trouble due to the weather condition.

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