How to use Jio 4G Voice App to make VoLTE Calls on iPhone 5s & 5C / iPhone 5 & 4

Reliance Jio has one of the best mobile data plans in the Indian Telecom market, but it has one drawback – Reliance Jio is a 4G only network and hence requires VoLTE enabled phones to make calls. Now, since all iPhones are single sim devices and considering iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 & 4S do not support VoLTE, Jio cannot be used as the primary network for receiving calls. But not anymore, In this article, we will cover how you can use your Jio 4G Sim to make & receive calls on any iPhone, even iPhone 5S using the Jio 4G Voice app.

How to Dial & Receive Jio 4G Calls on iPhone 5S, 5C (iPhone 5 & 4S) using Jio 4G Voice App –

Pre-requisites –

  • Jio Sim.
  • JioFi Wireless Router for (only if you’re an iPhone 4S user this is required) else you can directly insert your Jio sim in your iPhone.
  • In case, if you’re using your iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7S with any other sim and you wish to make calls using Jiofi then also this process will work. Just start from the Step No.2 in below tutorial.
  • Jio4G Voice App – We will be using the Jio4Gvoice app to make & receive calls, the app functions like your normal phone dialer –
    Click here to Download Jio 4G Voice app for iOS (iPhone) from iTunes App Store


Step – 1  Configuring your Device on the Jio Network (Only for iPhone 5S / 5 / 5C users)

In this step, we will enable LTE Network for the Jio network, from our phone settings. No need of doing this step, if you’re trying to make or receive calls via JioFi.

  • First, of all insert your Jio sim into your iPhone.
  • Now navigate to Settings – > Mobile Data. Now select the option “Mobile Data Options” as shown in the image below –
    Mobile Data Options Jio iPhone
    Mobile Data Options Jio iPhone

    After you select the “Mobile Data Options”, in the next screen – Tap on “Voice” and select the “LTE” option as shown below –

    Select the LTE Option
    Select the LTE Option

    That’s it! , Now simply restart your iPhone. You will be on the Jio Network.


Step – 2   Connecting to the Jio Data Network (JioFi + iPhone common step)

  • Now, simply turn on the Mobile Data of your Jio Sim, or if you’re using Jio Hotspot (Jiofi) device connect to Jiofi wifi network.
  • Once, you’re on Jio Internet (via Sim or Jiofi), simply launch the Jio 4G Voice app which we have downloaded from the app store.
  • Click here to Download Jio 4G Voice app for iOS (iPhone) from iTunes App Store
  • It will now, start registering your Jio sim, as shown in the following image –
    Jio4GVoice Registration on iPhone
    Jio4GVoice Registration on iPhone

    It will take some time to register with the Jio Sim, once it is registered automatically it will now take you to the dialer screen as shown in the below image –

    Jio 4G Voice Dialer iPhone
    Jio 4G Voice Dialer iPhone

    Now, on the dialer screen simply dial the number which you want to dial or leave the app as it is (for receiving calls). When you dial a number or select one from contacts, simply click on the “green call button” and your call will be connected as shown –

    Jio Voice Call VoLTE on iPhone 5S using Jio 4G Voice APP
    Jio Voice Call VoLTE on iPhone 5S using Jio 4G Voice APP

    Thus, you can now enjoy any Jio voice calls or even SMS services from Jio on any iPhone via the Jio 4G Voice app.

Note – Please, make sure you do not close the Jio 4G Voice app else you won’t be able to receive calls on the iPhone 5S and if you are using JioFi M2 device.


  1. Neeraj says

    I have airtel sim in my iPhone 5s but connected with jiofi3 with wifi.
    When I am launching jio4gvoice it is saying that you don’t have jio sim.

    Even if I am enabling airplane mode with wifi connected it is not registering my device with jiofi. Any clue how it will work for calling.

  2. Senthil says

    I have aircel sim in my iPhone 5s but connected with jiofi3 with wifi.
    When I am launching jio4gvoice it is saying that you don’t have jio sim.

  3. Ravi says

    But can you please share in which state this application is working. Because I am living in Ahmedabad i am not able to call by this. I have tried so much time but it’s not happening. Please rply me

  4. Prince says

    Not working my 5s “This service currently not available in your region and will be enabled shortly”
    Now am in Kerala my phone region India

  5. Tabasum says

    M also facing this problem m using vodafone sim in my iPhone 6 n m trying to configure Jio4GVoice through jiofi wen i m opening app it shows jio sim not detected, please insert jio sim n try again…
    Please suggest wat to do

  6. Santosh Jadhav says

    It is very difficult or almost imposinlevto acceptbor receive call in iphone 5s with jio sim .as it not support Volte.

  7. Jagdish says

    I have iPhone 6. installed jio 4g voice. it did place one call after that showing error. IPhone is connected to jio fi 3. Need help. from Haryana circle

  8. Chirag says

    The above mentioned post is not working for iPhone5s connected with JIO-Fi3 for voice feature. If anyone get the solution, inform me as well.

  9. Jagdish says

    spoke to customer service couple of time but no solution. They told me reinstall Jio 4g voice in my iPhone 6. it can use gio 4g voice then says voice is disabled and use the phone dialer instead. this happens while I insert the jio sim from my jio fi3. Once the sim is taken out says error no jio sim detected. The reason why I want use another sim in my iPhone. Since there is only one sim can be inserted in the iPhone I need to use jio 4g voice app on my iphone6. any body find a solution please post it here

  10. vijaykumar says

    Me, too having similar problem. Able to install JIO4G app on iphone6, but with Jiofi2/3, im not able to use voice application in andhrapradesh, internet ok.
    Error:JIO SIN+M not detected.Please insert a Jio SIM and retry….
    any body, overcomed this??? if yes, how? post here pls…

    • vijaykumar says

      More over if you close the application, we get this message:
      If you close Jio4GVoice, you will not be able to continue receiving calls and messages…strange

  11. shubhi says

    After install it works one time in iPhone 5s but now giving error ‘your current connection isn’t 4G….’

  12. sridar srisha says

    now i am alswo get free call who didn’t get the call you just do one thing you connect ur divice any wifi and open my jio and 4g voice call they ask some question then now u connect net it will be done

  13. says

    This is not working for me. I have jiofi device and have downloaded jio4gvoice on my iphone 4S. So now when I open the 4g voice app on jio network, i get an error ‘Jio sim not detected. Please insert a jio sim and retry’. I have already tried, uninstalling/ installing, install using same jiofi network but nothing work for calling. Data is working fine and sim status is active for both data and calling (called customer care they said so but even they had no clue to solve this). Please help.

  14. says

    In iPhone 5s; when jio4gvoice app is closed ring does not display when ringing also nor new messages shown. Why is that and why it cannot be upgraded?

  15. Abhishek Kumar says

    i am getting problem in my iPhone 5s as when i open my app it automatically get closes without showing me anything! i am currently running on iOS 8 version.
    kindly please help asap.
    thank you 🙂

  16. M.Arunachalam says

    Unable to register you on the network please contact jig are for assistance iPhone 5 , this my problem pls get solution 🙂

  17. Srinu says

    Hi , I am using jio4GVoice App in my iphone5 for the sake of my voice calls.Eralier I made calls through this app with out any problem, but this time I am getting a error message like “Your current connection is not 4g data network,please switch to 4G data network inorder to proceed”.I tried in diffrent locations(for good signals) to figureout my problem but No use.
    Could you plaese solve my problem ASAP?.

  18. Priya says

    I have an iphone5s and i’m able to make calls using this app..but i am not able to attend a call in the lock screen..can u tell me how i can ?

  19. Amit Roy says

    Everyone is right! I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I have gone mad trying for it but same error. It doesn’t work with JioFi for making calls

  20. S K Dubey says

    Jio4Gvoice is working fine with 5S and data tethering is also very good. But incoming call is not activating the screen and fone is also not ringing.

  21. Riya berlia says

    I have iPhone 6, I connected it to jiofi as I want to call through my phone, I had downloaded the jio4g voice app n there it was showing dat jio sim was not detected please insert a jio sim and retry

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