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Windscribe VPN Review | Best Free Way To Access Any Blocked Content


blocked contentWelcome all to our new post, and in this post, we are going to review a VPN service called Windscribe. Windscribe is a simple to use VPN service which is available for almost all types of devices like Desktop, Mobiles and Routers in fact it is available for browsers only. Windscribe has many features at very affordable price, and its pack starts from $ 7.50 per month. In fact, users can also go for the free version. We will discuss this in details in later in the post. First of all, let us explore what we can do with Windscribe.

Features of Windscribe

Windscribe is a VPN service which provides some basic features of VPN to its customers. Let us highlight some of its key features.

1. Basic VPN Services: It provides some basic VPN services like:

a. Access Blocked Content: Users can access Blocked content through it. Now users don’t have to worry about their favorite content on the internet if they are traveling abroad.
b. Security over Insecure Network: Users can use Windscribe to browse the internet safely over insecure network connections like public wifi, etc. Public networks are highly prone to Spying agencies and hackers.
c. Encrypted Files Transfer: Data are send and received in a secure manner through encryption hence there is no fear of threat confidentiality.

2. Support: As it mentioned above it is available for all types of platforms like:

a. Desktop/ Laptop:Windows, Mac, and Linux.
b. Browser: Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.
c. Phone: Android, iOS, and Blackberry.
d. Router: DD-WRT, Tomato Inside, and Flash Router.

3. For Desktop

a. Users will get full VPN client security for their system. Windscribe will protect all activities like browsing, email, Skype, etc.
b. Firewall option is available which protects the exposure of home IP address if Windscribe service is unavailable at the moment.

4. For Browser
a. For Browsers, users will get fully protection to their privacy from annoying ads and location trackers.
b. The Secure link is also available in the browser extension of Windscribe which can help in detecting harmful sites.

You can also visit this video for more idea about the working and use of Windscribe.

The interface of Windscribe?

In this part of the post, we are going to share some snaps of Windscribe for Windows. Have a look at these snaps carefully.

1. First of all, you have to create an account.
2. After that, you have to do login.
3. You will get the following screen after login.

login screen4. As you can see, you can select the location of the servers. In free version users will get servers in only eight countries whereas in paid version servers in more than 40 countries are available. You can also see that in free version users will get only two GB free data instead of 10 GB if the email id is not verified.

free data5. Users can also adjust preference settings too. Here is a snap of it.

options6. Pricing

Have a look at below snap for the idea about the pricing of the service.

free and premium pricingAs you can see users can opt for free version but in free version, fewer numbers of servers are available whereas in paid versions more servers are available.

Final Words

We have provided sufficient points supporting Windscribe VPN service but still if you have any doubts in your mind, please read below pros and cons which we noticed while using it.


1. Its free version is available in which users can get ten GB of data limit which is good for a free service.
2. 40+ countries servers are available which are located in almost all part of the globe.
3. The bandwidth of the Windscribe is also very good. And we didn’t notice any considerable slowdown in browsing speed.
4. Available for wide range of devices and platforms.
5. Some features like the firewall, secure link, etc are unique and helpful in maintaining privacy.


1. It is not available for windows phone.

Guys, try it free version and share your experience with us through like, comments and share. In case of any doubts you can contact us through contact us options. Thank you all.


  1. Wim Van Loock February 1, 2017

    I’ve been using Windscribe for about 8 months now and it does the job and it does it fast….

    As I said, fast connection,it automatically searches for the fastest connection.
    For me for instance, living in Belgium the fastest are mostly the Netherlands, Belgium(!) and France with an occasional UK server peeping in…. 🙂

    But you can also choose out of a lot countries from where to start. And in these 8 months there was no downtime at all.

    Now they have an interesting offer:

    17 $ for 20 months, no data limit

    Here’s the promo-link:

  2. softmares June 22, 2017

    Very good and informative article. Most of the people use these services but they do not know the exact ones. Nice effort

  3. George October 27, 2017

    Is the free version limited? I mean, you did mention that if you get verified with an email you get 10 gigabytes of data. But, do you get those every month or is it a one time deal?

  4. Annie W. November 29, 2017

    Having a VPN isn’t just about keeping your internet history private, but keeping your personal info private. There have been a ton of hacking incidences recently which really makes you think how safe are you when surfing the net? I’m still new to Windscribe but I studied their site and checked out their features. So far, everything i’ve read and have experienced with Windscribe VPN has lived up to what they say they are. I’ve also been impressed with their speed & extra features, they have quite a few which others don’t.

  5. Matt December 20, 2017

    It’s free, it works, and it’s reliable! The connection speeds are great and i’ve tried selecting each location on the pro plan just to see if I could notice whether there was a big difference speed wise. I’m happy to say each location provided satisfying connections without any problems. More people need to know about Windscribe. Whether you use the pro plan or the free plan, it makes surfing the net so much safer and an affordable price.

  6. Victoria Stevenson January 21, 2018

    So happy to have finally found a VPN provider that does exactly what it says it would! Windscribe by far is the best VPN i’ve used (and i’ve tried a ton) Quality speeds, quality customer care, and great extra features! 10 out of 10 from me!

  7. Millar February 15, 2018

    Absolutely perfect! Probably the best VPN i’ve come across to date. A happy customer that will continue to subscribe to their services.

  8. Lilli March 9, 2018

    Windscribe is very reliable! I’ve been using it for almost a year now and not once have I had an issue with it. You won’t find anything better than Windscribe, especially when it comes to performance and feature wise.

  9. Von April 9, 2018

    The ultimate VPN. Windscribe will definitely take over many of the popularly known VPN’s, and I think it will happy sooner rather than later. With such a large following of users, and the ability to contentiously provide such great services without major hiccups, this VPN has won over my trust and a lifetime subscription.

  10. Shery Wilm May 15, 2018

    Love the cookie monster and timezone spoofing feature, great way of wiping your history and ensuring you’re getting the real deal when ti comes to staying invisible. Great VPN as a whole, and very impressed with how fast the speeds continue to be.

  11. lisa simmons June 7, 2018

    It’s amazing how developers can make this kind of useful VPN. Easy and simple to use, a ton of great features, and very reliable speeds. An overall top of the class VPN.

  12. Jon Samu July 18, 2018

    Great VPN. Works smoothly, is consistent and the speeds are reliable. I can choose any locations without worrying if there’s going to be much difference speed wise. Love the features that come with it and the useful information on their website. In my opinion, nothing can beat the overal quality of Windscribe at the rate they’re going.


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