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4 Ways/Methods to install ipa file (app) on iPhone / iPad / iPod Online + offline methods


As, we all know iPhone & iPad both iOS devices pack/store their apps in .ipa file extension. Recently I covered how to backup/extract ipa files of your current iPhone/iPad apps . Now I will cover on how to install these ipa files apps on your iPhone & iPad online as well as offline methods with no Jailbreak required!. However, to install cracked apps on your iPhone or iPod you need to Jailbreak your device, these methods work perfectly for non-cracked apps though

Method # 1 – Using iTunes.

iTunes too provides a functionality to directly install ipa apps on your device. Perform the following steps to install ipa apps through iTunes –

  • Connect your Phone to computer and launch iTunes.
  • Drag the app’s .ipa file into iTunes library.
  • Click on Sync and done, that’s it . If the app was earlier backed up from the same device, it would be installed without any fuss.

Method # 2 – iFunbox

install ipa through iFunbox

iFunbox is yet another easy method to install ipa files/apps on your iPhone. Perform the following steps to install Apps on your iPad/iPhone through ifunbox –

  • Download and install ifunbox from i-funbox.com if not already installed.
  • Launch iFunbox and connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Now navigate to the File Browser tab as shown in the figure and select “User Applications” (Highlighted in the same figure).
  • Now click on “Install App” button, select the ipa or apmx file of app which you want to install and click on Open!
  • Yo! The app will be installed successfully.

Method # 3 Online Method : Diawi

Diawi is a tool for iOS developers to deploy Development and Ad hoc iOS applications or install them directly to the device. Here are the steps to follow to install apps through Diawi –

0. Open Diawi.com .
1. Upload the application and its provisioning profile.
2. Send the link to your testers, clients, friends or even use it yourself. (Either by Mail , WhatsApp etc)
3. Open the link in Safari on the iOS device and click on install.

Method # 4 – iTools

As we’ve mentioned earlier that iTools is probably the best alternative to iTunes, and the tutorial to install apps on iPhone is very similar to the one we used for backing-up /extract ipa files of iPhone/iPod apps.

  • Connect your phone to computer and launch iTools , You can download iTools from the following links –
    Click here to download iTools for Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Click here to download iTools for Mac OS.
  • After connecting your phone & launching iTools go to  the “Applications” tab on the left hand side.
  • Now, click on the “Install” button.
  • Select the ipa file which you want to install, and click on Open.
  • That’s it your app will be installed successfully!

So, these are some of the methods which i used to deploy/install ipa apps on my iPhone/iPod .If you encounter any problems or know of another such method feel free to comment


  1. thehe March 17, 2015

    Learning from this I could in stall my developments to my student ipad with IfunBox. But only successed few first times. then all return error. Event first goodies then failed after deletion.My ap sizes are from 20 – 35 MB. Anyone know why?

    1. Robert Wheeler Wheeler November 23, 2017


  2. Rajiv March 19, 2015

    itools did the trick thanks

  3. ragini May 22, 2015

    How to <a href="http://www.6to6plus.com/download-cydia-ipa-installer-for-ios-8/"download and install ipa installer for apple devices for ios 8.3 ?

  4. ozzy June 3, 2015

    I cannot install cracked app .
    how to install cracked app to ios 8.3 ?

  5. vietplayschool June 3, 2015

    Click here to download iTools for Mac OS : Broken LINK

  6. irajeevks June 23, 2015

    To Share Your .iPA file to testers, friends and clients using Beta Build Testing :- http://buildtesting.com

  7. lightning June 25, 2015

    i would love have a way to load the app store apps into my windows 8.1 computer…

  8. Rj035 July 10, 2015

    Can you tell me a site from which I can download such non cracked ipa files???
    Please help!!

    1. Chaitanya July 10, 2015

      Hello Rj035, it depends on the iOS version you’re using.. If you’re using the latest iOS versions after 8.1 the only option is to download them through iTunes or app store and copy them from iTunes apps folder in your computer so that you can install later..

  9. raj kumar December 31, 2015

    good for installing iPA files

  10. 1111 February 2, 2016

    I was looking for a way to deploy an .ipa file to my iPhone.
    Unfortunally, this article i TOTALLY useless – all the methods
    listed here don’t work !! I am VERY VERY PISSED OFF !!!
    itools and i-Funbox require to have installed iTunes, in order
    to run !!! In the end, I went for an iTunes installation, which
    failed miserably !!! I TOTALLY HATE APPLE FOR DOING THIS
    TO ITS USERS !!!!!!!
    ANDROID FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING goes much easier !!!!!

    1. TONY November 21, 2016


  11. pallavi April 21, 2016

    I have installed ipadian emulator on my windows laptop. how can i install an ipa file on the emulator??? without connect my iphone to the laptop

  12. Priyank Motivaras May 24, 2016

    authentication fail when installing ipa file .

  13. User August 8, 2016

    Do I have to jailbreak my iPhone for Method # 1 – Using iTunes.?

  14. dani August 28, 2016

    thanks alot

  15. sententiaedeo September 17, 2016

    There’s no way to install a .ipa file from within the iOS device itself?

    1. Chaitanya September 19, 2016

      Hi Sententiaedeo, Unforunately there isn’t 🙁

  16. labm October 9, 2016

    Trying to install Viber on iPod Touch 4.2.1(Jailed)

    iTools : only for ios5 and above

    iFunBox v1.8
    Viber ipa : Viber_2.1.3.244
    Install App -> Error# e8008017

    Any idea ?

    1. Samuel Aponte April 6, 2017

      it is a sign error, but you could install it by vShare

  17. Ahmad Ali October 22, 2016

    Really very informative article. I am thankful for such a good information.

  18. Skye November 12, 2016

    Thank you. iTunes works great.

  19. Jehan November 30, 2016

    When i used itunes to install .ipa apps, my iPad starts to install the app. but the downloading circle keeps hang and then the installing app disappeared

    1. smtui90 February 10, 2017

      same here!!! Please help

  20. Emiliano December 15, 2016

    we have recently released our Platform: AppSharing.
    it’s free for small App.
    feel free to try it.



  21. Ángela February 9, 2017

    This article was great. I was actually able to copy the app (old version of ibooks – 2.1.1.ipa) to the phone. However, it asks me a user name and password. I use mine and the ones with which we downloaded it (my sister’s) and still I’m unable to use the app. Do you know what could be happening?

  22. Vishal March 7, 2017

    i can’t able to install cracked file can you help me

  23. DebraScott May 18, 2017

    I have an iPad Pro how do you use this tool to download ipa files

  24. Brittany July 21, 2017

    It goes to my phone from iTunes, then it just stays grayed out and says installing indefinitely, but never installs. Do you know what could be causing it? I got the download sent to me via email and I saved it to my google drive and then tried to open it using almost all 4 of your methods and it wouldn’t open

  25. putter September 30, 2017

    Itools works great on my pc.Loading lots of apps to my iphone 6s plus.
    Thanks so much!!

  26. Sanjay Saini November 8, 2017

    is that possible that without knowing the UDID of the User who wants to Install the App.

  27. ayesha May 29, 2018

    Hi , can we install ipa file in my mobile which is backed up from other iphone user ?
    because after i install it will ask for apple id and password .
    i gave my id and password ,and the screen goes blank


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