Easily Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone without PC through SHAREit App by Lenovo

Hello everyone , one of the biggest visible drawback of the iPhone is its inability to support Bluetooth file transfer . Hence, we face problem while transferring files from iPhone to iPhone – using AirDrop too is an inconvenient option . In this article – I will cover one of the simplest methods to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without using Computer/PC/Mac by SHAREit App. Not only music, Shareit App by lenovo can also be used to transfer data,documents(PDF, Docx. XLS etc) from iPhone to iPhone. I used it to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone & Android too, however if you need to transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone/Android you will have to use Xender App – Click here for Tutorial on using Xender app.

Though, many tutorials and methods are available on net I am using SHAREit because it doesn’t require an Internet Connection or a Computer/PC at any stage!

The various modes of transfer supported by SHAREit App are –

  • Transfer Music/Data from iPhone to iPhone. (directly Share music iPhone to iPhone)
  • Transfer Music/Data from iPhone to iPad.
  • Transfer Music/Data from iPhone to Computer/PC.
  • Transfer Music/Data from iPad to iPhone.
  • Transfer Music/Data from iPad to iPad.
  • Transfer Music/Data from iPad to Computer/PC.

Instructions/Method to use ShareIt on your iOS Device

Here I used MyComputer/Laptop as Receiver as i didn’t have a Second iPhone
  • First of all, Download and Install the SHAREit app on both the devices from iTunes Store by clicking here – Click here to Download SHAREit App for iPhone/iPad.
  • Note – Make Sure both your parent device (sender) and child device(receiver) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network , else create a personal hotspot on your parent device and connect the child device to the hotspot before opening the SHAREit app. 
  • Now, Open ShareIt in the device from which you want to transfer the Data (Parent Device) and tap on “Share”.
  • Select the data/music which you want to transfer. Once you’re done with selecting the data – Tap on the “Next” option (button).
  • Open, the device on which you want to Receive the data/Music (Child Device)  and tap on “Receive”.
  • Now, Shift to the sender(parent) device and you’ll see an icon/link in the network radar (As highlighted in the alongside figure) . Simply tap on the device’s Icon to Start the Transfer!
  • If incase , the Child device asks you to confirm the transfer – Click on “Confirm”.
  • That’s it ! You have successfully transfer music iphone to iphone without a Computer/PC . And you have completed the iPhone to iPhone music/data transfer without an Internet Connection! (Share data iphone to iphone).

I hope, the tutorial was short and easy , if you face any problems/encounter any issues while transferring or using the app feel free to comment.




  1. A says

    How do I delete a received song from my iPhone? Please reply. It has taken up nearly 3gb of my storage

    • says

      Hello, simply open the shareit app, navigate to my files option present at the bottom of screen, now tap on the file/song and select the delete option 🙂

      • A says

        I have deleted the songs from My files but all the songs are still present on My music. I tried connecting my phone to iTunes on my PC but those songs don’t show up! Please help me.

        • says

          Hello, I guess it might be a cache issue, please try restarting your iPhone or else browse for shareit app’s document files folder through any iOS or iPhone Explorer like itools 3, or ifunbox and delete them it will do the job 🙂

  2. Siddhartha says

    Few songs dont get imported to MyMusic i have to open my files to listen to those songs…. Please help me

  3. Amie Louise says

    I have some problem on connecting IOS to pc or IOS to android. It does require a password in connection. Do you know what is it? Coz I tried passwords in my ios phone &pc, it doesn’t work. Please help me.

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