7 Best Free VPNs for Chrome -7 free VPN Apps/Extensions for Chrome OS/Chrome browser/Google Chromebooks

Many times, we need to access sites which we don’t have access to.. Or simply we need to bypass the censorship imposed by the network administrator. Also, there are some sites which have restricted region/country access e.g hulu – U.S.A . (hulu is accessible only in USA) . In all the above mentioned scenarios and many more all of these limitations can be bypassed/overcome by VPN services . What’s more ? VPNs also encrypt your traffic and hide your identity , keeping you totally anonymous 🙂 . So, VPNs are really very useful services! and here we present you the Best 7 Free VPN services (apps/extensions) for Google Chrome Browser/Chromebooks i.e VPN for chrome OS.

Another advantage of using VPN services directly in Chrome is to overcome the technical hurdles faced while configuring the VPN clients such as Open VPN , PPTP etc 🙁

No.1 – Dot VPN

Dot VPN is another similar service to ZenMate and provides access to restricted websites as well as VoIP applications, and its free to use too! Some of the unique features of Dot VPN are as mentioned –

  • Anonymous Internet-surfing
  • Access to all websites
  • Virtual change of location
  • High speed connection without connection dropping
  • Safety when accessing public Wi-Fi points (Wi-Fi and Hacker Protection)

Click here to Download Dot VPN from the Chrome App Store



No.2 – Gom Web VPN for Chrome

Gom- Web VPN for Google Chrome is yet another Chrome exclusive VPN service provider, it doesn’t require any 3rd Party application for the VPN services except its Google Chrome extension and is quite effective too!

The service is free Free for Trial period and features of Gom VPN include –

  • Access blocked content.
  • Surf privately with encryption (even with non-secure sites);
  • Enjoy faster page load times (GOM uses Google’s SPDY technology).
  •  No need for network configuration / 3rd party app install.

Click here to Download Gom Web VPN from Chrome Store.


No.3 –  Browsec

Browsec encrypts your traffic and routes it through Browsec’s secure cloud network. No one will be able to identify, track you or sniff your traffic.

  •  Visit Facebook and twitter from work, read whatever you want.
  •  Privacy. Hide your real location from the sites you visit.
  •  Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud and so on — music and video services restricted to a few countries are now accessible to you too.
  • Personally, i found it much speedier as compared to other extensions i tested 🙂

You can start Browsec by clicking on the tab icon and clicking on “Protect Me” button as shown in the image alongside

Click here to download Browsec Extension for Chrome.


No.4 – ZenMate! 

ZenMate is  was perhaps the best and first Chrome-exclusive VPN , but now it isn’t since it started is premium services. It started it operations on Chrome and was the first app/extension providing VPN services only based on the Chrome Engine and without any OS(Win/Linux/Mac) support. hence, it is able to run on Chrome OS too!.

Features of ZenMate –

  • Encrypts and protects your browser traffic
  • Hides your real location and activity
  • Access any website from anywhere
  • For free and just a few clicks away!
  • Also it provides Encryption,Speed,Data Compression and blocks Harmful Sites.

Configuring and using Zenmate too is very easy as 1..2…3… 1.Download….2.Sign-Up….3.Activate by a simple button.. 🙂

Click here to download ZenMate for Google Chrome from Chrome App Store.

Note : – You can get a free ZenMate Premium account if you sign-up via our link below –
Click here to Sign-Up for ZenMate Premium for Free!

ZenMate premium gives you a higher level of security which is not matched by any other Chrome VPN yet


No.5 – Hola Engine – Hola Better Internet

Hola is one of  the most famous unblocking/proxy extensions for Chrome, and it has now added the VPN type services too..

Hola is easier to use and moderately good in speed! however, you need to install both the hola app as well as the extension to use the hola services on Google Chrome.

How to use Hola:
1. Install the extension
2. Go to a website that is blocked
3. Press the Hola extension icon (top right of browser)
4. Choose the country that you would like to browse from
… and enjoy your liberated Internet!

Click here to Download Hola! Better Internet from Chrome Store.


No . 6 – Cyberghost VPN-Proxy for Chrome

Cyberghost is the leading name when it comes to VPN service providers, especially Free VPN Service Providers. and true to its name, Cyberghost has launched its VPN cum proxy extension for Google chrome.

Personally, i found the extension to be slower as compared to the other VPNs mentioned in this article , but ocverall the trustworthy name in VPN industry and getting the Job done features Cyberghost in this list.

Click here to Download Cyberghost VPN extension from Chrome Store.


No.7 – Breakwall VPN

Breakwall VPN is perhaps the fastest of all VPNs but its not completely free 🙁 , it offers a Free Trial though, hence it just makes to this list, as this is one such service whose trial service is too  good to be missed .

You can create a trial account with Breakwall and add the password received in your mailbox to the extension, anc click on connect. that’s it , The speed and the service provided by Breakwall is really awesome except for the trial!

Also, it consists of BBC- iPlayer mode, by virtue of which you can access BBC iPlayer in countries where its blocked.

Click here to Download Breakwall VPN from Google Chrome Store.


So, these were the Best free VPN services among the ones we tested, if you know of any such good services feel free to comment 🙂


  1. says

    Browsec is the pick of the bunch if you want to watch the BBC iPlayer . It never misses a beat and rarely ever scrolls at all . And it is so so simple Congratulations to the developers

  2. 2550GS says

    What is the business model for these add-ons? Since they are free, what are their developers getting in return for such good products?

  3. SaZDice says

    ZENMATE IS not free ANYMORE, now it is laggy, there isnt good servers and no protection, if you want those you need buy premium

  4. L Arnold says

    In the introduction, you mention that VPNs encrypt. But for the 7 mentioned, encrypting is
    rarely noted. Moreover, I’ve heard HOLA does NOT encrypt. Do each of the 7 VPNs you
    cite encrypt ? Or only some – which ones ? / Thanks.

  5. Smantha says

    I never use free vpn tools because its limited in features as well as risky compared to paid tools like, Hide My IP. HMIP is great in performance , protects online visibility, and its damn cheap.

  6. says

    You have mentioned about few nice and useful alternatives of Zenmate. I used Zenmate but the free version was available for only 7 days. What about these extensions? I am using Hide-My-IP extension on my Google Chrome. It is good and effective. You should add this one in your list.

  7. Doc says

    What is the difference in setting up a VPN manually “on-your-PC” and “adding-a-VPN-extension” to your browser? Would they conflict with each other?
    On one hand you go to Network Settings on your PC to add a VPN by manually inserting required info; which is JUST for the PC itself…?
    On the other hand you click to add a free VPN to the browser extension you use on your PC JUST for the browser…?
    Do I keep one and remove the other or do I keep both? If i should keep both; How do I maintain speed, functionality, & no-conflicts between the two (not saying there is a conflict)?
    Thank you times a million!!!

    • says

      Hello Doc,

      Well to be frank there shouldn’t be any conflict. For example if you use a VPN inside your browser, your traffic from the browser is encrypted and sent through the Browser VPN. And If you have a PC VPN too, then the Browser VPN traffic is again encrypted by PC VPN and then sent through the PC VPN. So, there aren’t any conflicts, but the speed will reduce due to double encryption. But, it will simultaneously provide additional security.

  8. Gregory says

    Need a Free VPN Trial? Here’s Why You Don’t Need One

    There could be many reasons why a VPN trial with no credit card requirement may seem a good deal to you. For instance, you may find it a good way to save yourself from the hassle of going through the refund process, or wasting money on something that doesn’t fulfill your needs.

    Perhaps, it may also seem attractive to you because of all the promised features. However, the truth is that a free VPN trial with no registration or credit card never comes with complete access to all the premium features. In free versions, users are given access to only a handful of features.

    More importantly, free trials often tend to work with specific devices, and not all the different devices promised by the service provider. Unfortunately, many VPN services never deliver on their promises. Instead, they run a bogus service to scam unsuspecting users.

    Source: https://www.purevpn.com/blog/trial-vpn/

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