In my last post i wrote about Generating Direct Download Links for Files from Cloud Storage.
Direct Links are links which you can simply share through email/blogs/websites on clicking which file download begins without any landing Page. UbuntuOne used to provide this feature earlier bydefault [Now its closing down] and as Copy.Com is not as popular and user-friendly as DropBox – World’s No 1 Cloud File Storage . Many readers asked me if such thing was possible for DropBox..? snd the answer is Yes! Its possible to Dropbox Direct Link  and i coded a simple tool – CloudLinker for the same !  well you can even do it manually , Just keep on reading to get this exclusive trick!

Trick to Generate Direct Download Links of Files stored on Simply follow the Steps Below –

  • Get the Dropbox Sharing URL of the file/s which you want to share,it would look like this “…..”  , if you don’t know how to get the sharing URL , refer the following steps below..Step 1 . Right Click on the Filename which you want to share and now a dropdown menu will appear , as shown in the figure below Now Simply Click on “Share Link” Option before the Download Option you’ll get the File Sharing Link which would look like the string discussed above or shown in Picture below –
     This “…./<filename>” is your sharing URL ..Now Comes the Main Step /Method… 
  • Now , Simply Replace the String “” with “” And your Direct Download Link is Ready!
  • for e.g the Sharing URL looks like “…../<filename>” now after replacing “” with “” the link becomes “…../<filename>” this link starting with “” is your direct download link!
  • Pretty Easy isn’t it 🙂

And For Users who want it readymade, i have created a simple tool – CloudLinker : Direct Link Maker for And
Features —

  • Simply Enter your and Sharing URL and the Tool Will Provide you / Generate the Direct Download Clickable Links for you.! as shown in the figure —

CloudLinker Works Nicely and Sound for both – as well as Shared URL’s , it will be getting other cloud supported soon

Update – CloudLinker v3.0 has been launched Online – Click here to Start Generating Direct Download Links using CloudLinker tool

(The Online Version is based on a new Exploit if you want to use the Old Exploit, you can use the manual method )

You can Download CloudLinker v1.0 By Clicking this Link


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  1. Hi again Chaitanya. Thanks for the great tip. Here’s really simple logo for you. I just added something to the one you are currently using. If you can use it, fine. If not, that’s OK too. 🙂 I’ll delete the file from my Dropbox after you’ve downloaded it.

  2. Thank you so much for the tip! I also found another way to do this: change the original shared link copied from dropbox as follows: dl = 0 to dl = 1. Without changing anything, just modifying 0 to 1 will do the job as well! For example, if your link from dropbox looks like this “…../XXX.png?dl=0” then this will be your direct link to the file: “…../XXX.png?dl=1”. Hope this helps!

  3. What a really live saver since tumblr took down their static files uploader and i don’t have paid dropbox account this is really… really… brings tears to my eyes… thank you soo muuchh!!

  4. WOWWWWW!!!! I was looking for it a long time ago, I almost gave up, thank you so much!!!
    Now I can add musics to my blog posts with the code → [audio "direct mp3 link"] (without the ” “)

  5. Is there a way to create a direct UPLOAD link for a file ??

    I need to do an unattended file upload to a dropbox from a computer wich has no dropbox account installed.

    There is a way “file request” , bud this is a link to a website wich is interactif, you need to fill in manually and then click the upload button …

    Thx, RIk

  6. hello Chaitanya,
    Indeed a good Tip. Thanks a LOT!!
    This link shows the file and then manually you need to save it. How can we make the file directly downloadable without intervention.

  7. I tried it works on direct download as well for PDF file but for the image file it showed in the browser only. That was the reason I wrote about it. Sorry for that. Direct download works… Rocks !!

  8. Wow very good, thank you very much. I have serch the Internet but dont find the Information that I need.
    You are great (sorry my English not very good 🙂 I will share this Information or tell youre Website in one of my Video Tutorials.
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Thanks!
    This trick made my life so much easier. Being a family/wedding photographer, I use dropbox to send photos to my clients. Regular Dropbox sharing link is quite confusing for users not familiar with Dropbox. Some of my clients didn’t notice “download” button.
    Now I create can share direct link to the archive with photos to make things easier :))

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